Best Stone Wall Designs Of 2018 Which You Can Have Too


Walls can change the whole look of the house and stone walls look classier as well as prettier than that of any other kind of walls. There are endless varieties of stone wall design as well as ideas to choose for your home so here are some of the best designs which you can look after. Small wall design in kitchen: this small wall kitchen design should be different from the rest of your walls in the home. In this wall design you would be able to see just a small portion of small wall probably just on one side of your kitchen. You can even have your kitchen chimney installed on the side of your stone wall or you can even have some wooden racks over it. Top to bottom fireplace stone wall: in this stone wall design you would be able to see that just the wall where your home’s fireplace is constructed is made up of stone wall. This makes the particular area quite different from the entire house and attracts eyes as well.


This makes it one of the best interior stone wall designs among all. Show piece holder stone wall: the place where you would show case all your beautiful stuffs as well as show pieces needs to be special. Stone wall where wooden shelves would be made might big your beautiful show piece with a deserving space. You can keep all your beautiful show pieces as well as flower wall on the wooden rack on the stone wall and to beautify it a little bit you can even add some twinkling Led lights around the wall. This wall would look different from other walls of the room and would get you many compliments from guests. Quarry stone wall: this stone wall suits best for the bedroom, you can have it done on the either of the four walls or you can even have this design going on all four walls. In this stone wall you would be able to see the combination of some very small stones and some very big stones of different shapes which make the wall look so special as well as beautiful. These were some amazing stone wall design which you can have in your home.

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