5 Home Office Ideas To Boost Your Productivity


For those who have the opportunity to work from home, or for those who know how it is to work from home, we know that it can be difficult sometimes. There are always some type of outside of work elements or driving factors that try and pull us away from getting the job done. The doorbell rings from the UPS/FedEx bringing the latest Amazon package, your last load of laundry needs taken out of the dryer and folded, or the continuous urge to check that social media account – well, we have some ideas for your home office design that will help eliminate those external interruptions and boost your productivity when working from home.

  • Create a dedicated workspace

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This should be the fun part! Whether you have a desk, want to go out and buy one, the point is to dedicate a place in your home that is for work only. You wouldn’t normally go there outside of work hours, it’s not your bed, couch or relaxing place. A corner desk or smaller desk placed on a wall where you can’t look out the window to see what is going on is also a good idea when trying to hammer down and focus strictly on getting the job done. If your job is working from home 5+ days a week and you’re living in a small apartment, maybe consider looking for available homes for sale where you can spread your wings and not be so condensed in a confined place.

  • Choose a room in the house/apt that isn’t often traveled

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Piggybacking off of the first point, you don’t want this to be your ‘relaxing’ area. This is a space or room that is less traveled and dedicated to work. Hang up positive quotes on your wall in your workspace, get an extra monitor which helps boost your productivity, and keep this area strictly about work. #workmode is something you can print and have on your wall for a motivator when your mind starts to wander elsewhere.

  • Keep your workspace simple yet comfortable 

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Again related to the two mentioned above, this should not be your relaxing place! It should be comfortable, meaning this area is not taking you out of your comfort zone, but also not allowing distractions to be right in front of you. If you have a desk, get a nice chair that has some quality cushion, but not something you’re going to fall asleep in. On the chair note, you want to have something that you’re able to sit in for hours at a time while HELPING your posture.

  • Buy a soothing plant for your desk to create some extra oxygen

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According to Earth911.com, having a plant at your desk can not only help improve productivity but overall health as well.  First, you’re creating better air quality directly under your nose as you’re working, well, we all know your brain needs oxygen to function properly. Having a plant on your desk may also help reduce stress while working on that stressful report that you’ve been putting off. Another reason to have a plant on your desk is that, quite frankly, it provides some real color besides those black and white monitors.  

  • Dedicate a browser for work only 

home office ideas

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This tip is actually really pretty clever. If you’re a chrome user, switch to Firefox for work. If you’re one of the few that use Opera or Microsoft Edge, switch over to Chrome or Firefox, save your passwords for all your work stuff in those browsers, save your bookmarks in the toolbar of said browser and don’t go on social media within that browser to avoid retargeting ads. If you block or disable ads in that browser, it will minimize the interesting display ads that may pop up based on browser history.

Stick to these five tips to help boost productivity while working from home and hopefully you’ll be able to get that article done quicker, crunch those numbers without mistakes, or just keep your mind overall more clear from distraction. We know it can be difficult to stay on task, hopefully these will help you on a daily basis on your work from home tasks at hand.

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