Some Of The Best IKEA Nightstand Designs That You Can Get For Your Bedroom


IKEA nightstand are those side tables which are kept just beside the bed and you can keep your essential things like lamp, water, glasses, inhaler, medicines there in the nightstand so in case of emergency you don’t have to get down from the bed. Here is some IKEA nightstand hack following which you can customize your own IKEA nightstand for your bedroom. No frills: if you want to avoid mess and crown then this nightstand would prove perfect for you where you would be able to see a small drawer with two flat surfaces one after another and at the end there would be a drawer as well where you can keep your medicines, you favorite cream and even a torch as well as your phone charger.


On top of the nightstand you can keep a photo frame along with a flower vase that’s it and in the middle compartment you can keep a wooden basket where you can put your watch, small jewelry in case you forgot to take them off earlier and a pack of wet tissue is a must. Try to get muted or pale colored nightstand or white would also go well.These were some IKEA nightstand ideas that you have in your bedroom in order to make your life a bit easy.

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