10 Important Tips For Pooja Room Vastu Of Your House


The importance of Vastu Shastra is very much in bringing happiness, prosperity, and peace to our lives. While planning a house, it is very important that we design the plan according to the Vastu. The place of worship – the pooja room should be made strictly according to the principles governed by the Vastu Shastra.

The pooja room is a very important part of our house and we must not ignore it. It brings positive vibrations into our house and energizes the mind, body, and soul. The pooja room should be designed carefully and certain rules should be followed at the time of designing it. If the pooja room is in the wrong direction, then the positive vibrations won’t have any impact on your house.

Follow the below-given Vastu tips for designing the room in the perfect direction and to attain the highest amount of positive vibrations in your house.

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

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  • Make sure that the Pooja Room in your house is situated always in the North East side and one’s face should always be towards the North/ East while worshipping.
  • Ideally, there should be no idols in the room where you worship but if you wish to keep the idols, then make sure that the height of the idol is not more than 9 and less than 2.
  • The legs of the idol should be at the level of the chest of the person who is worshipping depending on the position, whether sitting or standing.

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  • One thing should be very clear in mind that the pooja room should never be made in the bedroom and also not adjacent to the wall of the bathroom as well.
  • Everyone should wash their legs and hands before entering the pooja room. It is prohibited to clean the feet by rubbing them against each other. The legs must be cleaned by the left hand and the water should be poured by the right hand. The cleaning of the rear side of the feet must be done first.

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  • Only the copper vessels should be used in the pooja room where the water is collected.
  • One shouldn’t draw any triangular pattern of any God in the pooja room.
  • The colors of the walls should be lemon, white or light blue and white-colored marble should be used.

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  • The doors and windows of the worship room should be in the north or the east. The worship room should have the Agnikund in the southeast direction.
  • The offerings to the fire should be made keeping the face towards the east and the Lampstand should be placed in the Southeast corner of the worship room.

The following points should be considered while studying the pooja room Vastu. A thorough analysis of the Vastu should be done for this.

pooja room vastu

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Proper location of the worship room

The Entrance direction

The Placement and direction of the windows

The placement and direction of the place of the God

The color scheme of the worship room

The placement and direction of the almirah containing the stuff related to pooja

Follow the tips out and we ensure you will have a positive environment in your pooja room and your house and will also bring prosperity and peace in your life.

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