Online Vastu Consultation: Get Vastu Tips For Study Room


With the increasing use of technology in our day to day life, the number of distractions ought also increased. The TV, smartphones, pc, tablet, and laptop are used by children constantly for playing games and surfing random things on the internet and it has become a problem of addiction.

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This is creating adverse effects on the study of the children and this is a matter of concern for the parents. For improving the focus of the children while studying, Vastu Shastra can help a lot. The direction of the study room should be according to the guidelines of Vastu Shastra for improving the concentration of the child while studying.

Nowadays, the Email Vastu consultation can also be used in case you are staying abroad and can’t meet the Vastu expert in person.  Apart from that, follow the below-given tips for improving the focus of the children while studying.

  • Make sure that the study room of the child is in the North or the North-East direction of your home so that the child is able to focus well while studying and get grades in the exams.
  • The study table should be placed in the East or the North of the study room.
  • You might think of facing the blank wall for improving the concentration but Vastu suggests that you should hang some motivational posters on the wall for better concentration. The paint color of the wall should be tranquil and light. Facing a window is never advisable as the direct light beams shouldn’t fall on the desk.

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  • The windows of the study room should be placed in the East, North or the West walls and the door should be placed in the North, East, North-East or West direction. Motivational Status
  • Make sure there is proper lighting in the room and if you want to place a lamp, it should be on the South-East side of the table.
  • Avoid irregular shapes of the study table and always use square and rectangle study tables. Make sure that the table is made up of high-quality wood.

 Vastu consultation online

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  • Many people construct a bathroom in the study room but if possible, don’t construct one in the study room.
  • Make sure that there is some space between the study table and the wall because this space will allow for new thoughts and ideas to get absorbed in your mind easily.
  • There are pyramids available in the market, place one in the study room because it helps to increase focus and balance the energy and also improves one’s concentration while studying.
  • The study room should be kept clutter free and clean. This makes it possible for building focus and concentration when the child is studying.

These tips will definitely help your child to study with focus and strong concentration thus letting him/her give the exam with flying colors. You can contact any good Vastu Shastra expert too for getting more detailed guidance. Vastu consultation online is also possible nowadays in case you are living abroad or far from the place.


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