Everything You Need To Know About Home Expo 2019


Home expo has been a lifesaver for many people and especially it has been a great option for those who want their home to be well designed as well as inaugurated all the time. It is basically a trade show that takes place in many places and home expo 2019 in India would take place on 16th of April and it would continue till 18th of April so you literally have near about 3 days to be in the trade fair show which is going to take place at greater Noida at India exposition mart limited.

home expo 2019

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The exhibition is literally going to start from 10 am and it would end at sharp 6pm so make sure you visit there before the time is up and being it the greatest home expo exhibition you need to be prepared for the crowd so make sure you be there a bit early and be lucky. Before you hit the exhibition here are certain things that you may want to know about the exhibition and then just go ahead and book your tickets for the greatest exhibition based on home décor as well as appliances and by any chance do not miss the event:

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home expo 2019

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The main thing of any exhibition has to be the list of exhibitors with their collections that you would be able see at the event. Here you would be able to see A.G. Fashions and their collections of course, it is basically a Jaipur based company who has really gorgeous as well as stylish collection of clothes that you need to checkout at the event. Aadi internationals are here as well and they are a Delhi based company who are going to show you some of their amazing party materials such as party tents, furniture, banners and many more is there in the list. Feeling of feminism, rig veda studies, Indian peasantry etc would be there as well and all the information about these thing would be presented in the event by Abhinav publications who have their headquarters in Delhi and apart from these they also have many informative books that you can check out for yourself.

Comparing products:

home expo 2019

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Here you can check out things personally and the best thing about this event is that you can get to compare thing right there at the spot and select the best for you as well as for your home. This exhibition makes sure that you get a good number of options for your required products so that the choosing game would be a bit easy. Apart from comparing the quality of the product you can even check out more and more affordable products as well here in the event as they would present you with a wide range of different products at the same place.

Expert advice:

home expo 2019

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Here you would be able to get expert advices which is a great thing because it is next impossible to know everything about what we require and what actually would be good for us so in this event you would be able to meet and greet with experts who would be there with their specific product or brand. These were everything that you need to know about home expo 2019 and if you got these things exciting then do not waste a single minute rather get your tickets booked for this grand event and explore you favorite as well as most essential things at the exhibition of home expo India.

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