National Building Museum: A Structure Housing The Artistic Creation Of The World


The National Building Museum was originally the Pension Building back in 1887. The building was a host to many royal balls and marked its presence in the royal house of United States. When starting to decode the architectural praisings of the building, frieze comes into the picture. The exterior structure of the building is designed to be 1200 feet long and 3 feet high.

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The significance of frieze is that it depicts the soldiers of the civil war marching. Probably, this could be one of the reasons why Congress declares the building to be a museum in 1980. Peeping in the interior of the building, museum formerly known as Pension building had stairs built out of bricks and tile. The low step design and slanted stairs made it easy for the old veterans and disabled to walk easily.

Air circulation was the center of concern. Every office in the building had a window opening towards the court. The overall intention of declaring it as a museum was to concern the public about its impact on people’s lives.

Now being the hub for architecture, construction, design, and engineering. Also urban planning and landscape architecture, the building has become a host to many galleries that attract the eyes of an artist.

The building museum also features Corinthian columns, the tallest interior column in the entire world. Thus, whenever you go to Washington, D.C you cannot miss visiting this profound museum.

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