Why You Need To Treat Yourself Some Pedicure From Time To Time


Summer is getting closer and some people can be seen hitting the malls as they try to prepare their wardrobes, permanently saying bye to heavy sweaters, thick socks, and boots and temporarily saying hello to sleeveless or short sleeved tops, shorts, bikinis, and sandals. And apparently, grooming the feet has also become as necessary.

On an average, people take 80,00 to 10,000 steps a day. That is more or less 120,000 miles over a lifetime. You can pretty much imagine how this has taken a toll on the feet which means if you want your feet summer ready, you got to treat yourself some feet pampering from time to time. -Getting yourself a foot massager is also a good idea to keep your feet relaxed at home. If you don’t have one yet, best check out ShoeAdviser foot massagers guide. You’ll get all the details you need on choosing the best foot massager for you.

Pedicure is a pampering treat you can have to shield your feet from all the walking. It is what you should get if you want to give your feet the resilience and glow amid their exhausting roles. It basically is a cosmetic treatment for your toenails and entire feet designed to cleanse and groom them.

There are a variety of pedicure services offered in spas and salons today, e.g. ice cream pedicure, wine pedicure, chocolate pedicure, spa pedicure, and a lot more but they all have something in common: what a regular pedicure service entails. It basically includes a footbath usually in warm water, some scrubs to get rid of the calluses and dry skin, foot and calve massages, and a good nail care. A pedicure treat means you get to sit and relax on a pedicure chair with massage and get benefited at the same time as your feet get proper maintenance and grooming.

Here is why you need to treat yourself some pedicure from time to time:

1. Pedicures Serve As The Feet’s Regular Check-Up:

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Getting a pedicure on a regular basis will help you monitor your feet’s physical health, thus making early detection of problems like fungal infections, corns, and bunions possible. Such conditions are without a doubt treatable but detecting them in their earliest stages will make the treating a lot easier and may save you a fortune in the long run.

2. Chances Of Infections Are Reduced:

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Not only pedicures give a soothing feel and improve the toe nails aesthetics, the regular toenail clipping, cutting, and cleaning also reduces the occurrence of infections as it helps eliminate any dirt and bacteria from the feet, thereby preventing nail diseases and foul foot odours. Moreover, pedicure protects the toes from trauma.

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3. The Moisture Of The Feet Is Preserved:

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A regular pedicure service may be the cheapest but it still entitles you for a footbath where your feet get soaked in warm water for minutes with a simultaneous foot scrub. And once the removal of calluses and dead skins is done, a foot massage with oils and lotions will follow not just to make you feel smooth and scented but more importantly to preserve the integrity and moisture of your feet. This lessens your chances of getting foot problems like crakes and blisters. Moreover, the effect of the moisture extends to the cuticle, thereby preventing your nails from growing out
with split ends or ridges which can cause them to lift out of their nail beds.

4. Feet Exfoliation:

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Foot scrub is a common inclusion in almost all pedicure packages and it aims to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells of the feet especially on the heel part. Not only this prevents corns or bunions from occurring, it also encourages growth of new cells which help make the feet smoother and prettier.

5. Better Blood Circulation:

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While a lot of ladies get a pedicure mainly to give their toenails a fancy look, for others especially men, the massage part is the most enjoyable. Massage therapy soothes the mind and relaxes muscle tissues but more than that, it improves blood circulation relieving tension in the calves and feet which causes painful spasms and contractions. Depending on the type of pedicure, the pedicurist may use essential oils, lotions, aromatic scrubs, or stones for the therapy.

6. Pedicure Relaxes The Body:

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Pedicure’s relaxing and therapeutic effect is too good that it can relieve stress too. Aside from the grooming, the footbath, scrub, and massage are what makes it the best pampering treat thus far as the whole activity can help ease tension and can enhance a person’s total well-being. Well you should see lc2 chair that is much comfortable and great usage.

Getting The Ultimate Pedicure Experience

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While most spa centres and salons offer different types of pedicure services, not all can provide that ultimate pedicure experience that will keep you wanting to come back. If you have a fortune to spend, here are some signs that the salon you are eyeing to visit is truly worth a try:

1. It Is Properly Equipped And Has The Necessary Facilities.

If the salon is equipped with the latest pedicure chairs, tools, and massagers, then chances are you will be paying for one of the best pedicure services. On the contrary, if you can only spot ordinary stools or those that are not appropriate for pedicure, you know what you are likely in for.

2. What Complementary Services Does It Offer?

A lot of fine spas and salons offer customized pedicure to give their potential customers the best pedicure experience. This includes providing complementary beverages, magazines, and other unique add-ons to make the experience more fabulous.

3. If It Goes The Extra Mile.

Great pedicure begins with the basics: nail shaping, foot bathing or soaking, exfoliation, massage, and nail care and polish. But the best ones do not discount the importance of giving an ultimately relaxing pedicure. Hence, they use products with soothing aromas like sweet orange, lavender, jasmine, and rose in performing a therapeutic massage. And they invest to make sure their staff are well trained in engaging with the clients, e.g. their pedicurists know how to understand the tone that the client has set.

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A good salon also knows very well that clients with chronic illness, injuries, and disabilities need a more therapeutic approach. Hence it makes sure pedicurists are extra gentle when doing the pedicure, and ensures that the lighting and sound level are at a comfortable level.

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With pedicures being one of life’s most inexpensive yet highly beneficial treats, there is definitely not a way you can’t maintain healthy feet. Get one at least once a month to keep them in good condition.

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