10 Ways To Make Your Home Safer


For homeowners, safety is one of their priorities. It is important to be proactive in executing safety measures to keep your property in sound condition and for your peace of mind. From embracing technology to having a watchful eye, there are many things that you can do. Keep on reading and we will briefly list down some of the best that can be done to have a safer home.

1) Maintain Your Equipment And Systems

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Whether it is your heating and cooling system or large appliances, among others, pay attention to its regular maintenance. A frequent inspection will help to spot any problem early on and have it addressed the soonest possible time. If there are serious issues, they won’t only be a safety threat but can also result in inefficient energy consumption. Also, consider Select home warranty for coverage from repair and replacement of broken appliances of systems before they can be significant threats.

2) Check The Front Door

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This is one of the most critical parts of the house when it comes to safety. Some doors are easy to break, making it a snap for people to get inside. As the main entrance and exit, see to it that it is made using durable materials that will be hard to break. Of course, it should have high-quality locks. Installing a deadbolt will also work. For some people, they even go as far as installing smart locks, such as those that are activated using passwords or fingerprints. By building a smart home, you are essentially making it safer, not just tech-advanced.

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3) Secure The Windows

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Aside from the door, the window is another common entry and exit for burglars or anyone who wishes to intrude your property. With this, you need to pay attention to making it secure as well. It will be a good idea to install window stops, which will prevent it from being opened more than six inches. Window treatments can also be considered, making it impossible for people from the outside to tell what is happening inside the house.

4) Light It Up

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Lighting the home is great not only for aesthetics but also for safety. When the place is well-lit, chances are, people who have evil intentions can be easily discouraged knowing that they can be easily seen by others. Aside from keeping the burglars away, it also prevents accidents, such as trips and falls. If you want to save energy, it will also be good to install motion-activated lights. They will turn on only when a movement has been detected.

5) Add Security Cameras

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Installing security cameras in your property is like having another set of eyes when you cannot physically stand out there and monitor any threat. When people see that there are home security system installed, they might be instantly discouraged to continue doing anything bad. It also provides footage that can be used for investigation in case a criminal activity has been committed in an area covered by the camera.

6) Install A Safe

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It is not enough that you have cabinets at home, even those with locks. If you want to have peace of mind, you need to install a safe, possibly in a discrete location that cannot be easily found by anyone. See to it that you choose a passcode that is hard to guess. This does not only prevent your valuables from being stolen, but it also provides protection from fire and other disasters that can possibly cause damage. Make sure to choose a safe that is strong enough to withstand external forces.

7) Add Houseplants

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When it comes to home safety, we are not only talking about possible criminal threats. Rather, we are also talking about the environment. That said, it will be a good idea to add houseplants that can purify indoor air. They will not only add a decorative touch in the house but will also get rid of the toxins or chemicals that are present, often from paint, detergents, and other common sources. Some of the best plants that can clean indoor air include English ivy, bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, gerbera daisy, spider plant, peace lily, and dragon tree.

8) Install Smoke Alarms

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Fire can be deadly, but it can be prevented when addressed as soon as possible. As it can happen even when you are in the middle of a deep slumber, it is important to be warned as soon as a threat has been detected. With smoke detectors, you can take immediate action before it turns into a blaze that could eat up the entire house. Install smoke detectors in key areas. The fire alarm should be loud enough so that it can be easily heard. Also, make sure to train the family on what to do in case of a fire so that everyone knows the safest exits.

9) Be Careful About Vacations

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Sure, vacations are great! It is a good way to have a break from the hustle of the daily grind. Nonetheless, as much as you would like to brag, try to not post photos while you are on a holiday. This can give other people an idea that your house is empty, and hence, breaking in will be easy. You do not want to tempt burglars to rob your home by giving them an idea that you aren’t around. Ask your neighbor to check the porch for mail or newspaper. If it has piled up, it is a sign that no one is inside, providing criminals with the idea that they can enter without any difficulty.

10) Be Private

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To make the home safe, you also need privacy. Meaning, you should be careful about the information that you share, especially to people you do not know well. For instance, do not openly talk about the school schedule of the kids and your work schedule. This can give someone an idea on when to break-in. Do not post these things online. Also, avoid showing too many photos of the home as people will know where to enter and exit.

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