Top 6 Advantages And Limitations Of Chemical Cleaning


Many people have this sort of question burning in their head that what exactly are the advantages along with the limitations of cleaning processes which involves the use of machines and chemicals. If you want to know more about this then this article has got you covered in that regard. Before making any choice between the chemical cleaning  and mechanical cleaning, it is vital to get the advantages and guide for limitation of the process.

The Advantages Of Chemical Cleaning Are:

chemical cleaning


  1.    Many people are not aware of the fact that cleaning can be achieved without the need for dismantling. You really don’t need to dismantle the equipment.
  2.    If you want to achieve a smooth result with uniformity all over then you should consider chemical cleaning. This makes the cleaning process much more effective as it is a deep cleaning process where all the parts are reached.
  3.    As compared to the cleaning by mechanical process, chemical cleaning causes less damage. Mechanical cleaning doesn’t cause minimal damage due to various reasons like it can easily induce corrosion during the cleaning process.  
  4.    If you are a very busy person then this process is for you. In this rat race where everyone occupied with work, chemical cleaning makes things productive.
  5.    Your overall time can get reduced to up to fifty percent, what else do you want?
  6.    If you are wondering that what about the wastage aspect then chemical cleaning is better in this regard as well. It is able of producing much less amount of waste compared to mechanical cleaning. Many are often concerned of retrieving hydrocarbon streams so in that way chemical cleaning is the best option. If you really want to recover the large hydrocarbon stream then don’t look around for other options.

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The Limitations Of Chemical Cleaning:

chemical cleaning


  1.    Bear in mind that coke deposits are such items that cannot be removed.  
  2.    If you have a plugged equipment then it will be recommended that you go for mechanical cleaning as in this case chemical cleaning gets really impossible and more or less ineffective.
  3.    There is no hole of doubt that corrosion is less in the chemical cleaning process but one can’t really ignore the importance of perfect procedure.
  4.    If by chance you make use of any improper strategy then very severe damage can take place which cannot be reciprocated. So make sure that a skilled person is employed for performing this task else the whole process will go in vain.
  5.    Thus the process should only be carried out by thorough professionals who are knowledgeable to a great extent. Experience is also a key factor here for a proper and smooth process. If the work is done according to the procedure only then the safety would be met.
  6.    Make sure to get a proper way of disposing off all the cleaning agents. Never go for any other option that is not environmental friendly else chemical cleaning is not a great choice for the surrounding.


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