6 Ways To Cut The Costs Of Your Office Fitout


Getting a snazzy new office fitout is one of the best ways to enhance the professional image of your agency. However, there’s no denying that the process is expensive. Not only will you have to pay for the materials and the labour involved, but you’ll also have to seek alternative office space for the duration of the fitout.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help reduce expenses. Here are the top 6 ways.

Planning The Process Properly

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Planning is crucial to achieving a cost-effective office fitout. By drafting up budgets and project timelines in advance, you’ll be much better equipped to manage the process, thus ensuring it runs on time and under budget.

During the planning phase, it’s prudent to ask your fitout manager about any cost differences in seasons. Some builders may offer significant discounts during quieter periods, while others can charge more at peak times, such as the End Of Financial Year. Another thrifty manoeuvre is to show some constraint choosing cheaper furniture and fittings. Also, be sure you’ve got the correct approvals from both your landlord and the city council ahead of time.

Get Professional Help

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It may be tempting to manage the fitout yourself, but consider that the process is probably more difficult than you think. Tradies often aren’t reliable, budget blowouts are frequent, and project delays can result in a significant loss of income.

With that in mind, contract a professional fitout company from the get-go to take care of the details for you. The best companies will use a manager who serves as a single point of contact and who can easily find competent, good value, and reliable local subcontractors.  

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Choose An Easy Building

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If you’re switching offices, you’ve got the luxury of choosing a building that will minimise the expense of the fitout. Look for a modern and well-maintained office that already has a lot of the fittings you desire for your new design. That way, there’ll be much less work to do, which means much less expense. If you make the right choice, you can save on significant costs.

Reuse Your Old Materials

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Are you able to reuse any of the furnishings or fittings from your old office in the new one? If so, then that’s another excellent way to cut your expenses. Note that even building materials such as tiles and carpets could potentially be reused. Make the most of what you’ve got! Bear in mind that the costs of dismantling furniture or refurbishing workstations are much less than new furniture – and you don’t have to dispose of your current furniture.

For the stuff you can’t reuse, try selling it online to recoup part of your initial investment.

Consider Open Plan

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Open plan offices have a number of benefits including facilitating better communication, fostering a sense of community, and creating a feeling of equality in the workplace. Not only that, having an open workplace also reduces heating, cooling and electricity expenses due to the improved flow of air and light. You will also be able to reduce office equipment expenses since an open plan makes it easier to share printers, copiers and office supplies. They also happen to be much cheaper as you don’t need to invest in as many partitioning walls.

Ask About Deductions

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The ATO allows businesses to claim for depreciation on its assets, from the beginning of the lease until the fitout. Get in touch with a qualified accountant to determine if this is a possibility for your business.

By following the above six tips, you’ll be well on your way to planning a budget-friendly office fitout that still looks great. Remember that professional fit out services are also available if you prefer to get an expert’s perspective on creating the ideal office environment. 

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