7 Amazing Things That Make You Sleepy On Bed


Good sleep is vital as it not only makes you feel good but also contributes to the proper functioning of your brain and body. Unfortunately, it is estimated that approximately 70 million people have insomnia or other related sleep disorder. This ailment is usually attributed to anxiety and stress. No one likes to toss and turn all night, as they battle with outright insomnia. Similar circumstances have resulted in people seeking different types of solutions to enable them to get worthy and restful sleep. According to Trusted CBD website, CBD oil is the ultimate solution for insomnia. The oil will put you into reinvigorated rest, which will leave your body refreshed. The oil will reduce your stress and anxiety levels; as a result, barring any sleep abnormalities and disorders. Here are even more tips, that will make you sleep on a bed.

1) Taking A Hot Bath

Things That Make You Sleepy On Bed

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High temperatures play a significant role in disrupting sleep, especially at night, as it gets uncomfortable. Taking a hot bath or shower will increase your body temperature then later (when you get out the shower), your body cools. This sends a signal to your brain to go to sleep. The cool-down immediately after also relaxes you and relieves you from any stress.

2) Switching Off Any Electronics

Things That Make You Sleepy On Bed

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From mobile phones, televisions or even our laptops and desktops, these electronics have a way of stealing our sleeping time. Maybe you want to catch up with some friends or just complete that one task from work it always ends up being hours of engagement. These electronics stimulate your brain deterring any form of sleep, consequently eating up your sleeping hours. It is, thus, necessary to cultivate the behavior of switching your devices off a few minutes to your bedtime.

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3) Avoid Any Form Of Stimulants

Things That Make You Sleepy On Bed

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Some things have become almost unavoidable for most people, for example, enjoying your hot cup of coffee. For some, it’s a stick of cigar and others a glass of any alcoholic drink. This could be what keeps you up at night. Any forms of caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol are stimulants that keep your brain active and alert and increase your heartbeat rate. Alcohol may make you drowsy. Subsequently, it will end up disrupting your sleep patterns, particularly when consumed in large quantities.

4) Avoid Eating And Drinking Immediately Before Bed

Things That Make You Sleepy On Bed

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It is recommended to have your evening meal a few hours before your bedtime. Having a meal too close to your time to hit the sack will leave your digestive system working overtime, which will keep you from getting the deep, restorative sleep and even trouble to fall asleep. When you consume a lot of liquids, it means you will need to access the washroom over the night. A full bladder will undeniably affect your sleep pattern.

5) Create A Routine

Things That Make You Sleepy On Bed

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This is one of the simplest things to do. You basically come up with a few activities that trick your brain into sleep. It does not have to be complicated involving a series of events. It could be switching the TV off, brushing your teeth and getting into your pajamas. These actions can be altered to fit your preferences like reading a few pages of your book or choosing your outfit for the following day. Make this a habit, and you will notice your brain will always switch to sleep mode once you do this.

6) Dim Your Lights

Things That Make You Sleepy On Bed

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Light affects how you fall asleep and how you can sleep throughout the night. Light and darkness affects how your body produces hormones and chemicals. Making your bedroom dark when you go to sleep is proven to make you get to sleep faster and even stay asleep. Artificial lighting affects how your body perceives day or night, thus affecting your sleep cycle.

7) Make Your Bed Comfortable

Things That Make You Sleepy On Bed

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A comfortable bed, without doubt, will boost your sleep. From simple steps such as changing your sheets regularly and using dry, well-cleaned ones, or to choosing a good quality mattress: making your bed comfortable varies. Ensure you choose whatever fits your and qualifies for comfy for you. There are psychological benefits for sleeping in fresh sheets, which include having a better night’s sleep.