Everything You Need to Know About Cladding


If you own a home or a business, you want to make sure the building is durable and sturdy. One way to increase your building’s longevity and performance  is to invest in cladding. Why spend money on expensive repairs or replacements when you can give your structure a long-lasting and durable exterior? Here’s everything you need to know about cladding and why it’s the right option for your building.

What Is Cladding?


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If you don’t have much experience with building or construction, you may not be familiar with the term. Cladding is the name for material used to cover the exterior of a building. Not only does it protect the building from weathering, it’s also an opportunity to make a powerful visual statement. Think of it as the buildings ‘skin’.  

What Are The Benefits Of Cladding?  


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You might think that your property’s exterior is solid enough and doesn’t need any cladding, but there are many benefits to cladding that you should consider. Cladding will increase your buildings durability , which means you won’t have to invest in expensive maintenance or repairs further down the line. It can provide your building with a layer of protection from rain, so you will not have to deal with water damage after a large rainstorm, whilst at the same time, increasing thermal and sound insulation.

You can also decide what look you would prefer, since some cladding materials react with the environment and change appearances, like copper. If you’d prefer a finished and complete look, make sure you get the right materials and the right installers.

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What Materials Are Normally Used For Cladding?


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There are a range of materials used for cladding, and each material has its own benefits and costs. Brick is a popular cladding material and will probably cost you $50-$60 per square meter. A treated timber will cost you about the same, but if you get untreated wood it can be as cheap as $10-$20 per square meter. Be careful with untreated wood, though, because it is not quite as durable as treated options and it will require regular maintenance during its lifespan

Many people prefer the look of timber cladding to other materials. You can imitate this look with wood effect cladding, which requires less maintenance but may cost a little bit more initially.  Talk with the professionals at Vulcan Cladding Systems, and they’ll help you decide what material is best for your home or business.

Is It Worth The Cost?


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Cladding will cost you money and time, but ultimately, it is worth it. Cladding is an investment that will keep you from having to spend money on expensive repairs or maintenance. It will help your property  last longer and provide you with peace of mind knowing that your structure is safe and secure.

Cladding is an easy way to help your property  become weather-resistant and durable, whilst increasing its overall value. Contact a professional and find out what cladding will best suit your needs.

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