6 Excellent Tips For Standing In Front Of Stand-Desks


Standing in front of the front desks for a long time? Then, you probably need the height-adjustable desks to stand comfortably. Today, we will have a look at some vital tips that you must follow while you are standing in front of the standing desks. Let us have a look at them.

Start Slowly

Height Adjustable Desks

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Start with slow intervals of standing, stand for a couple of minutes, then increase the time as you get habituated with it. There is no fixed amount of minutes for each interval so you are free to set it on your own. The only thing you have to do is to progressively and slowly increase the time you spend standing in front of your stand up desk.

Keep Moving

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Never remain static all the time as it will harm your body and eventually your health. Move from the standing desk and take a walk around of your office to relax your muscles. You need to do this to keep your body working. Even if you have got habituated standing in front of the height adjustable desk, you need to move from time to time. Talk a short walk around the office or house and you will feel relaxed.

If you don’t feel like walking, try to do some calf raises or something like that. The main purpose is to keep your body into any kind of motion and get the blood flowing. Standing for too long is equally bad as sitting for a long period of time. So, start moving into your office and you will feel re-energized and thus more productive.

Properly Hold Your Shoulders

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It will be easy for you to keep your back straight while standing but the problem with the shoulders will be there. When we sit before the computers, we all feel comfortable with our slumped shoulders but this habit needs to be changed with the height-adjustable standing desk, or you won’t achieve much with it.

You need to do shoulder rolls from time to time. Do few shoulder rolls every time you notice your shoulders slumping for keeping them straight. Keep doing this and be persistent!

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Learn To Stand In The Correct Manner

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Yes, there are rules for standing as well. As there is the right and wrong way of sitting, there is a similar thing too when it comes to using a standing desk. You can’t just stand by leaning on your table as it might make you comfortable but it will harass your body in the long run. Your body posture should be totally straight while standing.

You have to point your toes forward with your feet screwed into the ground. Also, activate most of your muscles in your legs and keep your back and neck straight.  After some time, you will get habituated with this and will be comfortable in this posture without any pain.

Have Something Soft Beneath Your Feet

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Your feet will get the pain for standing for too long just as your bottom, back, and neck will get the brunt of the pain from sitting for too long. So, you have to keep something soft, like a mat or a thin cushion beneath your feet. Get an anti-fatigue mat that has a comfortable ergonomic design for relieving the pressure that you put on your feet.

Such surface will reduce the pressure on your feet and get the blood from pooling in your feet and even your legs.

Keep The Monitor At The Right Height

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Make sure that the height of the standing desk should be in coordination with the height of the computer screen. The height of the monitor should be at the height of your eyes and for this, the desk should be accordingly adjusted. The keyboard should be at the height of the chest for keeping your hands in a good position. All these things are adjustable easily so do it and you won’t be having any problems in the future.

So, here were the tips for using the height adjustable desks in the perfect manner so your health is also maintained and you are in a comfortable position to stand for a long time. These tips are highly recommended by Workspace.ae so you must follow them to keep your body fit!


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