7 Woodworking Tips for Beginner Woodworkers


Starting a woodworking project is exciting and challenging at the same time. This is exciting since you can make numerous things, starting from kennel for your pet dog to a beautifully crafted furniture. However, as a beginner, the process is also very challenging since you need to master the art of woodworking.

In this post, I will cover a few woodworking tips for beginners to help make the process a bit easier for you.

Woodworking Tips & Tricks For Beginners

My goal is to teach you a few must have woodworking tips and techniques that will help you to start your first woodworking project successfully. As a beginner you need to follow my woodworking tips to make your woodworking task enjoyable. Let’s go through these tips.

1) Start With a Small Project 

Woodworking Tips For Beginner

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My first advice is to start with a small project. One common mistake of many new woodworkers is they attempt to make something big and complex at the very first time. They may have seen some beautiful furniture images on Pinterest earlier and they think they will make such a model to surprise their friends and families. But this is a bad idea because making a decorated a chair or desk requires woodworking skills that are only possessed by professional woodworkers.

Instead, you can make a simple yet interesting workpiece. Why not try to make a kennel where your dog can happily stay? While making a kennel you will get to know some basic level woodworking tools, for example, hammers, screwdrivers, utility knives, nail sets, chisels, tapes, measures, and tap and die sets. Perhaps the most important thing here is since making a kennel is simple, so you will not end up with an unfinished project. Rather, you will get a great inspiration to make something bigger and complex in near future.   

2) Prepare Your Workplace

Woodworking Tips For Beginner

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My next advice is to prepare a spacious workplace for your woodworking task. Many powerful woodworking tools require a lot of space, for example, cabinet table saws, benchtop planers, biscuit joiners, etc.

Though it is highly unlikely that at the beginning you might require these tools, but who knows you might need such power tools in 6 months or a year? Another important thing regarding the working area is the place should have proper ventilation. Woodworking usually involves cutting, drilling, sharpening, and polishing. Doing these things in a cramped place is hazardous and dangerous.

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3) Make Your Plan in Advance 

Making a plan prior to starting your project will help you work in the project smoothly and avoid any pitfalls. The planning process includes determining the thing you want to make, allocating a budget, and gathering all necessary tools and materials.

Apart from planning, you need to keep your patience and practice to hone your woodworking skill. The ultimate goal of the woodworking project is achieving perfection in your finished product. And to achieve that goal you need to practice hard. Learn from your mistakes and avoid them in your next project. More importantly, you need to enjoy your project so you don’t lose your interest.

4) Know the Different Types of Wood 

There are many variations in the wood. Depending on the types of wood, their properties may also vary in terms of texture, color, and strength.

Depending on your project requirement you need to use a particular type of wood. Pine wood, for example, is soft and suitable for making indoor and outdoor furniture. This is also ideal for drawing an intricate design on the door or window frames.

On the other hand, spruce is solid and hard wood. The wood is used to make aircraft, ship, boxes, and crates. So, it is important to know the properties of different types of wood and what type of wood is perfect for making a certain type of furniture.

5) Know the Different Woodworking Tools

Woodworking Tips For Beginner

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Woodworking is such a task where there is no shortage of tool. But it is important to know which type of tool you might need to use for a particular type of work. You cannot use a benchtop jointer, for example, to join two pieces of wood since the tool is ideal for making a flat surface. Or a battery powered chainsaw is better than the corded or gas models because they are quieter, cleaner, easier to use. The best chainsaw for firewood might be suitable. You also need to know that a hand saw is made for quick and imperfect cut, a jigsaw is for curved cuts and not suitable for straight cuts and a circular saw is heavy and perfect for straight cuts. Picking the right tool will make your woodworking task simple.

6) Find a Skilled Woodworker

Woodworking Tips For Beginner

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Find a professional woodworker and make him your mentor. Learn the essential woodworking secrets from him. Make him involved in your work while working on your project if possible. He can give you valuable woodworking hacks if you are stuck or making a mistake repeatedly.

7) Learn The Safety Rules 

Woodworking Tips For Beginner

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Though it is my last tip keeping yourself safe is definitely the most important thing. Woodworking is not a simple task. Woodworking hand tools are sharp and they may cause serious injuries if used carelessly. So, it is immensely important to maintain your safety while doing your woodworking task.

Finally, learning the woodworking basics is essential for several reasons. You can use this skill in your home improvement project anytime you want. Woodworking involves a lot of fun and creativity, which is why so many people take this as a hobby. Learning these woodworking ideas for beginners you can pursue an amazing hobby which is full of excitement!

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