3D Rendering Services For An Architecture Firm

The Client

3D Rendering Services

Source: trifaceinternational.com

We were approached by a renowned Architect Company to create a 3D architectural walk-through and rendering of their designs. The client is one of the renowned architectural company in the US.

The Problem

Our client was facing the problem of effectively showing their architectural designs to their clients. Blueprints, 2D pictures and photos failed to capture the true essence of their designs. They wanted a photorealistic model which could provide their client with more accurate information. It should also give them an idea of what the project would look like in real life after it is constructed.

The Objective

3D Rendering Services

Source: trifaceinternational.com

The purpose of the 3D Architectural Renders was to effectively provide a photo-realistic rendering of the client’s project. To give an accurate and clear 3D modeling of their whole facility and a complete virtual walk-through of the structures which would present their project with enhanced clarity. This would provide potential clients with a better understanding of the facility.

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The Client’s Requirement

The client was on a lookout for a professional 3D Animation Company which had extensive experience in developing photo-realistic 3D renders, especially in architecture.

After doing a bit of research, they finally came across Triface International and chose our company based on the following parameters.

  • Our innovative 3D rendering solutions convinced them about our in-house capability
  • Our ability to grasp the gist of their problem and prompt response
  • Our ability to understand the concept and the precise needs of the client
  • Competitive pricing
The Challenge
  1. To create a highly complex 3D architectural rendering of architectural structures
  2. To create a 3D video of a complete virtual walk-through of the facility
The Solution

After the project was finalized, we provided a solution for this client by taking the following steps. You can find a lot more regarding the rendering process and its challenges on No Triangle Studio.

  1. Firstly, a project methodology was developed.
  2. This task was considered as a separate project and exclusive project manager was assigned.
  3. The process was initiated by understanding the inputs given by the company which included their blueprints, plans, textures and aesthetics they were looking for along with colors, materials and more.
  4. After understanding the requirement,  the best possible quote and timeline was given, to which the company readily agreed.
  5. Based on the blueprints and plan, the first model of the complete facility was developed. This was then sent to the company for approval.
  6. Post-approval, textures were included in the model and shared with the client.
  7. After the preview renders were approved by the client, the renders were provided with high-quality resolutions from different angles, based on client requirements. This completed the first part of the project and delivered in the expected time to the client.
  8. In the second part of the project, the client wanted a complete virtual walk-through of the facility, focusing on the interior and exterior of the structure and a fly-through. The client expected the 3D architectural video to last for not more than 5 minutes.
  9. For the walk-through, virtual cameras were set up to capture the interior and exterior of the facility. Lighting was also added to the scenes.
  10. The preview renders were sent to the client for approval.
  11. After the client approved the animation, all scenes of the animation were rendered with HD resolution.
  12. Once all the clips for the 3D architectural rendering video were completed, all the slips were combined, color corrections made, and special effects added along with background music.
  13. The walk-through animation of the 3D architectural facility was ready.
  14. The final product was delivered to the client well within the agreed timeline.
  15. It was fundamental that the clients’ inputs and approval were considered at each step.
  16. Feedback from the client was encouraged and the Triface team was open to revisions to ensure the result would be in-line with the project requirement.
  17. The need for revisions was low with our team of adepts and experienced professionals adhering to the highest precision level.
  18. We made sure all queries were quickly answered and our client was informed about every step of the project.
  19. A collaborative approach was followed to help our client develop a clearer and more accurate render of their project.
  20. Seamless project execution was used to make it a stress-free experience for our client.
The Result

3D Rendering Services

Source: trifaceinternational.com

The client was extremely satisfied with the final 3D architectural video. Certain aspects of the video and 3D architectural rendering really impressed the client and they include:

  • A  clear and accurate virtual reproduction of their architectural facility. A smooth walk-through of the exterior and interior along with a photo-realistic fly-through.
  • Excellent high definition animation quality with photorealistic 3D rendering
  • Completion of the project on time.
  • Attention to detail and clarity which made it easier for our client to showcase their project with a realistic appearance. With our use of lighting and HD rendering, it was easier for clients to foresee what the project would look like once it is built, from the inside and the outside.

The walk-through video and its 3D architectural rendering were able to showcase the project in a much clearer manner and thus achieved its end goal. Customers were able to see what the architectural facility would look like, its location and its amenities.  Based on the result of this project, the client continues to outsource many other projects to Triface International.

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