Renovate Your Old Fireplace With These Fireplace Makeover Ideas


A fireplace is something that makes the house look industrial and elegant at the same time and many people get fireplace just because they look good and there are people who genuinely use the fireplace throughout and it actually depends upon the temperature of the place you live in. do you often feel that it is been a long time that you have the same kind of fireplace and want to have changes to make the place look a bit different?

We all want to have different looks right and having different decorations would make your house different as well as beautiful at the same time. Now you might be wondering about the best Fireplace Makeover Ideas then here are some of them listed that you need to check out and also you need to try them out in your own fireplace to give in a beautiful change which would beautify your entire room:

Paint Transformation

Fireplace Makeover Ideas


Now that you have a fireplace for a long time then the fact is pity obvious that your fireplace might have undergone so damages or discolorations so the best way to transform your fireplace is by freshly painting the place which would make the fireplace look new and beautiful at the same time. Now the idea is simple and you would have to get the old paint off the fireplace and the get the fireplace newly painted.

Here you can get a similar kind of paint as your entire wall and if you would get the bricks painted as well then you fireplace would look much sleeker than it is in reality. By the getting the place painted, you would be able to hide the flaws as well which is a great thing and this simple step would make a huge difference for sure and while you choose the paint make sure to have one dark.

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Tile Would Rescue

Fireplace Makeover Ideas


Are you having the same old bricks around your fireplace and you bored of the look? Then this is the idea of renovating your fireplace would help you a lot and this would eventually make your fireplace look so beautiful that you would fall in love with it. Here the idea is simple and you would just have to get your hands o your favorite tiles and get that over the brick rims of your fireplace and that’s it.

You can have tiles with beautiful designs on them as it would help in beautifying the space and at the same time, this would make your fireplace look unique as well which is a great thing for sure. Make sure to get the color of the tiles contrasting to that of the wall color to make the fireplace look bright and adjacent. You can simply go with an evergreen combination such as white and black which would also look beautiful.

Christmas Inspired Fireplace

Fireplace Makeover Ideas


Now it is a true fact that Christmas comes in the winter month in most of the countries and at the same time fireplace also gets used in winters only so there is a connection between these two things and also it is said that Santa mostly visits houses or leaves the house through the fireplace so having a Christmas inspired fireplace is so appropriate and amazing at the same time and the best thing is that turning the ordinary fireplace into a Christmas inspired one is not even that hard and rather with few additions you can make that happen which is great. Fireplace decoration can be one of the great Room Design Ideas for home decor.

Here you would have to get some leaves as well as LED lights around the fireplace and then you can hang some socks which would literally give the fireplace that much needed Christmas look which is great and also you can hang or place one toy Santa at the top base of the fireplace. You can either keep the décor throughout the year or you can try this especially during the month of Christmas to make your home Christmas ready.

Try Changing The Fireplace Basket

Fireplace Makeover Ideas


The place where you actually put on the woods is known as the fireplace basket and you would be amazed to know that changing that one thing can also bring lots of difference in the look and this would make the fireplace look changed instantly and the best thing here is that this thing can be changed anytime and if you don’t like the design then also you can get it changed and put the previous one by your own only which is a great thing for sure and at times when your fireplace is not in work you can cover it with a small fireplace gate which would make the fireplace look so beautiful as well as much more organized which is the best thing here for sure.

Here you can have wooden designer small gate kind of thing which would make the fireplace look royal and while you choose the gate make sure not to have glass as well as iron because the fireplace releases heat which can damage the glass and iron can get too hot by that time which needs to be avoided so it is always better to go with wooden things and also plastic is a bad idea because it can get melted so you need to choose the material wisely and also the fire basket material should be something of metal and not wood because woods can get burnt there like plastic and all and that can also lead to an unwanted accident which no one ever wants to face.

These were some of the best Fireplace Makeover ideas that you need to check out and also you can definitely try them out and for more such amazing things you can simply browse through Architecturesideas.

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