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As a true focal point of the home, a fireplace is the real centerpiece of any room. As a built-in feature to many homes, most people don’t understand how to take advantage of their fireplace’s potential. Sure, prefab fireplaces, which are common for most homes, need special doors and maintenance to ensure safety and efficiency. Beyond just how they function, they can be well designed to become a true decor feature of any home. Custom prefab fireplace doors are a great way to enhance the look of your fireplace and your entire home.

Choosing fireplace doors is a great step to improving the decor and style of your home, but they also offer great benefits in efficiency. The reason a perfect fit is so important is because chimneys act as a natural vent to outside atmosphere- this means they can let heated or cooled air out of the home. Having a fireplace with a tight seal and quality materials will ensure that this window to the outside is sealed, to prevent an unwanted draft.


Sellers that specialize in creating custom glass doors will offer you a perfect fit and high end style, without completely breaking the bank. Niche fireplace companies that are specialized in their craft are much more likely to ensure that their products will be top quality. Majestic is one of the most popular places to shop for prefabricated fireplace doors. Their website, is great place to start if you are in the market for a new set of doors. With a blog full of advice and FAQs, everything from measuring for your doors to selecting the right pair is covered by their expert staff that have years of experience.

Fireplace Doors


While stock selections for glass prefab fireplace doors, such as Home Depot or Lowes prefab fireplace doors, you might get a door that looks fine, but the fit will be approximated, leaving room for that draft to create an uncomfortable temperature. While many people may not think of new or replacement prefab fireplace door as an investment, they really are something worth consideration. An ill-fitting door can look sloppy or cheap, but a custom measured frame will be sure to avoid a subpar job.

With custom doors, worries about poor ventilation or an improper fit will be diminished. Most people think that fireplace doors are built to create a seal when in reality space must be left for ventilation. This is why researching your prefab fireplace, knowing the model and type, and getting exact measurements are a necessary step before the shopping process begins.

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Fireplace Doors


Replacement prefab doors are a great, affordable way to fix broken doors that have undamaged frames. For replacement doors, measuring for an exact fit becomes even more important. Knowing that glass doors are perfectly cut to fill a frame, for the correct model, will make sure that the fix is worth it.

Not only do prefab doors make a fireplace safe and efficient, but they create a much cleaner appearance to such an important feature of a home. Sleek doors and a perfect look much better than unfit doors that leave gaps, or rusty/unfinished frames. As a simple way to spruce up a boring or dated mantel, the perfect pair of doors will tie together any look. Doors are just the starting point to take advantage of fireplaces warmth and lighting, beginning the perfect spruce up for any room.

Shopping for fireplace doors may not seem like the most creative process in home design, but it is so important to maintaining the beauty and efficiency of your home.

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