Guide to Choose Router Bits


If you have recently purchased a new router, then you will need a guideline for using it. It is one of the most used high-tech machinery, although it is almost useless without the router bits. If you are confused about choosing the right router bits, then you probably haven’t used a router. Before you get to choose the router bits, you need to know that there are several types of Router Bits available in the market. Choosing the best route updates will help you get a better quality of project outcomes. Although it is also depending on the type of router you are using for completing your project. In this article, we will discuss the complete guide for choosing the correct router bits.

Types of Router Bits

Router Bits


These are the types of best router bits from which you can choose for your router. Each and every router bit are having different characteristics, so read the details carefully before choosing any router bits for your router.

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Straight Router Bits

These type of router bits are basically st workshop aple, these are used for cutting straight into any material in order to create a groove. This is basically required in order to Hollow Out Any Area of a material in order to inlay. Although you will get to find this category of router bits in various variety of diameters and lengths.

Rabbeting Router Bits

These are different type router bits which are mainly guided by spinning pilot bearing at the tip. This type of router bits is required for cutting the rabbet in the age of any material which is used for joining pieces. You need to purchase this kind of router bits in a set, it will include different sizes of bearing diameter. You can use a single router bit for creating various sizes of the rabbet.

Flush – Trim Router Bits

This kind of router bits is used for trimming the edge of any one material so that it can be flushed with another material edge. It is mainly used for trimming any veneered surface flush using several patterns to create various pieces which are identical to each other. They are also having a pilot bearing for guidance which is having a similar diameter as the cutter. The bearing can be at the tip of the router bit or even at the base.

Router Bits


Chamfer Router Bits

This kind of router bits is used for cutting bevel in any angle for decorating edges of any surface. It can also be used for creating bevel in multiple edges for joining multiple sides of woodworkings. This kind of router bits is mainly used for creating multisided boxes, wastebaskets, planters, and various other decorative pieces.

Edge Forming Bits

This router bit is also used for cutting decorative edges, you can you will cut rounded edges in any radius. You can also cut S-shaped profile or even edge beading cuts using this edge forming bits. This kind of router bits come with various variations, as cove bits can cut a concave quarter circle in any surface. Most of the bits are having a pilot bearing, even some of them are missing it. This kind of router bits is mainly used for providing the final decoration touches to any projects, this is used after edges being already completed.

Specialized Bits

This kind of router bits is mainly meant for several specific jobs. As molding bits are used for creating a single bit in a multiple edge formation. You can even create stile and rail bits which are used for shaping frames. This is mainly dedicated for frame panel construction such as raised panel bits and cabinet doors. This will help you to make the door panel fit into several slots to shape the edge of the door. Specialized bits are large in size, and used in a table-mounted router for safety purpose. There are several other types of specialized bits available in the market such as drawer lock bits, dovetail bits, lock miter bits and finger joint bits.

Other Router Bit Parts

There are several other router bit parts which needed to be explained before you can actually choose the best router bit for your router.

Router Bit Shanks

It is cylindrical part of a router bit which is solid in shape and it is available in the collet of the router. This part is available in two different sizes in common, you can get it in 1/4″ and 1/2”. Some of the router bits are having this part as a fixed, even some of them are available as interchangeable. Interchangeable Router bit parts can be changed into anything depending on the requirement of the project. They are mainly used for providing stability and decreasing the vibration. As a result, you will be getting smooth cutting along with long cutting life of the router. Mostly router bits are available in both diameters depending on the variation.

Router Bit Cutting Edges

Router bits having cutting ages which are made from high-speed steel or HSS. Several router bits and also having carbide tips fused to the router bit. You can also find router bits with carbide cutters which are for harder than Steel. They will provide you to have the edge last longer, even by 25 times compared to two other router bits. If you are having carbide tipped router bits, then it is advisable to keep them safe and handle with care in order to avoid the damage to the cutter by chipping it.


No need to get confused about choosing the best router bits for your router. You can always report to this article where we have discussed in detail various types of router bits for your router. You can read about this on Firstwoodworker. We have gathered various information about router bits from the internet as well as from various user reviews and posted them in this article for you. Share this informative article with others, so that I get to choose the best router bits for their router. 

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