What To Do If Asbestos Found In Your Home


Asbestos management and control is something not to be joked with. Asbestos can be very dangerous, especially when it is found around a living or working environment for the people occupying the space. It can be found in cement fencing and related products around the home and environs. 

Asbestos Removal Adelaide

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Asbestos is a well known Fibrous Mineral which is widely used for the production of building materials and important products. Initially, the different types of asbestos were being processed and mixed with materials to manufacture a variety of materials. However, the use of asbestos for the production of building materials and products have been phased out and banned since 2003. 

There are about three main types of asbestos materials 

  • Amosite which is also known as brown asbestos 
  • Crocidolite which is also known as blue asbestos 
  • Chrysotile which is also known as white asbestos. 

The use of asbestos cement materials does not pose an immediate risk to health when they are still in good condition. This is most especially when they are undisturbed. However, these products require professional help to be taken out during maintenance or renovating activities. 

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Detecting Asbestos In Your Home 

Asbestos Removal Adelaide

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Asbestos can be found in residential apartment and enviros. The most common areas where these asbestos materials have been used is walls, roofs, fencings, garage, and so on. Furthermore, asbestos has also contaminated the surrounding soil in most places. This is as a result of leaked asbestos from the wall and fencing materials used around the area. 

Finding out if your building is asbestos ridden for sure is one of the important things to take care of. This is to avoid any form of asbestos-related risks to health on you and the people around you. Once you can confirm that the building is more than 20 years old, you need to carry out asbestos testing. 

Detecting asbestos can be quite a stress-ridden and time-consuming. Fortunately, testing and detecting of asbestos are well taken care of for you by professional asbestos removal companies. You can get a plan to manage and remove the asbestos from your building and surrounding with the proper management plan for proper implementation. Usually, the removal of asbestos from your personal space is the best and safest approach to it. 

The best way for you to find out for sure if your house contains asbestos product is to get your house inspected. Asbestos Removal Adelaide is one such professional company that has the technical skills, and government licenses for safely removing and disposing of asbestos in Adelaide. Asbestos was commonly used for the construction and renovation of homes and properties until the mid-1990s and therefore likely probable that your home may contain asbestos. 

Risk Of Asbestos To Health 

Asbestos Removal Adelaide

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Asbestos is one of the leading causes of numerous diseases. Some of these diseases include lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. 

The chances of having an asbestos disease which could be as a result of exposure to asbestos for too long is high. This is one of the reasons why asbestos products should not be in or around proximity to your home or working environment. 

Interestingly, the risk is dependent on the total Number of Inhaled Fibers, the period of exposure and how long the exposure has been. Some people, who are currently being exposed to asbestos might not even be aware. That is why it is very important to get your apartment materials tested for possible asbestos exposure. It is also worthy to note that asbestos product can be managed properly by people who work on removing it. 

There are numerous precautious activities you can take to prevent the exposure of asbestos. In most cases, renovation practices are the best option. It is important that the best effort is inputted into getting all the asbestos material in or around your home area for safer and good living conditions. 

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