DIY to Make Your Bedroom More Sleep Friendly


The primary function of a bedroom is sleep. As such, you should always find ways to make it the ultimate sleep sanctuary.

You can sleep better with a few tweaks to the bedding, furniture, atmosphere, and lighting. Some of the DIY Ideas for Bedroom Mattress for better sleep include: 

Getting a Good Mattress

DIY Ideas for Bedroom Mattress


No amount of tweaking your room will help you sleep better if you do not have a good mattress. A good mattress should be soft enough that it is comfortable, and hard enough to keep your spine aligned as you sleep. 

However, a mattress is an expensive buy. As such, you need to be very sure whatever you buy is both durable and a good fit for your sleeping needs. Some of the durable and comfortable mattress types include memory foam, innerspring, latex, gel-infused foams, airbeds, and waterbeds. 

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Repainting Your Walls to a Color, You Associate with Calmness

DIY Ideas for Bedroom Mattress


There is a close relationship between color and mood. Why do you think happy emojis are bright yellow and angry emojis are burning red?

The mood you are in right before you sleep determines the quality and quantity of your sleep. If you are anxious, angry, or stressed, you have trouble finding sleep. But when you are relaxed and calm, you sleep like a baby.

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So, what is the best color for your bedroom? Go for a color you associate with happiness, calmness, peace, and tranquility. 

That said, blue is the best color for promoting sleep.

To start with, blue is a calm color. And, calmness encourages sleep. More importantly, the ganglion cells, which are receptors in your retina, are more receptive to the color blue. So, your eyes see blue and send a message to your brain that the environment is calm. When you’re in a calm setting, you are more likely to sleep because of the lowered blood pressure and heart rate.  

Other colors that are good for bedrooms, according to the same survey, are green, yellow, orange, and silver. On the other hand, colors that are bad for your bedroom include red, purple, and brown. 

Darkening the Room

DIY Ideas for Bedroom Mattress


Darkness is critical for quality sleep. The lack of light signals sends signals to the brain that it is time to rest. Darkness triggers the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. This hormone helps muscles relax, reduces body temperature, and increases the feeling of drowsiness, all which make you fall asleep.

Light interferes with the production of melatonin. Therefore, you need to darken your bedroom. Minimize light from the windows by investing in blackout curtains, drapes, blinds, and shades. Also, get rid of the overhead light. Instead, use dim-profile bulbs in bedside lamps or wall sconces.

Finding the Right Temperature

DIY Ideas for Bedroom Mattress


Are you always turning and tossing throughout the night? The issue could be the temperature in your room. When the room temperature is too high or too low, your body works hard to regulate the temperature. Your body working hard during sleep is not what you want – you want it to rest. 

The optimal sleeping temperature is between 60- and 67-degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 19 degrees Celsius). So, before sleep, turn your thermostat up or down accordingly.

Bringing in a Plant

DIY Ideas for Bedroom Mattress


Putting a plant in your bedroom improves the quality of the air you breathe while sleeping. Clean air is not only crucial for your overall health; it helps you sleep better. 

Plants absorb carbon dioxide to use it for photosynthesis. Additionally, they absorb a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as benzene (found in fabric, cigarette smoke, and pesticides) and formaldehyde (found in cosmetics and detergents). Note that, medicine links VOCs to acute respiratory conditions such as asthma and chronic diseases such as cancer. 

Furthermore, a plant is an easy way to add color and contrast to your room. And, if you love nature, is it not satisfying to wake up to the sight of flora?

Clearing the Clutter

DIY Ideas for Bedroom Mattress


What is the current state of your bedroom? Research has found that the messiness of a bedroom harms sleep. People with clutter in their bedrooms take longer to sleep compared to those with tidy rooms. Consequently, they wake up tired the next day, which makes tidying up less likely. 

Clutter makes your brain restless. Even the untidiest people know that they need to tidy up. The brain registers the tidying up as a job that needs to be done. When you postpone it, you feel guilty at a subconscious and conscious level. The more you procrastinate, the more the guilt feelings accumulate. Guilt is a stress feeling, which is not suitable for your sleep.

Clearing bedroom clutter is easy. Start by eliminating anything you do not need. Also, consider practical methods of storage and organization such as a closet organizer. 


Better sleep is only a few tasks away, with the tips shared above. Focus not on the task but the reason behind the task. For instance, clearing clutter can be annoying, but when you consider it will help you sleep better, it becomes worth the time. Remember, no amount of tweaking in your bedroom will do any good without a good mattress. 

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