Tips for Timeless Home Design


Whether you’re moving and thinking about how you’re going to design your new home, or you want to refresh your current space, timelessness may be a big objective.

A timeless home has many benefits. When you think about staying power and longevity instead of trends, you’re making choices that are a true long-term investment. You’ll have a home you can love for years to come and it won’t go out of style. 

With all that being said, how do you make timeless home design a reality and choose furniture that can evolve with you?

Choose Versatile Furniture

Timeless Home Design


Your core pieces of furniture are the items you’re likely to spend the most on, so you want them to be able to have staying power more than anything else in your home design.

Look for versatile furniture items that have nice lines and are durable and made with high-quality materials. 

You can also look for modular pieces so you can change the layout of your furniture easily.

Opt for items that you can change the covers on as well. Washable covers will help keep your furniture in good condition through the years, and if you can easily change the covers, then you can opt for a different color or fabric without having to buy an entirely new piece of furniture. 

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Timeless Home Design


One of the core features of a timeless interior design style is symmetry, as well as a sense of balance. Keep this in mind when you’re designing a room.

Look for items that can have pairs such as a pair of armchairs, or a pair of lamps placed on a table. 

Of course, symmetry doesn’t mean rooms in your home don’t have a focal point, because they should. 

A focal point might be something that naturally occurs in your room. A large window or fireplace is a good example of a focal point in a timeless room.

If you don’t have that you can also create your own focal point with your décor items. The focal point should be where your eye naturally wants to go when you walk into a room. 

Choose High-Quality Finishes and Materials

Timeless Home Design


If you’re doing a renovation or buying a new home, think about the finishes and the materials used in the design. There are many things you can change in terms of décor and accessories, but the foundational elements of a room can’t be easily changed.

Look for classic details like wide plank wood floors, nice moldings and finishes that aren’t based on anyone trend.

If your room has a basis in timelessness, it’s much easier to build the rest of your design around that. 

Design with Functionality In Mind

Timeless Home Design


A home has to be functional in order for it to feel truly timeless.

Don’t focus so much on the design of your home that it loses its sense of functionality. 

Nice proportions and useful pieces of furniture are essential in timeless design. 

When it comes to timelessness, it’s not just about general functionality. Really think about your family and the needs of your family currently and into the future as well. You want furniture and décor that’s going to grow with your family and keep up with your needs even as they change over time. 

Use Accessories to Experiment

Timeless Home Design


If part of you does want to experiment with some of the current trends, such as patterns or bold colors, do it through your accessories. Items like throw pillows and blankets can be a good place to experiment because they’re relatively inexpensive and can be easily changed if the trends shift or your tastes do. 

Keep the Lines Clean

Timeless Home Design


Clean lines are something that never goes out of style. If you think about the trends of the past that have come and gone, you probably realize clean lines aren’t usually part of the fads. Ornate lines and shapes tend to be part of the trends that come and go.

Clean, simple lines, however, are classic and don’t fade in popularity. 

If you want to add more visual interest in a room, rather than choosing something in the design that’s very ornate, think about incorporating it with the use of rich textures, such as woven materials or linen upholstery.

Finally, for a timeless home design, think about what you love. What you love, regardless of whether or not it’s trendy, is going to make you happy. Don’t choose anything because you think you should like it or because everyone else is using it 

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