Neolith Worktops and Dekton Countertops: Everything You Should Know


Dekton and neolith are two of the most popular brands that are using in the kitchen these days for making worktops. These two can also be call porcelain or ceramic worktops as they are made of porcelain, glass, and quartz under extremely high pressure and temperature. Both neolith and dekton countertops tend to get too cold when the outside temperature is so. This temperature is maintain throughout the surface.

Most of the time, people tend to get confuse regarding which one of the two they should choose for their kitchen. Here is a quick guide that will help you with everything that you must know about Neolith Worktops and dekton worktops.

What Are They?

Dekton Countertops


They are new brands and have been manufacture using a combination of materials to bring in the qualities of different materials into a single one. Since the material is new, it is highly advertise to make customers aware of it. 

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Here are some of the features of the material along with the special features offer by the two brands:

  • They are extremely durable products and are know for their high strength. This makes them scratch resistant, ensuring that if you have them in your kitchen, it would not have any knife or utensil marks or the surface being chip off when you place something heavy on it.
  • It is stain resistant, which allows you to directly chop vegetables on the surface without worrying about the stubborn and ugly marks that are often left by some vegetables. You can even remove red wine and Indian curry marks from the surface without making too much effort.
  • You must care for these worktops when it comes to temperature and pressure. So, if you place an extremely hot vessel on the surface without any protective layer, there are high chances that the worktop can get crack due to sudden temperature differences. This crack does not be see on the surface instantly and start developing from the inside. Therefore, it can crack later making you wonder what went wrong and how did the material crack on its own.

Dekton Countertops


  • Both these options are available in various colours, making them compatible with most of the modern-day kitchen decor themes. These colours and finishing options are comparatively more than granite, marble and other traditional worktop options. Which is the main reason behind the popularity of this material in recent times.
  • New colours and designs keep coming up now and then making the customers happier and choose their next renovation theme accordingly.
  • The thickness of the material can vary from 3mm to 20mm. This allows you to use it for a variety of purposes like creating shelves, use it for flooring and even in bathrooms besides using it only in the kitchen.
  • The finishing option can also be varied with this material. While some people prefer going for a smooth and glossy glass-like finish. Others can even opt for a rough or matte finish. Thus, whether you want a glossy kitchen or a simple one, you can go for this material at any time.
  • It is even possible to cut drainage grooves from the worktop without damaging the entire surface. Thus, you can have a dekton or neolith kitchen worktops without any joints. Which will make your kitchen look more beautiful. Give an impression that it has been built in a plain way.
  • The material is non-porous, which allows you to use it. Even in those areas where it would be in frequent contact with water. Thus, it is even a good option for outdoor dining tables, beside the drainage sink and even in bathrooms. Without any risk of water seeping in through the surface.
  • The process of installation of these two brands is not a regular process. It cannot be carry out by regular labourers who can do the renovation of your entire house but has to be done by special stone fabricators having a good knowledge of the material. If you try cutting down costs on this and want to get it installed by some regular worker. You will lose the warranty that you are getting on this product. So, make sure that you make a wise decision.
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