Installing Green Roofs is the Need of the Hour – Know Why


Cities are places that are usually full of concrete as well as other forms of built structures. The moment one thinks of a city, nature never generally hits their mind. With green roofs, however, roofs on buildings that have living plants, the concept of nature are making a comeback to cities in innovative and new ways. As these roofs offer a plethora of perks for modern cities, these are extensively used in large cities across the world.

Green Roof


Benefits Galore

Green roofing has become commonplace owing to these benefits and more,

  • Save Energy- A conventional roof is a big source to build heat gain during the summer and heat loss during the winter. As green roofs aids in insulating buildings, these also work wonders in reducing building energy demands along with their related energy expenditure for cooling and heating. To know more about green roofing, contact Roofing Alpine
  • Reduce Stormwater Runoff- The green roof substrates store rainwater which is then utilized by plants. Following this, the plants undergo both transpiration and respiration when the water gets released as water vapor in the atmosphere. Any negligible amount of rainwater which does not get absorbed will get filtered via the plants prior to running off the roof. As the rainwater flows via the green roofs, these roofs help in reducing and slowing down the stormwater flow, thereby helping with stormwater management issues which are commonplace in most cities.  

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  • Cut Down the Effect of Urban Heat Island- This effect takes place when in cities, the temperature goes up above that in adjacent rural areas. Such difference in temperature happens because of the reduced vegetation and also the presence of huge amounts of concrete as well as other impervious urban surfaces which collect as well as radiate ample solar heat at the time of the summer months. With plants undergoing evaporation and dew regularly, plants on a green roof along with other types of urban outdoor surfaces will work wonders in cooling cities and reducing the surplus heat which accumulates in a city owing to huge quantities of concrete. Besides, sunlight is absorbed by the plants that otherwise would have been converted to heat. 
  • Grow Urban Farm or Community Garden- A good number of cities lately have realized the perks of utilizing space that were previously unused as a place for growing edible plants. Most restaurants have begun growing produce on their roof, thus providing fresh ingredients to chefs. Some roofs also house beehives.

Green Roof


  • Biodiversity- The specialty of a green roof is it caters to different species that cannot be found on traditional roofs, thereby turning into an excellent opportunity for doing one’s bit for wildlife. A green roof can be specially designed with specific species in mind along with aiming to help Biodiversity Action Plans. These roofs with a variety of wildflowers will definitely be crucial in the case of insects along with supporting foraging bees, especially in urban settings. These roofs also offer vital habitat for birds which can aid with conserving rare species. 
  • Nature in a City- Accessible habitat for wildlife in maximum urban environments has been reduced drastically in comparison to most rural areas that have a more natural habitat. A vegetative roof can offer habitat for insects and birds and serve as stepping stone habitats amid the habitat patches that are isolated which exist amidst the middle of cities. Though most green roofs are akin to natural forms of lawns with regards to appearance, yet few have shrubs and trees where birds can potentially live.
  • Various Aesthetic Benefits- A green roof and other forms of urban green space can help in adding charm and beauty to the city’s environment.
  • Improve Air Quality- The plants plated on a green roof as well as the plants present on the other surfaces will help in capturing pollutants from urban air thereby filtering out gases from the air which potentially could turn toxic for human health and the environment at large. Not only this, but a green roof can also help in reducing smog, particulate matter, and dust present in the city air. Besides, such roofs will work wonders in moderating the temperature of buildings as well as the urban area in its entirety; there will be decreased energy demand which in turn will help a great deal in reducing the number of pollutants overall that the power plants generate which also includes greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Increase Carbon Footprint and Increase Usable Spaces- A green roof can be utilized for adding usable spaces to buildings along with offering community value like through recreational spaces such as community gardens, parks or commercial spaces such as restaurant terraces and display areas. 

Green Roof


  • Create Local Jobs- The moment a green roof is made and maintained in a city, novel opportunities crop up for catering to the need for green roof-specific manufacturing, growth, and production of plants for roofs along with green roof design as well as maintenance. These opportunities need qualified experts for working and meeting that demand, thus creating an absolutely new industry as well as the various related jobs which go with it. 
  • Increase Roof Materials Lifespan- The vegetation on the green roof will work wonders in reducing the underlying roof materials exposure to temperature and weather fluctuations and also UV radiation against the sun that can result in wear and tear along with damage to the roof material with time. 

A green roof, at times known as a living roof, simply put, are roofs of buildings that are completely or partially covered with vegetation. To install such a roof indeed has become increasingly popular across cities in different parts of the world.

Resting on one’s preference, this roof can be extensive, demanding just no maintenance or intensive rooftop gardens which needs regular maintenance yet makes for excellent amenity spaces for employees. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are many others that make it worth it to invest in it. Try it for yourself, and you will definitely recommend the same to your friends and acquaintances.

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