5 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Home Office Look More Professional


Working from home can be wonderful, with its flexibility during the workday and the lack of commute. Having the ability to work from home can cut back on a company’s costs while increasing the productivity of their staff. But with the ever-changing workplace, one has to take into account that setting up a dedicated space can be integral to getting work done. 

So when your home office has become a dumping ground for all the random papers in your home and cluttered with junk, it’s time to sort it out and reclaim your office as a sanctuary for your career. But getting your office figured out is more than just making sure your desk is next to an outlet for your computer. 

Home Office Ideas

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It can seem like a big undertaking to gather all the necessary piece but it doesn’t need to be complicated. While the used office furniture in Houston may vary from your options in a smaller town, finding a desk and chair to suit your needs is completely doable. Simply grouping all the furniture pieces for your office doesn’t mean it will look professional, however. 

If your office space doesn’t give the air of professionalism you are hoping for then making a few changes can be transformational in how your office is perceived by others. Here are some simple ideas to get you started on your way to a more professional home office. 

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1. The Perfect Paint

Your office should be pleasing to your eye so ditch the boring beige with some paint. If your office has a hue you’re not excited about it’s time to switch it up. Choosing a color can be fun, just remember that you will want it to energize you not make you fall asleep. So if your office doesn’t have much natural light, choosing a darker color may not be the best choice. 

Keeping your office light and bright will increase your productivity and picking the best color for you can be a personal preference certainly. No matter how small your office maybe, you’re sure to be inspired by a fresh coat of paint in your space. 

One thing to keep in mind is that from time to time you may need to have a video conference. The best backgrounds for that are well lit, and neutral colors on a plain wall. An interview or work call is not the time to showcase your collection of trophies, you will want to be the focus, not your belongings. 

If you would really like to have a bright purple office, and it’s your office, after all, consider painting a smaller wall a complementary neutral that you can use for video calls. If that idea is still harshing your mellow, there are also background screens you can purchase to have a superhero-themed office and still seem professional on Skype. 

2. Display That Diploma

You spent all that time, effort and energy to earn that degree and now you just want to put it in a drawer? While it may seem a bit unfair that your school or training center can get away with filling your head with knowledge and a simple piece of paper after everything you had to do, don’t downplay your achievements.

That diploma is a sign that you made a commitment to further your self, hanging it in your home office will remind you that you are qualified when that self-doubt kicks in and can be a beacon of pride as well. Hanging up your diploma isn’t a sign of pretention, it is a highlight of your success, why wouldn’t you want that reminder as you work? 

3. Super Storage Solutions

Clutter just doesn’t look professional. Think of any business or office you’ve ever been in and ask yourself what they have in common? Everything has a place so surfaces look neat and tidy. When space is free of clutter your mind is more at ease which enables you to get more work done, more productivity is always good in a home office.  

Gone are the days when a filing cabinet is a large, cumbersome and unattractive piece of furniture. Well, you can still find them but why would you want to? There are many different options for filing in stylish looks, you may not even realize it is a storage powerhouse. You can even retrofit an armoire into a storage system if it better suits your office style.

Using shelving and organizers to sort supplies and resources will give you the peace of mind of knowing where everything is but also giving you space to work freely. If you don’t have an expansive office organization is even more crucial since a messy workspace will just waste the limited space you already have. Consider extra shelving as a solution. 

Home Office Ideas

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4. Don’t Skimp on the Ergonomics

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean your health and safety should be sacrificed! Don’t wind up with a stiff neck and tired wrists and consider the ergonomics of your home office to be one of the most important elements as you figure out what you want. 

While it may seem silly, investing in a chair that is perfectly suited to you is going to pay off when years down the road it is still comfortable and supportive where a quickly picked out chair may fall short. A proper fitting chair will reduce your daily aches and pains so consider how often you will be sitting and plan accordingly. 

When deciding on a desk you may want to take into account whether or not you’d like a standing desk. These desks are very popular and while the science suggests they aren’t a miracle of better health they can still promote wellness and improve concentration. An adjustable desk, one that will work whether you’re sitting or standing can be a great option for a home office. 

5. Amenities 

If you really aim to keep your work and home life separate, so that even when you’re working from home you’re working and not tempted to turn on the television or you’re distracted by the laundry pile that needs washing, consider adding some of your more necessary amenities in your office space. 

A mini-fridge and a coffee maker are easy items to add to your office to keep you well-stocked with water and beverages so you don’t wander away and lose track of the work you need to do. Keeping tissues and a trash can nearby is helpful as well. Simply consider your every day needs to be sure your office is ready for you to be efficient and comfortable. 


Home Office Ideas

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Working from home can be a real perk but why work from your couch or a messy kitchen table when you could have the professional office of your dreams? Following these tips will help you set up an office that will exude professionalism so no matter where your career path takes you, your home office will be reflective of your endeavors. 

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