The Beauty of Architectural Curtain Walls

People are constantly discovering and inventing new materials and using them to create everything around us. The construction industry market is rapidly expanding. Curtain wall products with beautiful appearance, good performance, and great style are being applied to more and more modern high-rise buildings. The architectural curtain wall is a kind of external protective structure that integrates architectural technology, architectural art, and architectural functions. The architectural curtain wall has become an important symbol of modern architectural culture, architectural personality, architectural art, and architectural science.

Stone Curtain Wall

Architectural Curtain Walls


The New York Empire State Building, a skyscraper completed in 1931, uses the stone curtain wall. The stone curtain wall uses natural or artificial marble and granite for exterior wall finishing. It is usually composed of stone panels and supporting structures (beams, columns, steel structures, connectors, etc.). They are widely used by building owners in their exterior decoration. It’s favored and already has a large proportion in the building. In recent years, the application height of stone curtain walls is getting higher and higher, and the volume is getting larger and larger. There are more and more types of stone used.

Glass Curtain Wall

Architectural Curtain Walls


In 1951, the Lever House in New York showed the glass curtain wall for the first time. It was the world’s first high-rise building with glass curtain walls and a height of 24 stories. The glass curtain wall has the two characteristics of the glass panel and metal support frame, which also allows us to be exposed to the design and construction technology of the curtain wall for the first time. The emergence of a glass curtain wall as a new architectural language.

In the early stage of development, it was mainly a frame curtain wall, which was composed of curtain wall frames and decorative glass. Most of the frames were made of the extruded aluminum framework. Hidden frame glass curtain wall, as a later popular form, has the biggest feature that the frame and window frame are not visible on the facade, which makes the appearance of the glass curtain wall more uniform, novel, and more transparent. It gradually became the mainstream of the curtain wall market.

A large number of engineering construction and office construction have brought a lot of use of building curtain walls. People’s requirements for the quality of building use are also increasing. The overall development of the curtain wall industry. Due to the rapid development of glass, metal and other materials science and manufacturing process technology, the curtain wall form has also been continuously upgraded and enriched with the improvement of the industry’s technological level and the progress of material technology.

The glass curtain wall not only realizes the integration of the wall and the window in the building’s external maintenance structure but also cleverly integrates the use function of the building envelope and the decoration function, showing different colors from different angles, giving the building dynamics The beauty and love of designers are more and more accepted by people.

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Aluminum Curtain Wall

Architectural Curtain Walls


As a high-quality material, aluminum cladding is receiving more and more attention from building curtain walls and all sectors of building decoration. The use of a large number of aluminum plates and other materials not only improves the energy-saving index of the building curtain wall, but also expands the scope of use of the building curtain wall, makes the high-rise buildings more glorious, and forms a curtain wall pattern composed of various colors and materials.

With the development of technology, the form of a building curtain wall is becoming more and more abundant. You can see everywhere that the new building curtain wall is decorated with beautiful and modern buildings, which complements the surrounding environment and becomes a new high-tech cultural landscape that beautifies the city. The products of the building curtain wall market are becoming more and more abundant, and more new products will appear in the application of new materials and technologies.

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