Making the Most of a Small Home

Living in a small home does not need to mean it has to be pokey, cramped and uncomfortable. There are ways of making the most of the space. Continue reading for some of our suggestions.


small home ideas

Rather than having several separate pieces of furniture, look into items that serve two purposes. For example, you can get ottoman beds that have extensive storage underneath. For children, you can buy cabin beds underneath which a chest of drawers, wardrobe and even a desk can fit. It is certainly worth investigating options that would work within your home as these storage options reduce clutter and allow extra space for simply moving around. No one wants to be sidestepping through a room in an attempt to navigate the bulky furniture. Doing so also means that it will be much easier to make changes. For example, carpet fitters would find it much easier to be able to carry the roll of carpet through an uncluttered room to do their job.

Interior Design

small home ideas

The décor in your property can have a huge effect on how spacious or cramped space feels. Dark colors used on their own tend to pull a room in, making it appear smaller than it actually is. Combining dark and light can work if done carefully. If you have a dado rail, dark underneath and light on top will elongate a room; the opposite will ensure the inverse effect. Bright colors can also work well if done correctly. Oranges and yellows can inject a bit of sunshine into a room that receives little or no natural sunlight. Carefully positioned mirrors can also add light and the illusion of extra space. 

Needs v Wants

small home ideas

When it comes to a kitchen, there are hundreds of gadgets that you could invest in, but consider where on earth you would store them? Many are gimmicky and may be used just a handful of times. Are you really going to make fresh pasta on a regular basis or is dried pasta a quick fix for you? What about a bread maker? How many times have you actually used it or is it just sitting on a worktop gathering dust? Consider things that are necessities within your house; these must take priority. If you do have a little extra space for something else, think carefully before making the purchase.

Declutter and Hide

small home ideas

It is really easy to accumulate far more things than you really need or want in your home. Despite positive intentions, things fall apart. Gifts are received at Christmas and birthdays; relatives provide you with things they feel will be useful to you (even if they’re not) and you may struggle to say no or pass things on to others. Guilt over gifts is something that needs to stop. If they are not to your taste or use within your home, regift to someone else who will make good use of them. If you are a collector of certain items, you don’t have to throw them all away, but is there a way of reducing your collection? Even just refraining from having them all on display at the same time would make a substantial difference.

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