What Makes Sheesham Wood Furniture So Special and Unique?

If you have recently bought a new apartment, chances are, you might contemplate decorating it, or wish to renovate your old house. Whatever may be the reason if you’re thinking of redecorating your place but have no idea where to start, don’t worry. In the upcoming paragraphs, we are going to tell you about how you can decorate your place with amazing furniture. So today, in this blog, we are telling you about wood furniture. When it comes to that, there are many options in wood, from which you can select any, but if you want a luxury-looking one, then go for Sheesham wood furniture!

Yes! Furniture makes all the difference, no matter how much you decorate your walls and other areas, a home never gets complete without having some comfortable furniture. Right?

Yes, it is the perfect way to bring the hotel vibe or the glamorous vibe, which is absolutely fantastic. Isn’t it? But not all woods have the capability to deliver these vibes, only Sheesham wood has it!

Still thinking about that, so keep on reading as in this blog, we’re giving you all the information about this fabulous wood.

What is Sheesham Wood?

“The scientific name of Sheesham wood is “Dalbergia sissoo,” which is also commonly known as “Indian rosewood”. The wood obtain from the Penny leaf tree or Sheesham tree, which was exclusively grown in India previously, but nowadays, you’ll find this magnificent tree in many countries like Africa, the United States, and Australia.

Sheesham tree

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It also has some unusual characteristics like this tree also has various names such as Indian Dalbergia, shisham, or shishan. Another well-known name is the “Himalaya raintree” because it is found in the sub-Himalaya regions of India. Did you know that this tree can grow up to 82 ft (25m) in height with a diameter up to 6-9 ft (2-3 m)? It is actually infrequent to find this tree in this dimension, as usually, they are found in smaller sizes. 


The appearance of this tree is as weird as its name (in a good way!). The leaves of the sissoo tree are stiff and compound, and it also has white-pinkish flowers. The Indian rosewood is found in golden to deep reddish-brown colors, but it also has some dark streaks in the woods, which is its major beauty factor. The interlock grains make it sturdy and hard. 

sheesham wood raw material

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The workability of Sheesham wood is impressive because it almost works with everything like machinery, glue, and finishing. Actually, that’s the main reason it is widely use in furniture. As the wood is substantial and dense, it has immense strength, which shows its excellent quality. Because of this, you may have seen Indian furniture are mostly made from this.


There is no doubt, it is the most durable woods. The texture is dense, so it is exceptionally resistant to wood termites and natural decay. Which makes it more durable and suitable for your house. Isn’t it? So, if you want some durable furniture pieces, this should be on top of your furniture shopping list. 

sheesham wood furniture

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Applications Of Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood use in many different things, but it is widely use in making furniture. Other than this, it is also use in making decorative items and ornaments. The dark grain with light brownish color makes it more attractive and pleasing. 

But that’s not it! Dalbergia wood use in many other things like toys, utensils handles, and flooring. It is just like the regular wood with some more qualities, so it’s use in any way that a standard wood use. 

It can be easily shaped, and also it is water-resistant. Also, use in boat building, and many people chose this wood for the interior designing of their homes, which includes doors, windows, and even flooring. And specifically, in India, agriculture tools are also made from it. 

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Why You Should Buy Sheesham Wood Furniture?

After reading up to this, you already know how amazing this wood is, but here are some more advantages that will add extra points.

  • As this wood has a grain texture, it is super easy to give finishing to it, and after finishing & polishing, it will look amazing.
  • If you want something different looking wood furniture then surely this is perfect for you. It has a beautiful dark color streak which makes it unique from the rest of the woods. 
  • This wonderful wood is also use for marine & aircraft grade plywood, charcoal for heating and cooking, ornamental turnery, tool handles, and carving & engraving. 
  • Did you know which wood is use in the making of sports equipment and musical instruments? Yes, you’re thinking right, Sheesham wood is the answer. We inevitably will run out of words, but the uses of this wood will not end. 

sheesham wood furniture

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Disadvantages of Sheesham Wood Furniture

The wood of the Himalaya raintree has limitless advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. Below are some of them:

  • Rosewood is pretty heavy, it is lighter than the teak but much more massive than the mango wood. 
  • It is water-resistant and more porous as compare to other hardwood, which makes it vulnerable to pests and beetles. 
  • The Indian rosewood tree doesn’t always grow in straight, so it is quite challenging to find the long smooth sections of wood. 
  • As the wood is heavy and dense, it is very challenging to create a shape if you’re a beginner woodworker.
  • The excess cutting of the Dalbergia sissoo tree, which may lead them in the extinct category. 

How to Treat Sheesham Wood Furniture

There are some things that you should keep in mind while buying or placing the furniture made from Shishan wood. 

  • As wood is extremely good for indoors, it isn’t advisable to place the furniture outside because it is more prone to insects and pests.
  • If you’re a person that loves minimalistic furniture, then this might not be a good option for you. You can go for the mango wood or teak as they have a more robust and consistent texture & color. 
  • Keep your Dalbergia furniture away from rain as it may heavily damage it. 
  • Don’t hide it’s beautiful features by painting on it; just showcase its natural beauty.

If you do these things, it will be really beneficial for you and your furniture. Because all these things will extend the age of your furniture, so you don’t have to spend again and again on furniture. 

sheesham wood furniture

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Comparison Between Sheesham wood Vs. Mango wood Vs. Teak wood

Here is the detaile comparison between Indian rosewood Vs. Mango wood Vs. Teakwood. This is definitely going to help you out understand every factor. 

Texture Grain Dense grain Smooth 
Termite Resistance Good Low  Excellent
Water Resistance Good Low  Excellent
Weight Heavy Light  Heavy 
Durability Good  Excellent Excellent
Cost Expensive cheap Most Expensive 

 sheesham wood furniture

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So what do you think after reading all the pros and cons of the Sheesham wood? We know it also has some drawbacks, but each high-quality thing comes with some little cons. Right? But they are very less compare to the pros, so it’s definitely good to choose this wood over other woods. The best thing to do is to examine your place first where you want to place furniture and of course your budget. Keep all the factors in mind and select the wood, which is perfect for you and your space. 

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