25 Prairie Style House Plans and Designs

Prairie Style house design is a gift, that architects were inherited by the great architect of the 20th century –  Frank Lloyd Wright. Prairie houses are known for their wide, low-height roofs. Most of them would have a chimney and extended base in multiple directions.

The house design mainly uses large windows to compliment the house structure. Thus, Large windows make the home airier and, add natural lighting. If you observe carefully you would find that all prairie houses have the same features like Low pitched, horizontal patterns, and geometric design.

If talk about the construction part, The blueprint manly starts with a simple square followed by the option of having a multi-story. This design is commonly referred to as “Prairie box” or “American Foursquare”. The name was given because of the same symmetrical patterns such as big spacey projecting rooms, and porches. So, Have a look at the Prairie-style house designs, and let’s appreciate the work of Frank Lloyd for such a beautiful design.

prairie style house
Craftsman house
American Foursquare
Arts and Crafts home
Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired house
Mission-style dwelling
Midwestern architecture
Organic architecture home
Horizontal design residence
Low-slung house
Usonian home
Naturalistic dwelling
Broad eaves house
Horizontal line residence
Flat roof dwelling
Midwest modern house
Broad-horizon home
Horizontal-plane residence
Low-pitched roof house
Low-pitched roof house
Wide-open spaces dwelling
Horizontal emphasis home
Horizontal flow residence
Modern prairie-style dwelling

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