33 Classy Contemporary Italian Kitchen Designs From Architectures Ideas

Everyone dreams of living in a house that is well-decorated and aesthetically beautiful.

But, have you ever wondered the role that kitchen plays in giving an amazing look and feel to your house.

The problem is even though the kitchen is considered to be one of the most utilized spaces in the household many designers are still utilizing the same old concepts of kitchen designs.

There is a need to upgrade themselves so that they reach the new threshold when it comes to developing contemporary kitchen designs.

This is where the perfect blend of technology and function is becoming one of the latest trends in contemporary kitchen designs.

Italy is considered to be a heaven on Earth when it comes to its delicious cuisine. But, the one thing that most of us miss out is the fact that it also produces amazing interior designs, especially for kitchens.

Today is the right time for us to look at some of the most Unique designs that will be the definitive answer to the basic kitchen deficits.

It is important to note that there are a few plans that have a larger part of Italian kitchen designs pieces uncovered while different outlines.

This gives a totally shrouded space with recessed entryways making the space widespread. While there are some rooms that are unreasonably substantial for a kitchen.

Italian kitchen designs


We promise once you have finished reading this write-up, you will have ample of information at your sleeves pertaining to contemporary styles of design.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have provided comprehensive information pertaining to Italian kitchen designs that have been shortlisted by Architectures Ideas.

But, before we look at these contemporary Italian kitchen designs it is important to understand the significance of Italian kitchen designs in your household.

It has got to be said that these designs are considered to be one of the most fashionable and elegant designs. Why? It has got to be something that is related to the quality of materials being used in these designs.

The other advantage of Italian kitchen designs is the color choices that are used to give a modern look. Neutral and vibrant colors create an enticing and cozy atmosphere.

Some of the vibrant colors that are used in these kitchens are different shades of orange, red, purple, yellow, etc.

A thing to remember: The Italian kitchen furniture designs are primarily space-saving designs.

They make it easier to provide open space with an attractive look.

Did you know? Italian style kitchens mostly have natural lighting. Due to this reason, you will always see big windows like a common part of Italian style kitchens.

It is even possible for you to integrate eye-catching chandeliers or certain pendant lights in the kitchen design.

You can even add supplementary features like putting different types of flowers on tables or counters. This can provide a great attraction to your kitchen.

Now, that you have understood the significance of Italian kitchen designs in your household as promised it is time to look at Italian kitchen designs that have been shortlisted by us.

Note: With the help of these amazing kitchen decor ideas you can completely change the look of your kitchen.

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1) Brown Ceramic Floor with Black and White Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen designs


This contemporary Italian kitchen design provides a modern outlook. It provides great space for storage. The amazing part is that you can avail the trendy cabinets with wide handles. As you can see the color combination in this kitchen design is quite subdued. Combine it with the brown ceramic floor and you have a real winner in your hands!

2)  Modern Italian Kitchen Cabinets Simple Design

Italian kitchen designs


This contemporary Italian kitchen cabinet is visible in this form of open kitchen design. The amazing part? The hall and kitchen do not have a door that closes them. As a result, you get modish cabinets and hob that do not look cluttered at all!

3) Pedini Italian Design Kitchens

Italian kitchen designs

Source: pediniusa.com

This modern design retains the best of the past design of Arts and Crafts. But, it also blends the prevailing technological elements.

The amazing part? In every part of the cabinet line, it is possible for you to see finishes like cement resins, pewter, corten steel, and solid wood.

The peculiar thing about the layout is the fact that it contains more of a “broken” style which makes the kitchen components feel more like furniture. This assists in blending with the rest of the space. It is possible to customize these cabinets enabling multiple layout possibilities.

4)  Entrancing Best Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen designs

Source: alhabibpaneldoors.com

This contemporary Italian kitchen design looks a class apart. It provides a unique ambiance to your kitchen. It is recommended to employ this Italian kitchen design if you have a big kitchen space.

5)  Italian Kitchens from Giugiaro Designs

Italian kitchen designs

Source: home-designing.com

This Italian kitchen design consists of a wooden body. The amazing part? It is arranged around the island. Not to forget, its pragmatic appeal and highly ingeniously dynamic, bend shape.

Due to its ergonomic line of base and wall units, it is possible to easily organize storage space effectively.

The positive news is that the base units have wide space sized big baskets. There are also flap doors of the wall units which means more space inside.

6)  Modern and Luxury Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen designs

Source: alhabibpaneldoors.com

It consists of urbane cabinets and an alluring look. The great news is that the kitchen has a very large storage space. It is all closed in groovy cabinets consisting of wide handles. The color combination in this kitchen design is very low-spirited.

7)  Italian Kitchens from Giugiaro Designs

Italian kitchen designs


This amazing Italian kitchen design is made up of metallic red gloss lacquered doors. It unites steel worktops with wall claddings.

Did you know? Its base and wall units that come with curved doors have the visible aluminum color carcass.

The added advantage is that it comes with a circular cooking zone that encompasses a base unit with revolving basket and cylindrical hood with mat black lacquered wings which makes it quite attractive. The worktop comes along with the steel sink.

8)  Modern Italian Kitchen

Italian kitchen designs


This contemporary Italian kitchen design consists of revolutionary cabinets and a shining look. It consists of a large storage space and is all closed in trendy cabinets. These cabinets have wide handles. But, the only limitation of this Italian kitchen design is the fact that the color combination in this kitchen is very subdued.

9)  Modern Italian Kitchen Design from Cesar

Italian kitchen designs


These contemporary Italian kitchen designs from Cesar are extremely gleaming and elegant. It gives a fresh breath of air to the kitchen.

Its ice lacquered glass tops tend to make a glossy smoothness. It is available in various color palette ranges from white to deep maroon.

10)  Luxurious Contemporary Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen designs

Source: alhabibpaneldoors.com

This ingenious Italian kitchen design is recommended for kitchens that have lots of open space. The significant thing is that it gives you an opportunity to store extra things, thanks to its design.

A key thing to remember: An awe-inspiring kitchen manages to provide a fine balance between richness and self-control. It consists of exclusive handles, knobs, and push-to-open fittings.

11)  Modern Italian Kitchen Design from Arclinea

Italian kitchen designs


These types of Italian kitchen designs consist of a linear range wall that keeps the complete kitchen on a single side of the room. An added benefit: It is appropriate to enjoy a healthy space in the dining area.

Due to the glass walls, it is possible to separate the kitchen from the room without compromising on the feeling of employing a large, open space.

12)  Modern Italian Kitchens by Veneta Cucine

Italian kitchen designs


This aesthetically beautiful contemporary Italian kitchen design provides a stunning look to your kitchens.

It creates an attractive look and feel. The surfaces and finishes of this Italian kitchen design are very different from each other.

But, the one thing that makes it appealing is its beautiful outlook which will definitely make your day!

13)  Modern Curved Kitchen island

Italian kitchen designs


This aesthetically beautiful black and white kitchen island comprise of a curved design with extraordinary functionality. It features a large cooktop and seating.

Overall, you can get everything required to create cooking magic with style.

14) Stainless Steel Kitchen Island Bench

Italian kitchen designs


The most distinguished part of the Stainless steel kitchen is that the entire kitchen is made with of solid stainless steel so that your kitchen looks gracious in all seasons.

The combination of steel and wooden furniture is not seen in many designs. This design gives a complete feel of a proper dining place.

15)  Innovative Italian Contemporary kitchen with Timeless Design

Italian kitchen designs


The blend of Italian craftsmanship and current urban lifestyle is the most specific quality of this type of design.

The most important thing in the kitchen is that you can have a handy excess to most of the things. The white color makes the kitchen more bright and the dining table with a comfy chair give a pleasant look to the entire kitchen.

16) Classic Moderate Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen designs


Not so classic, the ultra-modern design is here. In case you have a small family when you want a more simple design this design can fulfill your needs.

The floor and the platform give a definition of an overwhelming comfort and it is designed in such a way that after long years your kitchen will look the same way as if now.

17)  Modern Italian Kitchen By Arclinea

Italian kitchen designs


The very famous Italian kitchen designer Arclinea takes proper care that your kitchen looks stylish even if it is less spacious.

For people who live in flats, these designs can make your kitchen looks uber dynamic and functional at the same time. The designs are mostly of earthy woods, stones, and stainless steel so it looks more carved one.

Here the doors are open so you can use it as dining space as well as preparation space. The view of the kitchen is crystal clear and warming.

18)  Fully Equipped Fine Core Design

Italian kitchen designs

Source: home-designing.com

When we think about designs of the kitchen the first thing comes in the mind is comfortness. What about making the kitchen a new bedroom? Yes, these linear designs of the kitchen give privilege that family members feel like chilling in a nice city cafe with hot cuisines and cold shake.

This modular kitchen design has a swing like formation in the top of the platform where you can keep all the necessary stuff which is used very often in the process of cooking.

19)  Gorgeous Wood and Glass Italian Design

Italian kitchen designs


he feels is just out of the world where you can prepare and dine at the same place. The kitchen is designed in such a pattern that the cupboards are near the cooktop and also both the sides which makes the full usage of the space.

The dining table is in corner of the kitchen making the dining experience more flexible and one can easily get up and cook and take pastry from the microwave.

The wooden pattern with the glass doors is an evergreen idea which never fails in any explicit design.

20)  Designs For Fresh Aired and Extensive Kitchen

Italian kitchen designs


These designs are perfect for that household where there is large space, open windows, a nearby balcony full of varied types of plants and enough air to survive in the kitchen during the hot season.

The racks in the nook and corner make kitchen looks more familiar and stylish. A stylish piece of wooden design and floor touchings comes as a bonus.

21)  Modern Cabinetry furnishing with Alternate Dining

Italian kitchen designs


When you enter a kitchen the things you find weird or you complain most about it is things which are kept outside in the cooktop of the kitchen.

This fully furnished decor is a dreamy kitchen for chefs who use multiple ingredients to make delicious cuisines. Also, it saves the time of the food maker as things are easily accessible to the hands.  

Also, the eye-catchy wooden design is a perfect treat to the eyes.

22)  Exquisite Small kitchen Designs with Italian style

Italian kitchen designs


You can put different foreign pieces in your kitchen to give it a unique combination. Whether your kitchen is big or small the designer fulfill all your needs in this design.

An Attachable wooden cupboard, a dynamic floor design, and a simple ziczac shelf design are what we all need right!

Cutting, chopping and other tasks can be easily completed as the cooktop size are huge and broad from the edges. A small passage for keeping your favorite plants makes it an ideal kitchen design.

23)  Stunning Round Table Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen designs


This kitchen is perfect when you have a huge party at home or when you have small family gatherings.

It has a huge platform where you can cook, cut, chop at the same place and as it is vast you can cook for several people for the house party.

The outstanding interior patterns add more value to the design of this well furnished modular kitchen.

24)  Gulf layout with Classic Design for Linear Kitchen

Italian kitchen designs


If you have a tiny kitchen which is attached to your entrance or drawing room then this is one of the finest design made for your house.

The advantages of this type of design are that all your nook and corners are used very efficiently and give a very extraordinary look to the kitchen.

A dining table in the middle becomes a filler to your drawing room and kitchen. You can also use some specific lights to give electrifying look to your kitchen area.

25)  Structural And Artistic Italian Design For Home Maker

Italian kitchen designs


When your entire kitchen is filled with cupboards, you can adopt a habit of keeping things in its proper place.

Keeping the view and design subtle this kitchen minus the workload of a house maker. Too decent and sophisticated vibes in this modular kitchen can give peace to your soul.

26)  Non-linear Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen designs

Non-Linear Kitchen Design is a versatile pattern when you don’t have a linear kitchen and it is a slight tilt. Some people also like such pattern as it gives freshness and modernity in the vintage ideas of the kitchen.


27)  White is A New Classic Light

Italian kitchen designs


Whether you have a huge space or narrow one, white never fails to give an attractive look to the entire kitchen. The design shown above is a deadly combination of the contemporary kitchen along with the functional expertise. Furthermore, this design explores sleek lighting and spacious designing which makes it even more appealing.

28) Inspired By Tuscan Styling

Italian kitchen designs


The main element of this type of kitchen design is to experiment on the interiors while keeping the colours more steady. Also, this design is influenced by people living in the Tuscan area, a region in Italy where people believes in family values and in keeping the family intact. So, for this reason, their kitchen’s are spacious, having a huge dining table in the middle and a very inviting atmosphere. The vintage desk and furniture is yet another thing which is common in all Italian kitchen designs.

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29) Absolute Artistic Craftsmanship

Italian kitchen designs

Source: arancucine.com

The two main virtue of any kitchen remains in its aesthetic look and functionality. If you have a lot of space and still struggles to give it a grand look then this design is what you wanted right now! The Ancient chair and wooden furniture show the artistic finishing of the designer. Moreover, this design is for those individuals who want their kitchen to look classy and manageable at the same time.

30)Global Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen designs


The specialty of Italian designs is that they have broad kitchen designs, have minimal use of dark colours and detailing is done on each and every nook and corner of the kitchen. This design also creates a subtle view of furniture, decors, transparent splashback, and gleamy lights. The wooden tilling is another masterpiece of this design.

31)The Most Famous Italian look


This design is beyond all the standards of beauty. The look of the room is completely different from any other Italian design. The black and white marble cooktop design has a very welcoming show. On top of that, the closet gives an outstanding look to the overall elegance of this gracious kitchen.

32) The Linear Contemporary Design With Vast Cabinets

Italian kitchen designs


This design draws attention to the Italian household where cabinets are the most important part of the kitchen. Vintage furniture and closet for veggies is something which is common in every home. The white colour rules the entire arena of this modern contemporary kitchen.

33) The Most stylish Italian design

Italian kitchen designs


By seeing the image, the first thought that comes to the mind is the sleek finishing of this vibrant kitchen. This kitchen design is a perfect combination of the contemporary and vintage style of architecture. The carpet, cabinets, cooktop blends well with the entire arena. The kitchen room is filled with warmth and light which is the like cherry on the cake.

Wrapping up

The above-given ranges of Italian designs are for different types of kitchen ranging from a tiny to the spacious kitchen space. Every kitchen is a soul of the house so it is inevitable to decorate it with the finest wooden furniture and nature-oriented graphics.

Adding a small plant to the kitchen is a brilliant idea with proper lighting and furnished decor. Hope this article helps you to make your dream kitchen Modern yet Classic.


To find more such Kitchen designs and other useful articles stay hooked!