A Luxurious Ski Resort in the Middle of the Desert

A $500 billion luxury ski resort is being built in the desert by Saudi Arabia. The Asian Winter Games will be held at the man-made ski resort in 2029. A mega-project set to be completed in 2026 will offer visitors the opportunity to engage in outdoor skiing and adventure sports all year long.

The Vision Behind Trojena

Vision Behind Trojena

Trojena is a part of NEOM, a visionary project aimed at creating a new model for sustainable living, innovation, and economic growth in the region. With the Trojena Ski Resort, NEOM aims to create a world-class ski destination in the middle of the desert, providing visitors with an unparalleled experience of skiing, snowboarding, and other adventure sports.

The resort will also be a hub for research and development, aiming to push the boundaries of technology and sustainability in the skiing industry. The goal is to make Trojena a favorite retreat for visitors of all ages, providing them with a unique experience of skiing in the desert.

Key Features of Trojena

Key Features of Trojena

Trojena Ski Resort will have several unique features that will set it apart from other ski resorts around the world. Here are some of the key highlights of the project:

The Vault

The Vault is a cutting-edge facility designed to provide a unique skiing experience for visitors. It is an indoor ski slope with adjustable terrain and a climate-controlled environment, allowing visitors to ski in any weather condition. The Vault will also feature augmented reality technology, providing visitors with an immersive skiing experience unlike any other.

Freshwater Lake

The resort will also feature a stunning man-made freshwater lake, providing visitors with a unique aquatic experience. Visitors can swim, sail, or paddleboard in the lake, or simply relax on its shores and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Year-Round Outdoor Skiing

Trojena is the first ski resort in the world to offer year-round outdoor skiing, thanks to its cutting-edge snowmaking technology. Visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the desert, with temperatures that remain between -2°C and -10°C throughout the year.

Sustainable Design

Trojena is designed with sustainability in mind, aiming to minimize its environmental impact. The resort will be powered by renewable energy, including solar and wind power, and will feature innovative water conservation measures. Trojena aims to be a model for sustainable ski resorts, inspiring other resorts around the world to adopt eco-friendly practices.

An aerial view of a building on a mountain
Trojena Ski Resort  during sunset
A large body of water surrounded by mountains
An aerial view of a mountain top with a lake in the middle
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A computer generated image of a city in the middle of a mountain range
An aerial view of a snow covered mountain
A rendering of a futuristic building next to a body of water
An artistic rendering of a building with a mountain in the background


Trojena Ski Resort is a groundbreaking project that is set to redefine the concept of skiing and adventure sports. With its unique features and cutting-edge technology, Trojena is poised to become a global landmark and a favorite destination for visitors of all ages. So experience the magic of skiing in the desert and witness firsthand the visionary project that is Trojena.

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