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An all-white kitchen is a dream for many homeowners. However, does it mean you cannot use any other colour at all? No! Thanks to the innovation of acrylic splashbacks for kitchens. There can be a splash of colour and with careful selection of these splashbacks, you can bring in some variety in monochrome too.

The all-white kitchen can get its beauty in being pristine, but there are areas where a little bit of colour can save you time and add beauty with some colour. The wall space behind the stove is prone to getting oil and grease splashes. In order to prevent this mishap, and in order to keep this place clean and spotless, make sure you go for these plastic-based splashback panels. Still, the question remains. Which colour will complement the same? So let us take you through the process of selecting the best splashback for the kitchen that is all-white.

Ways To Add Colours To The Plain White Kitchen

1) Focus on Visual Appeal

A big reason for you to go for splashbacks in your kitchen would be to give the kitchen a striking brightness. How do you want to use the colours in the kitchen? Is the splashback area quite big or small? It does not matter much since there are companies like Sheet Plastics that specialize in cut to size acrylic sheet to suit all size and places. The company also offers to consult the designers or DIY loving homeowners regarding the best colours to choose for the kitchen panels.

While checking out colours, make sure to blend well with the rest of the decor and colour sensibilities or it will be too loud for comfort. Consider all these aspects before contacting the consultants for a solution.

2) Look Out For Painted Glass Splashbacks

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The modern homeowners do not have the time or energy to spend time scrubbing the walls after cooking or baking. They would rather prefer an effortless cleaning option with regards to splashbacks. The painted glass splashbacks are sleek and give the kitchen an unparalleled elegance. Besides the visual appeal, they also are easy to maintain and all it requires is a wipe with a wet rag to make the countertop or the wall gleaming.

3) Metallic Colours For Blending With Stainless Steel

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If your modular kitchen has plenty of steel finish appliances already (like the oven or the cooktop and the refrigerator), then retain the metallic finish. Thankfully, the acrylic colored splashbacks also boast of some cool metallic finish countertops and panels. They blend in perfectly well with the rest of the metallic and white kitchen avatar good. They come in the silver finish. In bright coloured, the come in yellows, and reds that complement this palette well. You can also go with kitchen trends 2023 with modern ideas to make your kitchen cool.

4) Glass With Natural Toned Countertops

The homes that have given a natural stone-shaded countertops like marble or granite, stone-topped counters give an organic look and feel. Perspex glass finish on the splashbacks will be suitable to pair up with this natural tone finish. The glass will just reflect the stone finish and further create uniformity in the kitchen. Go for the high-gloss finish of the acrylic that will be ideal and even be more durable than the routine glass. Unlike regular glass, topped splashbacks are more long lasting and strong. They are also resistant to scratches and dents that are otherwise quite common on ordinary glass panels.

5) Go Bold To Stand Out

kitchen splashback UK

Bold colours can create a strong statement of the kitchen if your entire kitchen with all the accessories and flooring go in white. The companies like Sheet Plastics that specialize in kitchen splashback UK-based solutions are all for superior bold tones. The company has some of the best bright solid-coloured splashbacks and even clear ones with great quality. The experts advise using minimum 5mm thick panels for the kitchen walls. These will be suitably strong and last a long time.

6) Consult With The Experts And Installing

The firm has the option of giving the homeowners bespoke designs and ideas. They let the homeowners picking the dimensions to get a free quote right away. Nowadays, acrylic splashbacks are everywhere in residential and commercial properties. Great variants are available and according to the style, you can pick the right choice. The companies help the clients selecting from a wide range, and even cut them to size with tape on the back. This helps in the DIY installation of these panels.

Acrylic splashback for the kitchen has taken over the world for being cost-efficient while also blending in well with any type of modern home design trends. After all, these are the main reasons that contemporary homeowners and designers focus on designing.

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