Winter Is Coming: Appliance Repair Technicians Can Help

Household appliances are often something we overlook. That is until we need them. Then we realize just how important they were all along. There is nothing worse than getting ready to go to work and grab that warmed-up jacket out of the dryer in the winter to find the dryer isn’t blowing hot air anymore. Worse is finding out that your refrigerator motor has burned out with all your holiday food sitting in it. Unfortunately, appliances are often neglected, ignored, and generally just not thought about until they break. Let’s go over some tips from our appliance repair technicians to help ensure your appliances are winter-ready.

Holiday Ready

With the holidays fast approaching, your refrigerator can be a critical part of your winter life. However, there are some things you can do to help ensure that it stays running through the holidays.

Winter Checklist for Refrigerators

Winter Checklist for Refrigerators

First up, the seal on the refrigerator is essential. But, unfortunately, it’s also one of the things we miss when cleaning. Cleaning any grime, sticky liquids, or even food particles that have gotten stuck in the seal around the doors can help the longevity of your appliance.

The seal makes sure that the cool air stays inside the refrigerator. While you’re cleaning, if you notice a cut or damage to the seal, it might be time to call in an appliance repair technician to help prevent burning out the motor on the fridge. Suppose there is a significant leak in the cool air. In that case, it can easily make the motor for the refrigerator work overtime. If not dealt with, it will eventually cause the motor to die or burn out.

Another thing you can do to help keep your fridge running great for the holiday season is to check the fan motor. The fan motor can usually be found inside the freezer, and it’s important to ensure that the fan blades are moving. If they aren’t movable, you may need a new fan motor, which is something that an appliance repair technician can do.

It’s not a DIY-style job. If not done correctly, you could risk destroying the refrigerator in general. While you’re looking everything over in preparation for the big meals your fridge will hold, make sure that your pipes are winterized, especially for those that have that extra space fridge in the garage.

The door water lines can freeze, and then you’ll have to deal with a water leak on top of repairing the pipe.

Is Your Oven Ready for the Holiday Cooking?

Is Your Oven Ready for the Holiday Cooking

Ovens are almost always used more during the winter. That’s because as the holidays approach, more people bake. In addition, the cooler months make it easier to use the oven without overheating the house, and who doesn’t enjoy a freshly baked pie for the holidays.

The oven is another thing we take for granted. It’s there and usually works when we want it to. However, it’s always best to keep track of how your appliances are performing. One recommended check that you can do for your oven is to run the self-cleaning cycle well in advance of doing the holiday cooking. Self-cleaning cycles, because they run so much hotter than everyday baking, may help identify any issues before you’re putting in that pumpkin pie for the holidays.

If something seems off, you can call an appliance repair technician to ensure the thermostat is working correctly. There isn’t much worse than putting the turkey in the oven and realizing the stove isn’t heating to where it should be. Get ahead of the game and have things checked first, so you don’t spoil your holiday meal.

Humans Aren’t the Only Ones Trying to Stay Warm

As the temperature drops outside, small creatures are looking for ways to stay warm, just like we do. Unfortunately, one of the ways they do this is to slip into our homes through things like dryer vents.

It’s always important to check your dryer vent for lint clogs, especially when running the heat inside. Still, it’s even more important to check them carefully as the weather turns cold.

Rodents are known for their ability to get a screen off of a dryer vent and crawl right into the warm space. In addition, lint and nesting materials can cause a fire hazard as they block the dryer vent space.

If you find that there has been a rodent in there, make sure to check your dryer’s wiring. If anything looks like it’s been disturbed, be sure to contact a professional. Appliance repair technicians should handle wiring problems as they can be dangerous for untrained individuals.

Cleaning Up After the Party

Cleaning Up After the Party

If you’re entertaining for the holidays, you will want your dishwasher in top-notch shape seriously. So many dishes can’t be run through the dishwasher you don’t want to do everything you use by hand.

One thing you can do is, just like on the refrigerator, check the seal around the dishwasher. If it’s starting to crack or break or is torn; it can lead to water leaks that damage your kitchen flooring.

Another way to ensure your dishwasher is working correctly to handle all those holiday guests is to pay attention to hard water build-up. If your dishes are getting hard water deposits on them, it’s time to do something to help.

Lime and hard water can both build up inside the dishwasher, making the sprayers clog. Notice your dishes aren’t coming out as clean as they used to? It might be time to call in an appliance repair technician to look it over and see if hard water and lime could be the problem.

Final Words

Giving yourself plenty of time to get your appliances serviced before they are needed will help to ensure that you have as stress-free a holiday as possible. At least when it comes to your home appliance needs.

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