Give Your Bathroom a Makeover with Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Unlike the traditional houses, modern-day bathrooms are not meant to be hidden away; and thus, require some extra considerations when it comes to choosing bathroom tiles.

As you know already, bathrooms are one of the most functional spaces in our modern homes. Nobody plans to spend a day in a bathroom, but when you consider how frequently you require to visit one; it accumulates into quite a good time.

Bathroom Tiles

Moreover, there are also functional aspects of a bathroom, a place where we perform many of our daily hygiene routines. There are also the psychological aspects of a bathroom and its impact on our physical and mental well-being.

Having considered all these aspects of modern-day bathrooms, it’s safe to say the shopping for the perfect bathroom tiles isn’t that easy. You not only would have to consider the size, styles, and colors of your preferred tiles to be incorporated with the home interior, but it would also need to2560 be aligned with your emotional needs.

Stunning Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Stunning Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Thanks to the invention and the technological advancement of Refin Ceramic Tiles; there is a great variety of bathroom tiles available that are made with porcelain tiles. Strong and durable, these tiles are made with high-quality, non-porous ceramic and stone materials.

Among the many benefits of porcelain bathroom tiles, the ones that stand out the most are:

Very low water absorption coefficient (around 0.5%)

Strong resistance to abrasions, stains, scratches, and breakages.

Slip-proof, yet very hygienic and easy to clean.

Fireproof and resistant to the sudden change in weather and temperature.

With so many different characteristics offered in one particular type of tiles, it’s a no brainer to replace your woods, stones or concrete finish of your bathrooms. Using porcelain tiles would make your bathroom trendy, while also offering the longevity of high-quality stones. They are also very versatile, allowing them to use them on both the floors and the walls to give it a uniform look.

Different Varieties of Styles, Colours, and Sizes

Different Varieties of Styles, Colours, and Sizes

Considering how bathrooms are being considered as a resting place in modern interior design philosophy, it’s important to choose some soothing, soft and natural-looking colors of tiles. If you already have some furnishing items you want to keep, try to create a soothing contrast within or outside the color palettes to make it suitable for personal care.

Moreover, you can also choose tiles to imitate the ambiance of other materials such as bricks, plants, woods, concretes, stones, etc. and create an authentic atmosphere you crave. Some of the popular designs include wood look tiles, stone look tiles, metal look tiles, solid-colored tiles, parquet and flake textures, etc. You would also find some elaborated options adorned with the traditional motifs of terracotta and fine arts.


Finally, Porcelain bathroom tiles are also available in multiple sizes – from small, traditional, to unconventionally big to meet your every need. So, choose your preferred design and get down to work!

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