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Are you shopping for quality rods? You will have to make a few choices if you are looking for quality rods for your plantation. Some of the choices you will have to make include picking the rods’ stain or paint and choosing the ideal rod according to your budget and style. However, it would be best if you did not forget to think about the tilt rods also. You will have to choose between hidden tilt rods and rear-mounted tilt rods. Although both have something to offer, several homeowners prefer invisible tilt rods to rear-mounted tilt rods due to various reasons. The following are the fantastic benefits of hidden tilt rods or hidden tilt shutters.

What Is a Hidden Tilt Rod?

Benefits of Hidden Tilt Rods

A hidden tilt rod is a hidden mechanism with each section’s side stile used to adjust all the shuttle louvers at the same rate. It is a thin metal rod that can be concealed on the back of the panel. All you need to do is touch one of the louvers to push it to your desired angle. Also referred to as invisible tilt rods, hidden tilt rods should be your go-to option if you want to achieve a clean and more minimalistic look for your rods.

Benefits of Hidden Tilt Rods

Hidden tilt rods have so much to offer apart from giving your rods a clean and more minimalistic look. The following are the top benefits of hidden tilt rods:

  • It is easy to open and close window grills because hidden tilt rods are disguised inside the window’s stiles, making it easy to open and close the louvers.
  • Hidden tilt windows are perfect for minimalists who want to get rid of the fussiness brought by a visible tilt rod.
  • They are ideal for homes with a modern style due to their streamline shape.
  • The minimalistic look for hidden tilt rods works well with tiny and thin windows.
  • They render a modern look. Plantation shutters having hidden tilt rods look great with interiors flaunting a contemporary style, as their design is minimalistic.
  • If you are having tiny and thin windows then you may benefit from hidden tilt rods due to their clean look.

Cons of Hidden Tilt Rods

Hidden tilt rods also have a few drawbacks. The following are the common drawbacks of hidden tilt rods:

  • Hidden tilt rods are not perfect for homeowners who prefer the classic plantation rod design and look.
  • Invisible tilt rods can be difficult for some homeowners to use compare to front-facing tilt rods.
  • For some homeowners, shutters having hidden tilt rods may look too sparse. There are people who prefer the familiar plantation shutter look and design with the tilt rod that lets people see it. In comparison, the front tilt rod renders substance and shape for your window treatments as the hidden tilt rods render a plain look

What Is the Best Time to Install Hidden Tilt Rods?

Benefits of Hidden Tilt Rods

When choosing the perfect tilt rod, various factors like your style and the existing dé cor will play a huge part. You should only install hidden tilt rods if your house has a modern design. Rear-mounted tilt rods will do it for you if your house has a classic look. You might want to consider invisible tilt rods if you have pets and children in your house since they cannot be damage quickly.

Now that you have seen all the fantastic benefits of hidden tilt rods, it would help be best to get in touch with an expert. Talk to an expert and arrange a free in-home consultation to pick the best rod option for your home and you will not regret it.

Who Should Consider Hidden Tilt Rods in Their Shutter?

The choice of a tilt rod comes down to the home style and your personal preferences. If you are having a home with traditional décor, it is recommend to have front-mount tilt rods. For a sleek design scheme, it is advise to choose rear-mounted tilt rods.

You must also take into consideration the needs of your family, kids, and pets. Many teachers are in charge of home-base childcare centers. They keep enquiring about the rear or hidden tilt rods so that there is less chance of a child damaging the front-mounted tilt rod.

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