The Top 9 Benefits of Installing a Sod Lawn

Installing a sod lawn has many advantages over other methods of planting lawns, such as sowing, jumping, and clogging. In this post, we list the top reasons why you should choose to use sod on a lawn.

What is Sod?

Sod Lawn

Sod is already grown grass. Sod is also known as turf grass, and it is sold in sections where the grass and soil are held together by roots or other materials. It is harvest 10 to 18 months after planting, and it can be sold as a square plate or as a roll-up rectangle. Sod is also one of the fastest ways to plant a lawn.

1. Sod Prevents Soil Erosion

When installing turf grass, you can avoid dust, mud, and erosion because the sod is already fully mature. Sod can be installed on steep hills. In fact, it is used on slopes for stabilization. For example, when tifblair centipede is installed, it can also grow in acidic soil, and their root system is also 2-3 times larger than usual. This means it would create less dust, must, and erosion.

2. Sod Reduces Heat

Grass surfaces reduce levels of temperature by storing the heat of the sun. Through this cooling process, about 50% of the sun’s heat that strikes the turf can be remove.

3. Sod is Easy to Maintain

Sod doesnā€™t need much attention until it is firmly root. It takes about two to four weeks after installation. Also, you will not need herbicides, insecticides, and so on.

4. Sod Limits Weeds

High-quality sod has little or no weeds. If the sod is checking and certify by the state, such as sod in New Orleans, it definitely should not have weeds. The producers will displace weed seeds that try to attack early.  

5. Sod Adds Value to Your Home

People say that kitchens and bathrooms can sell homes, but remember that buyers must pass the garden long before they go through the front door. A well-kept house can increase the total value of the property by 15% to 20%. Tidy, soft grass is especially interesting for homeowners who have small children or pets who are likely to be in the yard and use it for recreation. 

A flower bed in front of a house

6. Sod Offers Flexibility

Sod can be plant at any time of the year, as long as the soil is not frozen. Seeds have less flexibility because they have a limit window and require a temperature that is not too high or too low.

7. Sod Provides Instant Lawn

Sod turns your bare floor into a grassy lawn immediately after installation. You get immediate satisfaction from having a green garden. In contrast, seed lawns need several weeks for the grass to grow, and the area often looks uneven when the grass begins to grow.

8. Sod Saves Time and Water

Sod requires watering only twice a day in the weeks after installation, compare to four or more watering sessions per day to maintain soil moisture for seeds. Less frequent watering saves water and time while maintaining new grass.

9. Sod is More Durable

If you are torn between planting grass seeds or installing sod, sod is a more durable option. Grass seeds need time to grow and take root. During that time, the grass and the surrounding soil may both be blown away. Sod has already grown and consolidate its position. Your root system keeps them in place and protects the soil.

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In Conclusion

Sod is more expensive than grass seeds, but thanks to these pre-built grass rollers, you can transform your garden from bare dirt into a beautiful, lush lawn in just a few hours. By installing a lawn, you can enjoy the immediate beauty of a lawn with mature grass without stressing yourself and spending a lot of time sowing. Choosing sod for your lawn not only offers an immediate solution, but it also protects the soil and keeps the grass healthy. Consider sod when growing your lawn.

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