The Bugatti Surprised Its Fans With The Launch Of Bugatti Centodieci

Bugatti is already a much-hyped name when it comes to luxury cars and the hype is not only because of the Bugatti Car Design but also because of the features that it always brings to people. It is every car lover’s dream to get his/her hand on a Bugatti model and now that Bugatti came up with their brand new Bugatti Centodieci Design so people are both amazed and excited. 

Bugatti Centodieci

The launch of the Bugatti Centodieci felt like a storm for Bugatti fans and any car lover. This car is priced at 18 million dollars and there is no doubt that it is a supercar and is superior as compared to other Bugatti or any luxury cars available in the market.

This car has been named as La Voiture Noire and the announcement of the launch of this car was done in the Geneva Auto show of the year.

The launch of this car is done by Centodieci and it was a tribute for his side to the EB110 for completing 110 years in the designing industry and that is the reason behind this Bugatti Eb110. Sadly you would not be able to get your hands in this model any time of your life as it is a limited edition and soon it would be discontinued so it would be better to be fast and get it. 

A white  Bugatti Centodieci car is on display at a car show

Investment is huge for the quality is also supreme and having a Bugatti supercar that too of a limited edition model is something that would make you popular in your group. It is the Italian Built EB110 that made it possible for the Bugatti company to build such an amazing masterpiece.

There is no wonder that this is one of the best models that Bugatti ever had so if you want to get the best Bugatti model till date then you would have to be fast as the selling of this model of Bugatti would not last you long. 

A blue Bugatti Centodieci car parked in front of a building

The lead designer of the Bugatti company made it sure that the design of this latest model of Bugatti car turns out to be authentic which should not be a replica from any angle. He aimed to make this car in such a way that it should have a personality that should be superior to other such cars. 

The project started with a conversation with Centodieci and proceeded to a paper and pen sketch to this masterpiece and the team admitted that bringing such design was not easy for them at any point of time. Anscheidt told that it was like a whole new upgrade for the whole Bugatti organization that is a great experience for the whole team that worked with the lead designer for this Bugatti eb110.

A white Bugatti Centodieci car parked in front of a crowd of people

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This is everything that you might want to know about the latest launch of Bugatti and if you are a Bugatti fan then it is time for you to get your hands on this launch.

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