8 Myths Hindering Your Ability to Build a Swimming Pool!

Do you want to build a swimming pool? Then read on, and learn about the eight myths that are holding you back from creating your own plunge pool paradise.

How does it seem to be able to jump freely into the water whenever one wants? To swim long distances without getting sick and tired? Or just have fun jumping into water like a little kid? Exciting, isn’t it?

Building your own swimming pool is an exciting endeavor. However, if you hear these eight myths today about making your own swimming pool, the day might not be so great after all!

  • Cost of Materials Is Too Expensive
  • I Can’t Do It Myself
  • I Don’t Know How To Build A Swimming Pool
  • This Is Too Difficult 
  • This Will Take Too Long
  • My Yard Isn’t Suitable For A Swimming Pool
  • Hiring a Contractor to Build My Swimming Pool Will Be Too Expensive
  • I Can’t Build A Swimming Pool Because I Have a Sloping or Irregularly Shaped Yard

If you believe these myths, then you will never build a swimming pool. These are just some of the many myths that have been told and re-told throughout the years about making your swimming pool.

Let’s take a look at each one and dispel them now!

1. Cost of Materials Is Too Expensive

You could assume that you’ll pay more per gallon because you buy swimming pool supplies in smaller quantities than if you purchased a kit.  In most instances, this is true. But you can still save money in the long run by buying your supplies separately.  

There are numerous advantages to buying swimming pool supplies separately without purchasing a kit. Here is one of them:  When you buy a kit, everything is prepackaged into smaller quantities.  For example, if you want 80 pounds of sand, you must buy the entire kit with all of its supplies (and sometimes those supplies aren’t even used when building a swimming pool).  When you purchase your own materials separately, you can buy precisely what you need in bigger quantities.  

2. I Can’t Do It Myself

I Can't Do It Myself

Oh yes, you can! If you can read this and use a computer, you have all the skills required to build your own swimming pool.  With the help of instructional videos and self-help resources, you should both learn new skills and improve on existing ones while building your swimming pool. 

For example, you can easily cut your learning curve in half with a helpful guide on installing tile step by step!  Building your swimming pool doesn’t need to be as difficult as you think.  

3. I Don’t Know How to Build a Swimming Pool

If you can use a video to watch someone else build a swimming pool, you can benefit from the same videos and information.  There are countless resources available for those who want to learn how to create their swimming pool.  

4. This Is Too Difficult

Not true! Building a swimming pool is hard work, but it’s not difficult. You’ll need to work hard, but that is exactly why you should create your own pool!  When you hire a contractor, there are few guarantees in terms of quality and timeline. 

Most contractors will not guarantee the quality of their work or their price. Meaning if they come out cheaper than expected but perform poorly, then you’re stuck!  When you build your swimming pool, you get exactly what you want and control the entire process.  

5. This Will Take Too Long

This Will Take Too Long

Building a swimming pool is a long-term commitment that requires hard work. However, if you are committed to making it happen and have hired the right people, you can accomplish something great in a relatively short amount of time.  When you have the expertise of an experienced pool builder on your side, this is no longer true!

6. My Yard Isn’t Suitable for a Swimming Pool

Who says?  If it’s flat and has easy access to electricity, water, and drain/fill, you are all set!  Having a sloping yard or irregularly shaped property is no reason not to build a swimming pool. If you can’t see the potential of your property for building a swimming pool, an expert will be able to assist you in remodeling your landscape to make it possible.  Don’t limit yourself when you don’t have to!

7. Hiring a Contractor to Build My Swimming Pool Will Be Too Expensive

If you hire the right people with experience and adequate resources, it won’t cost you extra.  Most contractors charge based on the volume of work performed, not the number or type of materials used.   If they have enough labor and supplies on hand to meet your project’s demands, there will be no additional costs!  This is a great advantage over buying a kit.  

8. I Can’t Build a Swimming Pool Because I Have a Sloping or Irregularly Shaped Yard

I Can't Build a Swimming Pool Because I Have a Sloping or Irregularly Shaped Yard

You need not let your yard shape dictate what you can and can’t do with it!  Numerous landscaping techniques can make your yard more conducive to installing a swimming pool -just ask someone who knows how!

Whether you want to make small adjustments or a full-scale remodel, as long as your vision is possible, you can have it!  Even if sloping is too much for your liking and budgeting, there are still ways that you can build an above-ground pool in a sloping yard.  


Don’t let these myths restrict you from building a swimming pool.  This is something that can benefit every homeowner and property owner if it’s planned correctly.  There are many advantages to being self-sufficient, and many people do it for hobbies and interests every day.  You can do it too!

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