5 Things You Need to Consider When Building a New Home

Have you tried drawing or imagining your dream home?  We bet you enjoyed browsing tips and sharing ideas, too! It’s so much fun to imagine how your new home would look like with dozens of home design inspirations everywhere. But as you go deeper into the process, here are some important factors you might want to consider before you start building a new home!

1. Bring in the Light

Bring in the Light

No matter how big or small your next home plan might be, it’s always a wise decision to use bright or light colors for your indoor spaces. Go for a simple and clean white or gray-colored wall, or try cheerful colors like turquoise and pastels. These can totally light up your mood. In addition, they can create an illusion of having a larger space inside your home.

Adding lighting fixtures like lanterns, soft-glowing LED lights to accentuate your home is another important thing to consider. But more modern homes and homeowners are more drawn to the idea of bringing in natural light—lots and lots of it! Consider your budget, and place as many windows in your home plan.

Some opt for small inoperable windows which are less expensive. There is also an option to go for pre-designed homes. Their tight seams and state-of-the-art window placements prove to be both elegant and efficient. Check out these cool pre-designed homes below!

2. Consider the Practicality of Your Furniture

Consider the Practicality of Your Furniture

Creative furniture pieces and accents are great because they express your personality as a homeowner, but the functionality of your chosen furniture is what matters the most. Modern times have taught us how to be more realistic and how to value function and comfort over anything.

Both designers and owners want to maximize on features they will really use. That’s why most modern houses are made with practicality in mind. Check out these functional ideas you can add to your new home wish list!

Good storage can be perfect for both large and small houses. It not only brings a lot more space for your home but also gives you a feeling of ease and lets you freely move around without all your stuff lying around. Space-saving beds and multi-functional cabinets can be a big money saver, too! You wouldn’t have to buy additional cabinets or storage boxes to keep all your stuff.

Furniture pieces with legs are also a practical buy. Plan on adding furniture that will let you see the floor underneath. They are far easier to clean, unlike shorter or bulky ones with no legs.

3. Go Sustainable

Go Sustainable

Let’s start with sustainable technology. Simple yet energy-efficient LED lights and house appliances are a must for a sustainable house. Not only are they sustainable, but they also reduce your energy cost because less power is consumed. Moreover, investing in LED technology lets you avoid frequently changing your bulbs!

Solar-powered post lights for your deck and outdoor space also reduce energy use while enhancing the beauty, safety, and security of your property at night. They also require little to no effort to install and maintain, saving you time and money.

Smart, sustainable, and energy-efficient thermostat or thermoregulation materials and designs are also a great addition to your home.

Now let’s move on to sustainability based on the framework of your home. Think practical. You can plan the size of your dream house while thinking of who is going to use it and how. Is it for a solo living? Or is it a family vacation home? Do you plan to rent it out soon? Or are you planning on having a small but cozy space for yourself?

A big house is awesome, but it will all depend on your purpose and your budget! Smaller housing options are quite popular for more practical dream house builders because of their sustainability, efficiency, affordability, and reduced maintenance costs.

Additionally, some homes are considered sustainable and eco-friendly because of their construction methods’ characteristics. Many of these are what are known as relocatable homes or modular homes. These homes are constructed in an off-site factory setting and are then taken to the designated plot where they are assembled upon a permanent foundation. The process is efficient, and you can explore modular home floor plans to delve into a plethora of design options if you’re interested.

Sustainability of Modular Homes

Sustainability of Modular Homes

What is a modular home and why is it considered sustainable? Unlike the usual stick-built houses, modular homes or relocatable homes are prefabricated. This means that when these houses are made, everything is already pre-measured and cut to its size.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics shared that around 16.8% of all solid waste that ends up in landfills is from construction wastes. That’s about 12.7 million tonnes! Modular homes are considered sustainable because of the controlled building process of pre-measured materials.

It decreases material waste and also saves on labor. So if you’re searching for a more eco-friendly choice for your dream home, modular homes are the way to go!

4. Give Life to Your Home

Planting Outdoors

Planting Outdoors

Try planting a flower or vegetable garden. It’s nice to have your own garden or mini farm outside of your dream home. Nature can make your house feel more alive, and planting can be your future hobby, too!

Cool Plants to Keep You Cool Indoors

Cool Plants to Keep You Cool Indoors

Have your favorite indoor plants around! Hang them near your windows or plant them in pots to make your home more vibrant. Go for a natural way to improve the quality of air and keep your home cool! Plants lose water during transpiration, cooling the air in the house and leaving it pure and fresh! Here are some of the plants that are best in enhancing indoor air quality and adding beauty to your home:

  • Succulents
  • Cacti
  • Aloe Vera
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Ponytail Palm (Dracaena)

5. Add Little Pieces of You

Add Little Pieces of You

Your dream home wouldn’t be perfect without having you in it! So don’t forget to add in all the things you love. It could be a unique piece of furniture or your favorite paintings and photos. These small additions can represent you or the whole family in a big way.

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