Best Modern House Design Plans and Ideas

Change is the only constant. When it comes to the best modern house design ideas, this phrase applies perfectly to it. People build homes once in a lifetime or maybe twice, so they want it to be the best.

According to interior designers, many choose modern home designs over classic ones. And there are reasons for it. The most important one, the best modern house design, has many things in common, like open-plan living, multi-purpose spaces, multi-story houses, a basement solution, and smaller house designs. So, if you are thinking about modern home design, always go for the best blueprints.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have discussed some of the best modern house designs. But, before that, let us look at the meaning of the term modern houses 2023.

Definition of Modern House

Do you know that modern houses are very ancient, dating back roughly 100 years? Yes, it is true! Modern houses are a reflection of pensive, conscious decor, geometric shapes, spotless lines, and spacious open floor plans.

Another special feature that makes modern houses different from other architecture is its pretty straightforward, stylish, and progressive design. People say there is beauty in simplicity. And these modern houses are a testament to this fact.

You can augment these modern houses through heat retention and other eco-friendly measures. This will add value to your property in the near future. Another facet of the modern house design is its fascinating and delightful presence.

You can also integrate natural materials, including wood and stone. Another important aspect of modern house design is its use of large windows that allow for more natural light to pass through.

Have you seen many beautiful contemporary best house design 2023 ideas beyond your wildest imagination? Take a peek inside the most luxurious and unique modern house designs in 2023.

1. Sperone

Sperone Modern House Design
  • Architect: Studio Metrocubo
  • Location:  Novigrad, Croatia

The architects of House Sperone tried to blend traditional and modern elements altogether. That’s why it seamlessly blends with the historic surroundings. The ground floor comprises a spa, sauna, and a stunning infinity pool. You can also consider it one of the latest house designs 2023.

2. Running Wall Residence: House Design Ideas

Running Wall Residence House Design Ideas
  • Architect: LIJO RENY architects
  • Location: Kerala, India

The most striking feature of the running wall residence is the massive Laterite stone wall that covers both sides of the garden. The wall serves dual functions; first, it makes the area more secure and gives enough privacy to the residents.

The architects designed the entire home with the preceding style, which is also practical. They intentionally made the ceiling levels of the modern house design irregular to create proper ventilation. At the ground level, an indoor pool keeps the environment cool.

3. Edgeland House

Edgeland House
  • Architect: Bercy Chen Studio
  • Location: Austin, Texas

You can only find the most excellent example of restoration and rejuvenation if you have The Edgeland House. The land was a brownfield site that had been neglected for years. But after a few years, a task was assigned to Bercy Chen Studio to transform this land into the best modern house design.

4. The Cresta

Modern House Design

  • Architect: Jonathan Segal
  • Location: San Diego, California

The Cresta house represents harmony and balance in nature. Architects give equal importance to the interior and exterior. Due to its excellent floor plan, it is considered the best modern house design.

Transparent glass walls are the main features, giving sufficient privacy to the residents. The outdoor pool creates an island-like “oasis.” The furniture is kept simple and elegant, which perfectly goes with the theme.

5. Flint House

 Flint House
  • Architect: Skene Catling de la Pena
  • Location: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Flint House is an excellent example of architecture. It has an unparalleled combination of materials and elements that makes it stand out from the rest of the modern house designs. The two wedge-shaped buildings emerge from the Waddesdon estate. The structure points away and forms a “V” of a valley.

This home features a stepped roof, and the exterior is covered with impressive facades. The beautiful interior reflects intricate and minimalistic designs. The house design contains modern, rare, and distinctive art pieces. The owner of the house loves to collect decor pieces and sculptures. All his exquisite collection pieces are placed wisely in his residence to enhance their beauty.

Its distinctive features and architecture are why it won the prestigious RIBA House of the Year 2015 award. It also got shortlisted in the top modern house design category. No surprise, it is also one of the best modern house designs in 2023.

6. Evans

  • Architect: A4 ESTUDIO
  • Location: Mendoza, Argentina

The architects took inspiration from a fallen tree trunk. They designed the structure of the  Evans modern house design in a long and linear shape to look like a hollow tree trunk. It’s a novel concept because most buildings are tall, but instead of tall and intrusive forms, they shaped the modern house design to be long and narrow.

They aimed to focus on the natural landscape’s materials and shapes. The supporting structure is made from river rock, and the main exterior facade is covered with rusty steel, giving the home a rough industrial look.

Wood was excessively used as an interior material to make it resemble a tree trunk. Other key features of the modern house design are a built-in wine cellar and ample entertaining space with a rooftop pool.

7. Sky Garden

Sky Garden
  • Architect: Guz Architects
  • Location: Singapore

Green roofs are frequently used as a critical component in sustainable housing. Aside from being good for the environment and the overall sustainability of your home, they also add value to the modern house design’s visual appearance. Guz Architects’ Sky Garden House in Singapore features a tremendous green roof as part of the modern house design.

8. Shakin Stevens House

Shakin Stevens House
  • Architect: Matt Gibson Architecture + Design
  • Location: Australia

Some people prefer smaller houses to large, imposing mansions. Nobody can blame them because small modern house designs are often more charming and beautiful than large modern house designs. One of them is Matt Gibson Architecture + Design’s Shakin Stevens House. Minimalist and “less is more” small house design modern ideas can work wonders.

9. Desert House

Desert House
  • Architect: Assemblage STUDIO
  • Location: United States

Even though life in the desert sounds highly uncomfortable, and one wonders why anyone would want to live there, this intriguing modern house design by assemblage STUDIO demonstrates that being surrounded by nothing is possible. However, rocks and sand still enjoy a comfortable living space.

10. Villa

  • Architect: MM ++ Architects
  • Location: Phan Thiet, Vietnam

This incredible modern villa designed by MM ++ Architects is part of the Oceanique Villas small real estate development in Phan Thiet, Vietnam. The residence has a modern house design with an incredible terrace, swimming pool, and indoor-outdoor connection—everything a beach lover could want.

11. Concrete House II: Best House Design

Concrete House II: Best House Design
  • Architect: A-cero
  • Location: Spain

A-Concrete Cero’s II modern house design features an incredible staircase design to a house covered in grass.

12. Summit

  • Architect: Whipple Russell Architects
  • Location: USA

Whipple Russell Architects’ Summit modern house design features a stunning walkway with a lit-up staircase leading to a stunning modern entrance.

13. Sorbonne Road Residence

Sorbonne Road Residence
  • Architect: McClean Design
  • Location: Los Angeles

McClean Design’s Sarbonne Road residence features a curved outdoor staircase with a glass railing that perfectly complements this modern house design.

14. City Villa

house design ideas

  • Architect: ARRCC Office
  • Location: South Africa

The ARRCC office designed the stunning modern home known as the City Villa. Because of the “L”-shaped modern house design, owners can enjoy the central courtyard, which houses a beautiful swimming pool, without invading their privacy. The modern house design also has stunning, unobstructed views of the city below.

15. SU modern house design

house design ideas
  • Architect: Alexander Brenner architects
  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany

The SU modern house design is a modern villa unlike any other. Alexander Brenner, a very creative architect, designed them, showcasing architectural genius and style.

The modern villa is located on the outskirts of a forest in Stuttgart, Germany. This environment ensures that the SU modern house design is always welcoming.

A careful examination of the aesthetically pleasing structure reveals that the architect paid close attention to detail. Every aspect of the structure exudes elegance and sophistication, which can leave one speechless.

16. CH House

CH House
  • Architect: ODDO architects
  • Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

The modern house design was designed for three generations of a family who wanted to create a harmonious space in the busy city to enhance the traditional family’s life. Inspired by Hanoi’s old traditional houses, these spaces are filled with natural light and ventilation thanks to inner courtyards.

The design aims to bring a breath of traditional spirit to modern life while creating spaces with plenty of natural light and ensuring ventilation throughout the modern house design.

17. IH Residence

IH Residence
  • Architect: Andramatin
  • Location: Bandung, Indonesia

The modern house design responds to the elongated site’s nature by constructing a large mass in the centre, detaching it from any site walls to support cross-ventilation along the building.

18. Blind House

Blind House
  • Architect: BOONDESIGN
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

In the modern house plan, a concrete plane hovers diagonally across the landscape, following the north-south orientation. Blind Mass, the upper level’s single solid and void mass, simply functions as a mute being and non-being abstract living space by day and glows its absence by night.

19. Riverside

  • Architect: Three Sixty Architecture
  • Location: New Zealand

This modern house design celebrates its location and complements the existing site context and surrounding landscape while providing a comfortable retreat away from the bustle of the city.

20. Stairway House

Stairway House
  • Architect: Nendo
  • Location: Minato city, Japan

A two-family home in a quiet Tokyo neighbourhood. With other modern house designs and apartment buildings surrounding the site, the designer pushed the architectural volume to the north to incorporate daylight, ventilation, and greenery from the yard into the living environment via a large glass front on the southern façade. Let’s see the new house design 2023.

21. On The Water House

On The Water House
  • Architect: Nikken Sekkei
  • Location: Japan

This lakeside modern guest house design was designed as a continuous spiral space that flows from the approach to the bedrooms. Each step further inside the building reveals a different lakefront view.

22. Villa Mandra

Villa Mandra
  • Architect: K-Studio
  • Location: Mykonos, Greece

Villa Mandra, a modern house design overlooks the sea and the sunset over Delos, a neighbouring island. A 6-bedroom vacation home built for a young, dynamic couple to enjoy with their family and friends, it celebrates its spectacular view from a grounded viewpoint while blending into a sensitively landscaped, stone-walled garden that screens it from the road behind.

23. Escobar

  • Architect: Luciano Kruk
  • Location: Belen de Escobar, Argentina

A compact volume with a simple shell inside which the different heights, natural light effects, and envelopes of each room would produce a wide range of spatial conditions. The architect aimed to create a cosy modern house design with simple lines and artifice-free spaces that would engage in close dialogue with their natural surroundings.

24. The Sanctuary House

The Sanctuary House
  • Architect: Feldman Architecture
  • Location: Palo Alto, United States

The modern house design is set quietly behind an enormous heritage oak tree, whose canopy stretches across the spacious front yard. After passing beneath its branches, visitors are led through a series of courtyards and can view gardens that weave through the building’s undulating footprint. Each interior space is paired with its landscape moment, allowing architecture and landscape to merge.

25. House BF

House BF
  • Architect: Paz Arquitectura
  • Location: Guatemala

The design’s central concept is functional and visual transparency. The spaces in the social areas operate in an open configuration and are clearly and subtly interconnected.

26. River House

River House
  • Architect: Alexis Dornier
  • Location: Indonesia

The River modern house design is a five-bedroom private residence in Pererenan, Bali. Private spaces are grouped into a cubistic volume that appears to hover above the premises’ living rooms and garden. An expansive pool forms a strong vector into the adjacent rice field, providing a graphic contrast to the first floor’s horizontal layout.

27. CJ

  • Architect: Ruangrona
  • Location: Indonesia

The building opens from the side, completely closed from the front. There appeared to be some concern about the light in the modern house design, but the number of side openings and skylights provided a solution for bringing some light into the modern house design that appeared to be blocked from the front.

The dwelling is designed with an inward orientation in response to the situation surrounding the building, which is directly adjacent to the residential area so that residents can enjoy their residence without interruption.

28. GUHA: Modern Home Design

GUHA: Modern Home Design
  • Architect: RAW architecture
  • Location: Indonesia

The basic materials used in the facade of the modern house design are concrete, vertical louvres made of steel, and bamboo. By maintaining the privacy and opening itself to the public, the program challenges traditional Indonesian housing to be mixed with more micro-business programs such as education and coffee shops.

Generations of artisans from West Java use traditional fish mouth joints in bamboo constructions and more modern construction methods such as steel.

29. Amagansett Modern House Design

Amagansett Modern House Design
  • Architect: MB Architecture
  • Location: Amagansett, United States

The single container housing two bedrooms are set back from the main structure to create courtyard-like outdoor spaces that allow the structure to nestle into the sloping landscape while making the small modern house design feel spacious.

30. Kodikara House

Kodikara House
  • Architect: Lalith Gunadasa Architects
  • Location: Sri Lanka

The modern house design was conceived as a clever puzzle of interior rooms and outdoor gardens that, when combined, create the illusion of infinite space on what is, in reality, a 14-perch urban plot.

31. Bin and Bon

 Bin and Bon
  • Architect: H.A
  • Location: Qui Nhon, Vietnam

The modern house design is at a crossroads in a small alley. There is a front yard with a porch where the neighbours’ children gather to play with Bin and Bon. Because the front of the house frequently receives hot, dry wind, each floor has a garden as a windbreak to reduce wind and light from the main road to the alley.

Behind the building, there is a 3-metre-high hill bank. Because some houses are located there, the design team built a tall wall to obscure the back view of the modern house design and block the eastern sunlight. The architect transformed a 2-metre-wide yard into the kitchen’s primary green space.

32. Residence WULF

Residence WULF
  • Architect: CAS Architecten
  • Location: Bruges, Belgium

First and foremost, the architects’ were grateful for the location, surrounded by old oaks and beeches. They contribute to the project’s perception creation. They chose an intimate architecture of brick and glass that blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

The fact that the client, who is very interested in architecture and design, shared our viewpoint contributed significantly to the project’s success. A modern house design that will easily withstand the test of time while also being an ideal combination of living and working.

A car is parked in front of a modern house
A modern house with a pool in the yard
A rendering of a modern house in the woods
A white house with a lot of windows and plants in front of it
A house with a pond in front of it
A large modern house with a lot of windows
A modern house with a curved staircase leading up to it
A large house with a pool in front of it
A modern house with a pool and deck
A large house with a lot of windows and balconies
A large swimming pool in front of a house
A large blue house with a lot of windows
A modern house with a lot of windows and stairs
A modern house with a wooden walkway leading to it
A modern house with a pool in front of it
A modern house with a pool in front of it
A modern house with a pool and patio
A large house with a lot of windows
A house with a pool in the middle of it
A modern house with a large front yard
A modern house with a lot of windows at night
A car is parked in front of a large white house
A large brick house in the middle of a wooded area
A modern house on a hill with grass and trees
A large white house with a black roof
A white house with black trim and windows
A couple of small houses sitting on top of a grass covered field
A house with a lot of windows and landscaping
A house with a pool and lounge chairs next to it
A large modern house with a lot of windows
A two story house with a red front door
A house with a pool and a patio
A concrete house with a tree in front of it
A large brick house with two garages and a driveway
A white house with a blue roof and white trim
A white house with a blue roof and white trim
A large white house with a lot of windows
A modern house with a swimming pool at night
A house with a pool in front of it
A modern house with a large lawn and a wooden deck
A house with a white garage and a palm tree
A white house with a lot of windows and plants in front of it
A white house with a car parked in front of it
A two story house with a car parked in front of it
A car is parked in front of a two story house
A brown brick house with a black garage door
A modern house with a pool in front of it
A white house with a large tree in front of it
A house with a walkway leading to the front door

Salient Features of Modern House Design

Modern house designs have become a hot-favorite amongst interior designers. And there are reasons for it. These types of house designs take inspiration from the best architectural designs of the past and mix it with modern house technology. Here are some of the salient features that make up for your modern home design.

Open Floor Plans

A large open concept living room and dining room

The speciality of modern house design lies in the receptiveness towards open floor plans. These floor plans are known to use maximum space in the house with little involvement of walls to close in various sections of the house. Therefore, if you think everything is synced together, this is the biggest illusion of yours!

Alternatively, there can be slight differences in flooring heights or lighting, making each space different without closing them off.

Even interior designers recommend this floor plan when people wish to go for modern house design.

Concrete, Glass, and Steel

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

Steel, concrete, and glass are three prominent materials that make the new modern house design 2023 quite alluring to the eyes. If you augment this setting with more common bricks and wood, it will be perfect.

Natural lighting is a major requirement of people when they opt for the best modern home design. Hence, architects build large windows from floor to ceiling to ensure that there is enough sunlight to enter the house during the daytime.

With minimalist undertones, you can achieve the right combination for your modern house design.


The best modern home design has one thing in common. It is futuristic in its outlook. In simple words, it means that the house designs are developed, keeping people’s radical and forward-looking perspective.

So, the modern home design will naturally have a well-thought-out living space and ecological features, decreasing energy usage and global warming are a must in the modern house setting. Architects can experiment with different ways to design the modern house so that they can give a unique perspective to their design.

Coherent Outdoor Spaces

In today’s modern house design, it has been observed that the outdoor space is both linked and blended with the indoor spaces. Indoor spaces mostly make the house look aesthetically beautiful, while outdoor space can be used for entertainment purposes. When both the indoor and outdoor spaces are merged together, it makes the modern home design look Godly and magnificent.

Even Roofing

More often than not, we have observed that the roofing of a house has a little slope so that drainage works efficiently. In modern house design 2023, you will observe that this slope is minimized and presented with a levelled or low-pitch look. Therefore this kind of roofing has been accepted nowadays as it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of modern house owners.

Why Are Modern Home Designs So Popular?

Modern house designs are becoming increasingly popular because they are built to be sustainable, affordable, and comfortable.

What Are the Advantages of Modern Home Designs?

Modern Home designs are built to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. They come with many features that make living in them more comfortable and convenient.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Modern Home Design?

Many people believe that modern Home design is a symbol of success. However, there are some disadvantages to living in a modern house design. For example, many people live in large houses, making it difficult to maintain them. Housekeepers who take care of these houses need to be paid more because they have to clean a lot more than before.
Another disadvantage of living in a house is that many people need help to afford it. In the past, most people could afford to buy their own homes, but nowadays, this is different because most homes are too expensive for regular families.

When Was the First Time a House Was Considered Modern?

The term “modern” can be traced back to the 1920s, but the first time a house was considered “modern” was in 1928.
In 1928, a group of architects in Berlin came up with an architectural style that would later be called “The International Style.” This modern architecture is characterised by its simplicity, lack of ornamentation, and clean lines.

And… Which Design Fired You Up the Most?

Contemporary modern house designs are a great way to show off your sense of style while still being able to call it home. With the help of these 30+ stunning contemporary modern house designs, you can bring the outside in with open-concept floor plans and even incorporate unique features that will make your home stand out from the rest.

Whether you want something with an industrial look or are looking for something more classic and timeless, there is sure to be something here that fits your needs. After that So start dreaming about how you’ll make this contemporary modern house designs yours!

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