Best Modern House Design For Your Dream Home

In most recent years, home designs have changed in numerous ways. This year residential houses are all about modern elements with extraordinary floor plans, so in this blog, you are going to read modern house 2022. Well, in 2022, people are more inclined towards modern house design rather than traditional ones. Let’s see house design.  

As time changes, people also change their perspective towards home designs. Some people aspire for a classy and elegant look, whereas some dig in for the natural and organic vibe. Luckily, both the looks are going to be trending this year. Most of the brands are making luxury and bold expressions available.

Here, we are getting the opportunity to know more about the new modern house design 2022. It is imperative to use pieces that not only add an aesthetic element to the house but can also be recycled and used multiple times in house design 2022.  

For some more inspiration, you can go through the pictures of modern house design 2022 given below. We try to create the best 2022 house designs and provide better opportunities for our readers.

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Functionality and simplicity are the most critical factors for modern houses. The first thing that comes to our mind is façade. As per the experts, their modern design is expected to reinvent the contemporary and architectural designs and offer unusual geometrical shapes.

Modern houses 2022 have a concept of an open floor plan, which gives a spacious feeling. In urban cities, space is a significant factor, so Minimal furnishings are used in modern style to create more area in compact spaces. 

Let’s take a peek inside the six most luxurious and unique modern house designs 2022

1. Flint House 

house design


Architect: Skene Catling de la Pena

Location: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Flint House is a great example of architecture. It has an unparalleled combination of materials and elements that makes it stand out from the rest of the houses. The two wedged-shaped buildings are emerging from the Waddesdon estate. The structure is pointing away and forms a ‘V’ of a valley. 

This home features a stepped roof, and the exterior is covered with impressive facades. The beautiful interior reflects the intricate and minimalistic designs. The house is full of rare and distinctive art pieces. The owner of the house loves to collect the decor pieces and sculptures. All his exquisite collection pieces are placed wisely in residence to enhance its beauty. 

Its distinctive features and architecture are the reason that it wins the prestigious RIBA House of the year 2015 award, and it also got shortlisted in the top House category of the World Architecture Festival. No surprise, it is also one of the best house designs 2022

2. Running Wall Residence 

house design


Architect:  LIJO RENY architects

Location: Kerala, India

The most striking feature of the running wall residence is the massive Laterite stone wall that covers both sides of the garden. The wall serves dual functions; first is that it makes the area more secure, and also, this wall gives enough privacy to the residents.

The architects designed the entire home with the foregoing style, which is also practical. They intentionally made the ceiling levels of the house irregular to create proper ventilation. At the ground level, there is an indoor pool which keeps the environment cool. 

3. The Cresta 

house design


Architect: Jonathan Segal

Location: San Diego, California

Area: 5300 square foot

The Cresta house represents harmony and balance in nature. Architects give equal importance to the interior and as well as to the exterior. Due to its excellent floor plan, it is considered the best modern house plan 2022.

Transparent glass walls are the main features of this house that also gives sufficient privacy to the residents. The outdoor pool creates an island-like ‘oasis.’ The furniture is kept simple and elegant, which perfectly goes with the theme. 

4. Edgeland House 

house design


Architect: Bercy Chen Studio

Location: Austin, Texas

There is no way you can find the most excellent example of restoration and rejuvenation other than The Edgeland House. The land was a brownfield site that had been neglected for years. But after a few years, a task was assigned to Bercy Chen Studio to transform this land.

By constructing the Edgeland House, they proved themselves. With the unique concept and structure, it is one of the best modern house designs 2022.  

5. Evans House 

house design


Architect: A4ESTUDIO

Location:  Mendoza, Argentina

The architects took inspiration from a fallen tree trunk. They designed the structure of the  Evans house in a long and linear shape to look like a hollow tree trunk. It is a very different concept because we see most of the buildings are tall, but rather than the tall and invasive forms, they shaped the house in a long and narrow way. 

They kinda aimed to draw focus on the materials and shapes with the natural landscape. The supporting structure is made from river rock, and the main exterior facade is covered with rusty steel. Which gives a rough industrial look to the home.

Wood was excessively used as an interior material to make it resemble more like a tree trunk. Other key features of the house are a built-in wine cellar and ample entertaining space with a rooftop pool. 

6. House Sperone – Novigrad, Croatia

house design


Architect: Studio Metrocubo

Location:  Novigrad, Croatia

The architects of the House Sperone tried to blend the traditional and modern elements all together. That’s why it seamlessly blends with the historic surroundings. The ground floor consists of a spa, sauna, and a stunning infinity pool. You can also consider it as one of the latest house designs 2022.

Above is the list of the best 2022 modern house designs. Modern architecture is all about the creativity of your mind; that’s why architects bring our dreams into reality. By constructing impossible house designs, Architects proved that anything could be built that is ever imagined.

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