Buying a restaurant booth: 5 Things to Know

If you own a restaurant, the addition of restaurant booths can make the restaurant attractive. This article will teach you about the things one must consider while buying a restaurant booth. 

Restaurant booths are popular configurations for any type of restaurant setup. Whether you own a family or casual restaurant, the restaurant booths can make your aesthetics very appealing. 

If you want to renovate your current restaurant or open a new restaurant, the padded seats can make the seating arrangement comfortable for visitors. Due to the importance of the restaurant booth, one needs to be careful in the selection of upholstered restaurant booths.

What Is Booth Seating?

booth seating

Before we move to the considerations, it is also important to know what Booth seating is, so we will also understand what it exactly is. 

Booths are made of 1 or more banquettes to make a comfortable and intimate seating arrangement. A booth with a face-to-face, horseshoe, or U-configuration is created by several banquette seats and is kept back-to-back to arrange more seating in the restaurant. 

The intimate setup of the booths encourages privacy and is thus perfect for a small group of people who want to enjoy their personal time and not in a loud environment. 

Important Things to Consider While Choosing the Restaurant Booths

1. Quality

quality of restaurant booth

Quality should be your top-most priority while selecting restaurant booths. The quality must not be compromised, even if you get a low price. The booths are there for customers, and if the quality of the booth is not good, it will directly affect customer experience and your business.

Many dealers will offer you the booths at a low price, but their quality will not be at all up-to-mark. Thus, it is important to go for quality rather than just looking at the price of the booth. The best you can do is to look for the perfect combination of cost and quality. 

2. Restaurant Size

Restaurant Size

If you are buying restaurant booths, you need to ensure that it does not affect the walking space in the restaurant. So, if the restaurant is small, you must prefer buying the mural booths as it will eliminate the chances of collusion of people working there. Thus, do consider the size of the restaurant when you go to buy the restaurant booths. 

3. Material of the Restaurant Booth

Material of the Restaurant Booth

You can select the material of the restaurant booth as per the atmosphere you want to create in your restaurant. You can choose from the below-mentioned materials:

  • Wooden: Wood is a traditional and old material that gives things a rustic, modern appearance. However, one needs to be careful with the wood for spillage. 
  • Upholstered restaurant booths: The soft upholstered restaurant booths will be a comfortable dining experience for the guests. Solid foam is more affordable, although spring foam makes entering and exiting the booth simple.
  • Laminate restaurant booths: The laminated restaurant booths are easy to clean and are best in terms of comfort and elegance. The natural appearance and neutral tone of the laminate restaurant booths can complement any restaurant’s interior design.

4. The Theme of the Restaurant

The Theme of the Restaurant

You should keep the restaurant’s theme in mind when buying the restaurant booth. One must not choose the restaurant booth just based on its color; you should buy one that goes well with the restaurant’s theme. 

When you buy the booth as per the theme of your restaurant, then it will elevate the entire look of your restaurant. So, apart from comfort, you will also get an amazing look due to the restaurant booths.

5. Shape

Shape of restaurant booth

The shape of the restaurant booth is another consideration while buying the restaurant booth. These booths come in a variety of designs, dimensions, and styles. If you select the semicircle-shaped booth, it may fit more people in the limited area. People can easily enter and exit the place as a result. 


1. How Tall Are The Restaurant Booths?

The height of the booths in restaurants is typically 48 inches. It is also available in lengths between 36 and 52 inches.  

2. What Are the Common Shapes of the Restaurant Booths?

The most popular type of booth is a double one because they take up more room in a restaurant’s Design  

3. What Colors Are Available in the Restaurant Booths?

One can get the restaurant booths in any color. There is a wide range of collections available. 

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that the restaurant booths can be a good seating option for the customers. However, one needs to choose the right booth for your restaurant; the points we have mentioned will help you choose the right one.

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