What Is Japandi Style? Here’s All You Need to Know

A trend that has become a bit of a buzzword and sensational recently is Japandi Style! You may already have heard from people or read about this popular interior design in our previous blogs about interior design trend predictions for 2022.  

It has been quite rare to see Japandi style for more than a year (Japandi interior design 2021). This is because at this time, one decor style can’t stay longer than six months, whereas Japamdi style has been on trend this entire year, and it will be one of the top interior design trends of 2022. Pretty surprising, right? 

So, why are people crazy about Japandi Style interiors and decors?

People love this fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian aesthetics as it offers minimalist yet warm vibes to the place. 

Japandi is the fusion of two major interior styles: Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian. This design is about creating a simplistic, classic, and timeless look with a neutral palette and natural materials. 

Another surprising thing about the Japandi style is that the Japanese and Scandinavian styles evolved at different times and are almost 5,000 miles apart, yet people love this fusion because they love the combination of natural light and natural materials.   

So if you’re also fascinated by this design and looking for something minimalistic, in a neutral palette, Japandi will be the ideal style for you. 

Today in this blog, we’re going to tell you everything about Japandi interior design. From what it is to key elements and how to incorporate them into your home, we’ve covered everything. Keep reading till the end because we’ve also gathered up some of the latest and trendy Japandi interior style ideas for you to get some inspiration. 

Let’s start with what the Japandi style is and its key elements. 

What is Japandi Style?

“Japandi is the union of modern Japanese and Scandi (Scandinavian) interior design style.”

This hybrid trend combines the modern flair of Scandinavian design with the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics, which creates a unique style having the best of both interior designs. This combo of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism naturally creates a feeling of art, nature, and simplicity. 

Japanese elements are known for their warmth and minimalism, and on the other hand, Scandinavian elements have a simple and functional design with interesting contrasts. Japandi Style or Scandi-Japanese style is more focused on warmth, natural elements, clean lines, bright spaces, and muted color palettes. This style is about taking the key features of both types of designs and balancing them together to create a cohesive look. 

The Key Elements of Japandi Interior Style

Key Elements in Japandi Interior Style

Japandi interior design is aesthetically pleasing, but it is also centered around functionality and an overall minimalist approach. Japandi style consists of clean lines and sharp looks, but it also promotes “Wabi-Sabi.”

Have you heard about this thing before? It is a Japanese concept in which we find beauty in imperfection, rustic elegance, and craftsmanship. These elements are used to create a serene appearance, and they can also be combined with the Scandinavian style.           

Let’s see the essentials and key elements of the Japandi interior design 2022:

  • Clean lines, simple, minimalist designs, and shapes
  • Calming, tranquil, and peaceful neutral palettes
  • Natural materials (No throwaway, cheap products)
  • Functional minimal Furniture, Accessories & Decors.
  • Decluttered space. 
  • High-quality handmade pieces
  • Emphasis on sustainability & eco-friendly aesthetics 
 japandi style idea

Japandi is heavily focused on simplicity, minimalistic designs that are aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional. If you’re going for this style, use the same elements and try to create a peaceful and warm environment with a minimalist layout. 

Japandi design isn’t sparse—it’s intentional!

Minimal colors and materials don’t mean you have limited choice. There are numerous color options, and paint choices are available which well complement Japandi furniture and accessories. Also, brighter colors are infused with calming, tranquil, and peaceful palettes. 

Now let’s know Jpandi colors and materials in detail and learn how you can infuse them in your existing or new home interiors. 

Japandi Color Palettes

Japandi Color Palettes

For a perfect Jpandi style room, first, you’ve to select a base for the color palette. You can go with Neutrals! So, instead of all white, go with warmer neutrals like warm white, cream, brown, and beige. They all work great as base colors.  

To make the balance between the Japanese and Scandinavian styles, add pops of color throughout your space. You can use shades of blush pink, muted blues and greens, and gray and black for a hint of drama. You can also combine colors like pearl grey, sky blue, a hint of black, pale pink, and natural wood in dark and light shades.

Japandi Color Palettes idea

Here are the top 5 colors of the Japandi style:  

  • Soft Neutrals: Warm White or Cream, Ivory, Soft Greys, Blues, and Beiges.
  • Earth Tones: Muted Shades of Clay, Terracotta, and Taupe.
  • Warm Wood Grain: Cedar and Red Pine (darker woods) & Oak and Teak (light woods).
  • Muted Green: Organic Shades of Green, Soft Sage, and Green-grey.
  • Dark Contrast: Granite, Indigo, and Black.


Make sure that neutrals are in larger amounts and dark contrasting colors are in smaller amounts.  

Japandi Materials 

Japandi Materials idea

Japandi interior design styling includes natural fibers and furniture made from natural materials. You can even use handmade pottery and Japandi decor items. This style perfectly balances natural materials with clean lines, solid muted colors with a strong focus on sustainability and eco-friendly aesthetics. That’s the reason simple natural materials are picked for high quality and open places to get a modern feel.  

To style a room with Japandi design, keep these key materials in mind:

For Furniture:-

Japandi Materials for Furniture
  • Rattan
  • Wicker
  • Cane
  • Wood (walnut, acorn, teak) 
  • Bamboo 
  • Upholstered (linen, cotton, or flax blends)

For Textiles:-

Japandi Materials for For Textiles
  • Organic Linen
  • Organic brushed cotton 
  • Organic cotton muslin
  • Velvet

For Decor:-

 japandi style for For Decor
  • Terra cotta
  • Clay 
  • Glass 
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Plants 

How to Incorporate Japandi Style Into Your Home

 Incorporate Japandi Style Into Your Home

After reading up to here, now you know deeply about Japandi Colors, materials, and key elements. However, still many of you are wondering how to incorporate these elements into your home? Will Japandi Style look good in your interiors?  

The answer is yes! This style looks not only great but also quite practical as it works with almost all types of architecture. 

These two different designs (Japanese and Scandinavian) complement each other on so many levels. Scandinavian will bring simplicity and coziness through the clean lines of architecture and uncluttered decor, while the Japanese style creates a calming, elegant ambiance with its minimalism. 

So let’s see how you can add Japandi Style to various parts of your house, including the bedroom, living space, kitchen, and even bathrooms. 

Here are some tips and ideas for you: 

Japandi Living Room 

Japandi Living Room idea

When it comes to Japandi style living rooms, there are plenty of modern Japandi design options to choose from. From minimalistic designs to bright and bold decors, you can experiment with the decors and colors. All you need is to be creative! 

Japandi Living Room design

If your living space is a bit on the larger side, you can go a bit heavier on the darker colors. Suppose your walls have lighter Scandinavian tones, pick the furniture pieces in slightly darker wood or darker fabrics. You can also try the opposite by using darker tones on the wall and lighter Japandi Style furniture and decor. Add a large art piece on the wall or decor piece to create a focal point for the living room. Finally, bring authentic Japandi colors through accessories and textiles.  

Japandi Kitchen & Dining Room 

Japandi Kitchen & Dining Room 

Kitchen: The center or, more precisely, the heart of the home! This space magnetically attracts people and invites them to have tasty meals together. So to add a bit more energy to this place, all you need is to use various Japandi interior design elements into the dining space and kitchen area carefully. This will not only encourage lively conversation but also get people excited about spending time in the space.

Japandi Kitchen & Dining Room idea

Play with darker colors on the walls and balance it out with some contrasting cabinets and furniture. Or, keep your kitchen walls lighter and use dark slate tiles and darker cabinets. This combo will also create a beautifully contrasting yet balanced look. Instead of light tones of wood, go with dark and give a final touch through accessories.  

Japandi Bedroom

Japandi Bedroom

No matter which part of the globe you live in, your bedroom is the only place where you can relax after a long day. It should always feel like a sanctuary; that’s why Japandi style is perfect for bedrooms! The simple, elegant, and uncluttered style will create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. 

Japandi Bedroom idea

To achieve a Japandi Style bedroom, try to include elements of wabi-sabi through natural fabrics such as washed cotton and wool. You can add accent pieces by including fabrics with rough edges for an interesting and unexpected twist. The only thing you need to remember is to keep the overall theme of your Japandi bedroom design simple and not too busy. For that, go for a warm white, soft muted pink, or gentle beige shades. 

Japandi Bathroom 

Yes, you can have gorgeous and relaxing Japandi Style bathrooms! Either go with classic white or lighter walls or have a modern japandi style with darker walls. The modern twist from gray or charcoal walls will give your space a sophisticated feel. 

Japandi Bathroom design

For a final touch, use lighter wood, stone, and crisp white elements. Or go vice versa with light walls and darker wood or tile floors, darker wood cabinets, or darker countertops. Both ways, it will balance and complete the look.  

11+ Latest & Modern Japandi Style Ideas For Your Home

japandi style white decor
japandi style room
japandi style black decor
 japandi style dining table
japandi style kitchen
A table with chairs and a vase on top of it
A dining room with a wooden table and white chairs
A living room with a sectional couch and a coffee table
A bedroom with a bed, wicker chair and a picture hanging on the wall
A chair and table in a room
A living room with a black chair and a wooden cabinet
A room divider sitting next to a desk with a chair
A living room filled with furniture and a large window
A living room with a couch, chair, coffee table and plants

One thing you’ll immediately notice whenever you enter a Japandi home is the ambiance. There will be a calm, serene atmosphere in which you’ll be totally submerged. The modern look is created by clean lines, neutral colors, soft lighting. 

So how to bring a true authentic Japandi style into your home? How can you recreate that feeling? 

If you want to create the same environment and overall look, here are some great Japandi Style home interior designs and ideas for you.

Create Serene Japandi Interiors

Japandi Style is all about natural textures, beautiful details with some of the most delicate shades of colors. From functional furniture pieces to modern decors, there are so many great things about this interior design. With simple things and timeless accessories and following the key elements rules, you can easily recreate this easy-to-live Japanese Scandi fusion. 

Remember, there are no limits to your creativity! From solids to small patterns and prints, you can experiment with the Japandi Style without being “too much.” 

So, folks, these are all the unmistakable Japandi Styles. I hope this blog will help you to upgrade your house interiors in the serene and tranquil Japandi interiors. If you find this guide helpful and informative, share it with your family and friends and help them create warm and cozy modern Japandi Style interiors. 

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