Discover 11+ Japanese Bedroom Ideas to Transform Your Space

An Asian country that is full of beauty, mystery, culture, and more. Yes, we’re talking about Japan! Over three hundred plus million people are living in this incredible land, and it always remains as a spot of fascination and attraction for foreigners. Let’s see the Japanese bedroom ideas.

Whether it is Japanese anime, the food, or its cultural elements, there is something special and unique about this country that its finest elements have instantly become a part of the trendy lifestyle. One such trend is fast emerging is Japanese indoor decor, particularly the Japanese Bedroom!

In the world of bedroom designs, minimalistic Japanese themes are now gaining popularity. You must be wondering – why? Well, the reason is simple, the Japanese style room is all about simplicity and sophistication. This style is mainly focused on the concept, “less is more,” and this trait also makes them incredibly appealing. There is absolutely no doubt that Japanese bedrooms are the most inherently relaxing rooms you will ever encounter.                

Are you planning to redecorate your bedroom? Or want to transform your space into a Japanese-themed bedroom? If yes, there are certain things that you should know about a Japanese bedroom.

The first golden rule regarding the Japanese bedroom design is Declutter!

That’s the reason why you’ll never find anything unnecessary, any cluttered shelves, or anything that just does not belong to the place in a Japanese inspired bedroom. It should be a space of functionality with a sense of airiness, peace, and tranquility. 

Nowadays, Japanese style bedrooms are categorized into two categories: Traditional and Modern. Though both styles have some differences yet they look pretty common and well represent the Japanese culture. Let’s know about them one by one. 

Traditional Japanese Bedroom

Traditional Japanese Bedroom

The traditional Japanese bedrooms are known for their functionality and simplicity. At the first glance, they may look pretty similar to any bedroom design, but when you look closely, you’ll get to know that they’re not the same as other bedrooms around the world.

From their functional point of view, they also cater to everyday activities such as sitting and sleeping; however, the real difference lies in the layouts, furniture, and overall ambiance. These three elements distinguish the traditional Japanese bedroom from the rest. 

Modern Japanese Bedroom

Modern Japanese Bedroom

Modern Japanese bedrooms have normal furnishings rather than those low to the floor ones that are usually present in traditional rooms. Though modernization is evident, yet the design emphasizes minimalism. 

Urban bedrooms also have various types of lighting and cultural elements like paintings, artworks, bonsai, etc. 

Whether it is traditional or modern bedroom design, there are several things that you should keep in mind while designing a Japanese style bedroom. Here are the key elements: 

  • Japanese Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Ambiance & Environment
  • The Traditional Japanese Style room of Bedding

To get you started, we’ve compiled some of the best Japanese bedroom ideas so that you can plan and understand this style.

11+ Simple & Sophisticated Japanese Bedroom Ideas of the year

1. Warm & Cozy Bedroom 

Warm & Cozy Bedroom 
Cozy Bedroom 

Wooden furniture is one of the main elements of the Japanese bedroom design. Look at the above room; isn’t it looking warm and welcoming? You can also create a similar bedroom vibe by mounting a small wooden bookshelf on the wall and add a wooden cupboard as well. 

For more storage, you can include a bedside cabinet with a lamp on it. When it comes to bedding, you can go with the one with square patterns. Light colors are suitable for the bed and warm colors for pillowcases and the blanket. 

To make the room airy, don’t forget to add a plant to your room. You can use plants such as Monstera, Orchid, Cactus, and others for decoration as well. 

2. Floral Japanese Bedroom

Floral Japanese Bedroom
Floral Japanese Bedrooms

This is more on the traditional side but with a modern twist. Look how beautiful the floral bedding and arrangements are looking! The bed is adorned with floral patterned bed sheets, placed near the Japanese-style windows. The artificial sakura flower in the vases on the table brings out the more Japanese home-style vibes to the entire space.

You can also add a lamp of Japanese style, just like in the above picture, to make your room brighter at night. For the flooring, you can go with the traditional tatami carpet. If you live in colder regions, it is important to avoid feeling cold at night.

If you want to paint your walls, go with subtle blue tones or any colors compatible with your bed. 

3. Cozy & Inspiring Japanese Bedroom

Cozy & Inspiring Japanese Bedroom
Inspiring Japanese Bedroom

Do you live in a tiny room? Sometimes it is quite challenging to decorate a room when it is compact. Here’s a simple hack for you: use white color as much as possible. White color has the power to make any room seem bigger and larger instantly. 

Look at the above Japanese Layout Apartment. Here, the white color is the dominating shade, and all the decors are uplifting this white tone. From walls, furniture to beddings, white is perfectly safe and the best color to use. 

For storage, you can also include wooden storage and shelves, and decorative pieces. 

4. Traditional Japanese Bedroom

Traditional Japanese Bedroom
Traditional Japanese Bedroom idea

Do you want to transform your bedroom into an authentic and traditional Japanese bedroom?  The above japanese room design is the perfect example for you. It has all the traditional Japanese elements such as Screen doors, low bed, tatami carpets, and flower paintings and arrangements.    

The wooden furnishings and decors make this space more inviting and warm. You can also include plants like bamboo to finish the look.     

5. Small Japanese Bedroom

Small Japanese Bedroom
Small Japanese Bedroom idea

If your bedroom is small and you’re a little skeptical about whether the Japanese style will look good or not, don’t worry. This style is perfect for even compact and tiny bedrooms. 

Look at the above room for inspiration. Even though it is small, it still looks clean and well organized. Put your television on the table, a cute coffee table with two soft cushions in the center, and of course, a bed and that’s all you’ll need to start the Japanese bedroom design. 

Instead of tiles, go with the wooden pattern vinyl floor because the Japanese style is famous for the wooden floor in their bedrooms. Lastly, add some plants, and your new room is ready! 

6. Tatami Room With En Suite

Tatami Room With En Suite
Tatami Room With En Suite

Do you share your room with your siblings or other family members? If yes, this bedroom design will be ideal for you. This tatami room features an en suite interior vogue.  

Most Japanese bedrooms don’t have attached bathrooms; however, you can include them if you want. The room is filled with wooden furniture. The simple and minimalist mattress is perfect for this interior theme. 

7. Simple Japanese Bedroom

Simple Japanese Bedroom
idea of Simple Japanese Bedroom

This bedroom is the perfect example of a fusion of two styles: Japanese style and Industrial style. This modern bedroom has all the Japanese elements, but all of them are designed in an industrial style. Pretty amazing, right? 

Here, a low-height wooden bed is placed with the grey beddings. Other wooden furniture such as desk and side table are also included in the design. However, instead of traditional flooring here, marble flooring is used. Walls are also covered with concrete, and dark-colored decors such as rugs and lamps have been used. 

So, if you also want something different and unique, you can experiment with two styles and create your own personalized style. 

8. Luxurious Japanese Style Bedroom

 Luxurious Japanese Style Bedroom
 Luxurious Style  Japanese  Bedroom

This bedroom design will be perfect for those who live in sky-high buildings. This bedroom has a luxurious design with all the facilities. It also has some traditional Japanese elements, such as wooden furniture and screen doors. 

This idea is perfect for those who want Japanese style but don’t want to change their entire room interior and ambiance.                                                               

9. Family Countryside Bedroom Design

Family Countryside Bedroom Design
Family Countryside Bedroom

Is your family is large, and you usually share your bedroom with other family members? In Japan, most family members sleep in a single room as their houses are small, so there is limited space.

To make a traditional Japanese family bedroom, you’ll need some futons and tatami or a carpet to place under the bed. For appropriate lighting, use a lamp with warm light. You can also make a shelf made from wood for placing decorative items. 

10. Mid Century Japanese Bedroom

Mid Century Japanese Bedroom
Design of Mid Century Japanese Bedroom

This is probably one of the most simplistic and minimalistic bedrooms you have ever seen. This room has only four things: a bed, a table, a chair, and a plant! Though it has fewer items yet it’s still looking pretty amusing and beautiful.

A vast wooden slider door has been used to separate the sitting area and sleeping area of the bedroom. When everything is clean and organized, you’ll feel relaxed. Here the right amount of natural light is provided through skylight windows and doors. 

11. Japanese Kids Bedroom Idea

Japanese Kids Bedroom Idea
Design of Japanese Kids Bedroom

When it comes to kids’ bedrooms, you can never go wrong with flower patterns. It is a great way to create a feminine look without much effort. You can select any shade of pink for the bedding and a blanket with a floral pattern. For a more dramatic touch, you can add bed netting. 

Use your kid’s favorite toys as decoration and hang a pink curtain on the windows to complete the look. You can use sakura wallpapers or stickers on the wall to create the Japanese bedroom style. 

12. Contemporary Japanese Bedroom Design

Contemporary Japanese Bedroom Design
Design of Contemporary Japanese Bedroom

If you’re wondering how a contemporary Japanese bedroom looks, take a look at the above picture. It’s the perfect example for the contemporary style bedroom with Japanese-style elements. 

This bedroom features an all-in-one wooden piece of furniture that works multipurpose: bed, table, and sitting area. The wooden furniture around the bed area provides a lot of storage space as well. The walls are white except the accent wall, which is built with red bricks.

The Bottom Line

So, which Japanese bedroom do you like the most? Most of the Japanese bedroom designs and styles are very simple; minimalist in nature. You can include various elements according to your space. For example, if your room is small, go with the low bed and white walls, and if you have huge bare walls, you can use murals and wallpapers. 

No matter which  Japanese bedroom design you choose, the most important factor is to create a well-balanced space that has a mixture of fabrics, materials, textures, and colors in the right amount.

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