Window Grill Design Ideas: A Guide to Choose the Right One

Okay, firstly what are the two essential things that complete the house design? Doors and Windows.

They are an essential part of the house. While doors save us from thieves, burglars, unnecessary and unwant people, windows provide us with fresh air and sunlight. Windows allows us to have a peek at the outsiders’ or neighbors’ lifestyles. You can observe the surroundings within your comfort zone.

But windows can also be the space from where the intruders can enter your house. To make it full proof, designers came up with the ideas of the bars as bars are the perfect solution to both of the situations. Windows with bars can allow you to observe the world and also will forbid intruders to enter your space. Let’s see simple window grill design.

You know only bars are so outdated even it isn’t the safest option as well. With the increase in technology and the invention of new tools, merely bars are not safe. Bars are most natural to break, so the best option is to get window grill design new (complex arrangement).

Modern window grill design is made considering all the factors, safety, attractive design, and enough space to let air and sunlight pass. Do you know you can even add an interior window too? An internal window can add a dramatic effect to your residence and also looks attractive.

What is the importance of a grill designed window? Firstly, it increases the safety guard, and secondly, it adds a charm to the outlook of your apartment. They don’t just add beauty but also a sophisticate look, to both the interior as well as exterior.

Here we have mention some products and their description (in brief) to help you with the selection of the right window for your dream house.

1. White Design Patterns Window Grill

White Design Patterns Window Grill

The above design is simple yet elegant and can give an aesthetic outlook to your house. This pattern is highly demand and love by the clients who have purchase this design. This simple window grill design is sent after the proper quality check.

The features of this white window grill are dimensional accuracy, simple installation, and smooth finish. Plus this is termite resistant and moisture resistant. It also emphasizes heavy durability and low maintenance. The size of this grill is customizable, and if we talk about thickness, the exterior is 18mm, and the interior can vary from 6-18mm. 

2. Iron Window Grills

Iron Window Grills

Window grill design new, and this can be add along with the standard windows. That will strengthen the outlook of your house. The plus point of bay windows is that they are super safe, how? You will get the double protection window.

The main feature of this window is its strength. This window is made up of iron. We don’t need to tell you about the durability of iron. The size and design of this grill are customizable according to your choice. Your residence got a large window, and want to implement this grill, tell them they will make your wish come true.

3. Metal Window Grills

Metal Window Grills

Metal window grills are always a yes-yes for the implementation. These metal grills can be use in two ways, either fix it in the interior area of the window or the exterior space. Both will give the home a classic look. You can set this type of window accompanying with the mirror to accentuate its look.

The features of this metal window grill are its long-lasting finish, corrosion-resistant, and high durability. The materials use in the manufacturing of this grill are stainless steel and mild steel. The size is customizable.

4. Stainless Steel Window Grill Design

Stainless Steel Window Grill Design

You can get whichever shape or design you want in the window grill. But the most basic form of the window grill is rectangular. Not just basic but also most prefer. It is the safest option, as well.

This stainless steel window grill is manufacture in such a way that it is fire and heat resistance. The height of the grill can vary from 3-4ft. This grill has a polish surface finish and is corrosion-free. The plus point is you can use this design in a commercial outlet too.

5. Mild Steel Grill

Mild Steel Grill

This is the most commonly seen and safest option in this simple modern window grill design. This type of window is known as a wall-mount design. As they are stuck or you can say it is fixed to the wall. Plus this is non-openable as well. What else do you need for the super security?

This grill features mild steel and is properly welded. The design can be done as per the requirement of the customer. Moreover, it is also corrosion resistant. If you don’t want it to be mild steel, there are other options available too, like iron or steel. Even the selectivity of color is also flexible.

6. Grill Patterns

Grill Patterns

If you are not into an organize grill, then you can prefer this type of grill too. The application of this grill is also flexible (interior or exterior). Plus the intricate pattern of this grill is more attractive and will give your home a perfect view point.

This complex grill pattern is manufacture with the use of different types of materials like plastic, natural fibers, and additives. This is termite resistant and moist resistant. It also emphasizes heavy durability and elegant look. The size and design of this grill are customizable, and if we talk about thickness, the exterior is 18mm, and the interior can vary from 6-18mm.

7. Welded Mesh Black Aluminium Grill Windows

Welded Mesh Black Aluminium Grill Windows

Till now you saw windows of steel or iron, but this one is of aluminum. This pattern is mostly seen in fencing, and you know why fencing is done, right? For protection and safety. The purpose of a mesh grill is the same here.

This welded mesh grill is corrosion-resistant. The surface finishing is of paint-coat that too with the black color. The size is customize according to the demand of the client. If you have small children in the house, then this is the perfect one for you. Buy best aluminum grill from here.

8. Designer Window Grill

Designer Window Grill

Most trending windows are ones with the designer grills. Do you know? You can get any design conver into a grill. All you have to do is provide them with the design you want, or even you can explain to them the type of grill you are looking for. And you are ready to roll it into your space.

The company providing this simple modern window grill design is working with the motive of coping up with every requirement of the customer. This white color designer grill is made using Mild steel. As for size, you can get a smaller version as well as a larger version of it.

9. Mild Steel Modern Window Grill

Mild Steel Modern Window Grill

The above window design is too formal but balance. The three horizontal bars at the even distance is making it look more pretty. This is a modern design that can be used at the entrance as well. If you want to give a connected feel to your house, then go for the same grill for the door as well as windows.

This grill is made up of mild steel. In windows, it will be of fix structure, i.e., non-openable. The polished surface of the grill gives an accent look. The thickness is 7mm, ideal for the window and safe too.

10. Dramatic Metal Window Grill

Dramatic Metal Window Grill

Doesn’t this window look like coming straight out of some movie scene? We have seen many movies with these dramatic windows in the background. Lit up your house with the movie feels by fixing this dramatic grill to your window.

The plus point of the metal grill is that it is easy to maintain, and its durability is also high.

It is corrosion-resistant too. They are cheap in pricing too. The pricing will depend on market valuation.

11. Window Grill Design for House

Window Grill Design for House

This is the modern window grill design we have mention on this list. This type of grill is mostly found in hotels, resorts, shopping malls, and even in residential buildings. If you have a beautiful garden, then trust us, nothing will look more enticing than this window grill.

The attractive point of this grill is that it has excellent finishing. And durability is also that its highest point. Overall this product has a perfect look that will go well with the dream house design. As this design can be use in both residential as well as commercial buildings, you can buy it for any of the purposes. 

12. PVC Casement Window Grill Design

PVC Casement Window Grill Design

The window casements look classy. Get this PVC casement window grill and make your entrance more welcoming and attractive. This product is make on the standards of industry and quality check materials. It is highly admire by the clients because of its high durability and good quality. 

It features a superior finish and rug look that makes it look more attractive and appealing. This grill is ideal for apartments. And as it is make up of PVC, it has many benefits like toughness, lightweight, and abrasion resistance. What else you need to have a perfect casement?

Above were the modern window grill design that you should go for or tell your architecture to fix when you are renovating the window. We hope you will get a perfect window for your dream place.


What Type of Window Grill Design Is Best for Your Home?

There are various window grill designs that you can choose from:
Mild steel
Stainless steel
Concrete jails

What Objective Does Window Grill Design Serve?

Window security grill designs are best to prevent trespassers from infiltrating your house. They even work as child safety features. For example, you can protect your children from falling through the window. 

What Is the Best Place to Keep Window Grills in Your Home?

As per the window designers, the grills must be placed approximately ten centimeters far from the sliding windows. If there is a hinged opening system, you need to allow sufficient space for window panes to open by having roughly five centimeters extra space.

Which Color Is Most Preferred for Window Grills?

Brown color is most preferred for window grills.

Which Type of Iron Is the Best for Window Grills?

Cast iron is the best choice for window grills.

Is There a Way to Keep the Window Grill from Rusting?

Baking soda is the best anti-rust formula to keep window grills from rusting. Mix it with water to curate a thick blend. Apply it in equal numbers, and keep it open for a few hours. Then wash it with water and dry the grill completely. 

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