Opulent Canopy Bed Designs For Your Dreamed Bedroom

Like every girl, you might be waiting for your prince charming, riding the white horse and carrying you in his arm in the lavish palace and beautiful bedroom. We might not be able to complete this dream, but we can help you with the latter part of the dreamed bedroom. Why wait for the prince when you can create your dream bedroom with the canopy bed design and ideas. With the beautiful canopy bed frame, you can turn any ordinary bedroom into the lavish and magnificent one.

Your bedroom is not just a room, but it is the place where you will going to spend at least 7 hours of your day. With peace, comfort should come, and that is what we expect. After a long day, everyone deserves a happy and peaceful sleep. And with very little budget and best canopy bed designs, you can make your little kingdom.

A Contemporary Call

If you love keeping things simple, then contemporary design bed canopy is the right call for your bedroom. Even the lower ceiling and modern bed make your room stand out of the crowd. It would be best if you choose the color of the bed canopy frame and bed is the same. This open framed canopy won’t stop the sunlight from entering into the room, which is like icing on the cake.

Romantic EscapeBreak the ice between you and spouse, by creating an idyllic escape from the boring and dull life with this idea of the canopy. The thin black metal frame and the beautiful white curtains draped at the corner would work like magic in your romantic life.

Moroccan Inspiration

Why waste money in going to Morocco when you can create your little Morocco in your bedroom? For the bedroom inspiration of Morocco, go for deep jewel tones covering your luxurious bed with the curtains. Also, make sure to add some highlights to the headboards with the colorful tassels and beads. The lantern styled lighting will truly give an edge to your bedroom.

Be The King Of Your Royal Bedroom

Now royalty can be enjoyed by everyone with this beautiful crown inspired bed canopy design. Even your old-styled bed with the use of some luxurious and royalty inspired material and draperies can do wonders in your bedroom.

Half Styled Canopy

This half styled canopy is the complete style for your bedroom. This royalty styled canopy has two wooden frames standing parallel to the foot of the bed supporting an upright wooden structure at the top of the bed. The beautifully craved frame gives the stunning looks. Further, you can make more appealing with the usage of royalty aspired draperies, tassels, and high pillows.

Love For The Cottage Styled

With the four-post bed, time to recreate the cottage style bedroom theme. The valance curtains tied at each corner of the canopy tied with the decorative ribbons gives lavish looks. Match the curtains with the color of bedsheet and pillow for the fantastic makeover to your comfort zone.

Something Not So Common

If you are a trendsetter and always want to do something different, then this is for you. Choose black chi-chi canopy bed. This single piece of furniture will let you become the talk of neighborhood and something different from the ordinary bedroom decor. Along with that, you can choose lighting and table stand that will go with the style.

Something For Round Bed 

Out of ordinary, round bed, itself is a style statement but to make it more visible and influencing than round bed canopy is only made for you. With the red and white color pillow and silver color bedsheet, the metal circle draped with the soft fabrics gives a mesmerizing and fresh look to your bedroom.

Black Is The Beauty

Black is always beautiful, and the same is true in case of the black canopy as well. A simple metallic four-post goes beautifully with the headboard styled bed. Just decorate the frame with the off white and white drapers and complimentary bedsheet. This kind of canopy easily goes with the lower ceiling space and standout with the elegant furniture around the room.

Canopy For Your Little One

If you are the mother, who loves to give always something more to your kids, then start doing it from the cradle only. The round canopy is to be readily available, or you can indulge in DIY. The soft fabric around the cradle gives a cozy and protective space to your child. Plus, it reduces the direct light and helps your little one to get a peaceful sleep, and for that You can lookout diy ideas for bedroom mattress.

What’s Your Style Statement?

As you see here, there are a plethora of ideas discussed for wooden, metallic, black, white any other types of the bed canopy. Express yourself with the amazing canopy design ideas by taking help from here or create your one. Give yourself a treat of goodnight sleep every night.

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