Spice Up Your Cook Place By These Outstanding Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets!

Wood is the most preferred material when it comes to furniture. From living room furniture to the kitchen cabinets, wood fits everywhere perfectly, isn’t it? It looks Not only absolutely stunning but also environment friendly. So, if you’re also planning to renovate your old kitchen and looking for furnishing ideas, you’re on the right page. Today we are going to tell you all about the kitchen wood cabinets and the wood that is not like any other type but an exceptional one. Yes, in this blog, we have provided all the related information about the Cherry wood cabinets!!

You might have already heard about cherry wood floorings and furnishings, but have you ever think about placing cherry cabinets in your kitchen? If not, then it time to do this. They’re very versatile looking yet they add drama to your kitchen. But will they go with your desired theme or design of the house? Aren’t they expensive? How to maintain them?

Solutions to all your questions and doubts lie in here, and we’re pretty sure after reading this whole blog, all your doubts will go away, and you’re mesmerized with the beauty of cherry wood. So, let’s start with the characteristics of it. 

Characteristics of Cherry Wood

The cherry wood is not a new type of wood, but it has been used for ages. It is a traditional wood that carpenters and woodworkers have used for years. Reason? Because of its quality and color. Cherry is a reddish-brown, smooth-grained hardwood that comes from the American Black cherry fruit tree. That’s why it is the most prized wood in America. 

Did you know that Cherry wood changes its color? Yes, the wood changes its color over time, initially it’s in light golden/pink tone and gradually transforms into the dark color. The darkening or “Riping” process takes around six months to several years before reaching the beautiful reddish-brown hue!! 

Why Choose Cherry Wood Cabinets?

Why Choose Cherry Wood Cabinets

There is absolutely no doubt that the cherry wood is the new name of luxury!! Apart from providing a fantastic visual appeal with elegance, cherry wood is also an archetype of practical functionality. Isn’t it great?

There are not one or two, but many reasons why people love to have cherry kitchen cabinets. Really? Yes, let’s start with its durability. Apart from the visuals, the first priority is always durability, right? We all want a material that is durable and can work for years. Cherry wood is not as resilient as oak wood, but it is known for its strength and can be used for years. 

Now, you might be thinking that cherry wood will be expensive? No, that not true at all, the wood is somewhat mid-price range. (which is neither costly nor cheap!). If you compare with the other dark woods, it is more affordable than the ebony and mahogany. No doubt, they are good investments, returning practical advantages in the long run. 

Another advantage is that they’re available everywhere in the market. You can easily purchase it from exclusive wood suppliers, cabinet manufactures, and even from online shops!!


Now, the primary reason why we select any type of wood is the aesthetic appeals, right? The main reason why homeowners love to have cherry cabinets is the looks and beautiful color of this wood. It comes in an elegant deep rich undertone that brings luxurious in the whole kitchen. 

In addition, they never go out of style!! From traditional styles to ultra-modern ones, they work well with various types of concepts & designs. How? Keep on reading as below we’re listed some of the fresh styles and themes that will work great with cherry wood. 

But before that its time to tell you some little drawbacks of it. Afterall nothing is perfect!! Just like the other woods, it is also prone to termites. However, this can be overcome by taking preventing measures like termite proofing. Also, they’re not scratch & water-resistant, so keep water away from it and immediately wipe any spills so that it does not produce any stain.

  • Luxurious Looking Finish
  • Unstained
  • Durable & Strong
  • Can be easily Shaped
  • Expensive
  • Color changes with time
  • Not scratch & water resistance

Cheery Wood Kitchen Cabinet Style Ideas

Now, let’s see how cherry wood complements every style & theme:

1. Rustic Style

Rustic Style cherry wood cabinets

This a kitchen in a cool rustic theme, isn’t it look perfect? With the tile flooring & white ceilings, the cherry wood cabinets look best for this place. The golden honey color of the cherry wood is perfectly going with the countertops and the under shelves. 

2. Modern Style

cherry wood cabinets

Looking for modern furnishings? This kitchen has more space and simple looking cabinet profile that will give a cleaner and more uniformed finish. And all of this is achieved by cherry wood laminates. Pair with the cream color countertops and patterned backsplash tiles, the overall look is well balanced, yet elegant. 

3. Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style cherry wood cabinets

If you’re looking for a vintage-ish kind of kitchen style, then go for a farmhouse style. Just look at this wonderful farmhouse-inspired kitchen. It has the shiny merlot color cherry kitchen cabinets with dark granite countertops. The walls and ceilings are also built from the solid wood to give you the classic farmhouse vibes. 

4. Transitional Style

 Transitional Style cherry wood cabinets

If you’re an open concept lover, then try to match other furniture pieces in the same color as the cherry wood cabinets. It all creates a spectacular transitional concept between various spaces like dining space to the workspace. Like the above kitchen, it has all the elements in the same color, and the results are breath-taking. 

5. Countryside Style

Countryside Style cherry wood cabinets

Welcome to the country style kitchen!! The elegant paneled cherry cabinets give a classic yet modern appeal. In the middle is a kitchen island, which also doubles as a dining and additional storage space. But you noticed what is adding more texture and pop of color to the cooking place? The light yellow mosaic tiles!!

6.Traditional Style

Traditional Style cherry wood cabinets

This a traditional style kitchen with all the detailings, and to make it more elegant & classy light-colored countertops are used. Which, by the way, looks absolutely stunning with the dark merlot cherry wood cabinets. Despite the old looks, it also has some modern touches like under cabinets lights, high pendant ceiling lights to help illuminate the working space.

7. Architectural Touch

Architectural Touch cherry wood cabinets

Are you drawn to the architectural design of this kitchen? Sometimes this style is known as industrial style. From the roof to the flooring, it has rough vibes to it, that’s why it is still in demand. Not only the cabinets but also the flooring is done by cherry wood. Yes, the shiny floors and chairs are also polished in solid cherry wood. Dark cabinets with silver handles make them modern and classy. 

8. Contemporary

Contemporary cherry wood cabinets

Want a kitchen that has light-colored cabinets and open space? Take inspiration from this kitchen, it has the cherry wood cabinets in natural clear stain undertones. This contemporary style is best for small spaces because the light-colored shelves and the spotted white marble top will automatically make the area more open and airy. It also features the full height length pantry storage & built-in refrigerator and center island to do more kitchen chores. 

Kitchen Paint Ideas with Cherry Wood Cabinets

We all know about how beautiful is the natural deep color of the cheery wood, right? Thanks to it’s red & brown undertones, there are a lot of possibilities in terms of styling and designs. They can go with any color scheme and spread luxuriousness all over the place. 

So if you think which color combinations look best with the cherry cabinets? Don’t worry because when it comes to wall colors, there is plenty of margins, as almost every color looks good with them.

From a classic white color to pastel shades, there are several wall paint ideas that can be explored to match the cabinets. The right color will completely transform the space. You can always select the shade according to the style & aesthetic attribute you’re going for like if you want a modern-looking kitchen use neutral colors similarly for traditional vibes you can paint the walls in deep vibrant colors. 

When you select the right paint color with the right undertones of cherry cabinets, the ambiance of the whole kitchen area will uplift. Still, confused with the color selection? No worries, just scroll down and check out some ultimate color combinations. These color palettes choices will surely help you in deciding the right shade for your kitchen that matches well with the cherry wood cabinets

1. White + Cherry wood Cabinets

White + Cherry wood Cabinets

Most Americans prefer the white as wall color of their entire house. After all, white color is the most versatile & timeless color in the whole color palette. No matter what your decor is, white walls never go out of style. Don’t you agree with this? White walls create the perfect contrast between them & the dark cherry cabinets. 

2. Gray Cherry wood Cabinets

Gray Cherry wood Cabinets

Don’t want to paint your walls in white color? Then just don’t, instead, use gray color. Nowadays, gray is the perfect alternative for whites. It creates a dramatic effect that is subdued but not overwhelming! If you think beige or white is too boring, then go for this color. Include various shades of gray and create an aesthetically appealing environment in your kitchen.

3. Neutrals Cherry wood Cabinets

Neutrals Cherry wood Cabinets

Love the Monochromatic theme? Black, gray, and beige or nude and sometimes yellow comes under the monochromatic color scheme. They are not only very popular in interior designs but also used everywhere else. Mixing and matching will be the work of a kid if you go with neutral colors (means super easy!).

4. Brown Cherry wood Cabinets

Brown Cherry wood Cabinets

San, tan, and light mocha- these are various shades of brown which very well compliments the cherry cabinets. They help in making the place more “ homey & inviting.” the thing with this color is if you’re going to place light-colored cherry cabinets, then select a darker brown color or vice- versa, to match everything perfectly. 

5. Pastels Cherry wood Cabinets

Pastels Cherry wood Cabinets

Light colors are the best choice if you want to add a bit of color, but that is also not too dark. An interesting thing about pastels colors is that they carry both warm & cool undertones such as cool gray, light green, and light yellow. Cool undertones make the wood appear brighter, select according to your taste.

In short, 

White = Makes cherry cabinets appear cleaner and brighter
Neutrals (browns) = Blending, enhances warmness
Complementary Colors (green) = Contrast, drama, makes cherry color pop
Pastels or Light Colors = Tones down the color of cherry wood

Bonus tips for you!

After you decided which colored cherry wood cabinets you want, it’s time to select the best countertops. Yes, you can also match them according to the cabinets. Below are some trendy and stylish looking countertops ideas which can perfectly go with any type of cherry cabinets

  • Light-colored Granite
  • Gold Antique
  • Ivory Brown 
  • Dark-colored granite

“Avoid placing red countertops with red cherry cabinets as it is a clashing combination. The red color overpowers the natural beauty of the wood.“

Always considered the additional elements such as lighting, flooring, appliances, and backsplash. All these things matter equally when it comes to transforming the whole space. If the elements are appropriately chosen, then they produce a cohesive and also represent a well-balanced kitchen design. If your budget doesn’t allow you to go with cherry wood cabinets, then one thing you can do is paint your old cabinets in cherry wood. And if you don’t know How to paint kitchen cabinets, then read our blog on this. 

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