Get The Most Out of Your Closet Space with These 6 Simple Steps

If you reside in a very small home or small apartment, you recognize how precious storage space may be. Here are some handy tips to assist you with getting the most out of your closet space. These space-saving tips can make your lodging feel larger and take away unwanted clutter. This year take the time to make a resolution and keep your home clean and organized!

1.  Make A Visit To Goodwill

Make A Visit To Goodwill of Your Closet Space

Ever find yourself surprised at the number of garments you own but never really wear? Try this simple tip – place a chunk of masking paper on all of your clothing beginning in January. Wait till summertime and see if you’ve had to get rid of the masking paper because you’ve decided to wear that particular garment that day. If you continue to have some culprits hanging up in your closet it might be time to gather these clothes up and take a drive to a Goodwill. Bear in mind that donating these clothes means that you’re helping out somebody less lucky than yourself. Not only are you eliminating unwanted clothes, additionally you’re being charitable.

2. Utilize Floor Space

Utilize Floor Space of Your Closet Space

Not each piece of clothing you own has to be hung up. Instead, take a glance at Amazon and find the right-sized storage choices for your closet floor. This offers you a spot to simply store socks and gym clothes while not having to fret because these garments take up unwanted space in your closet. As an example, a fast search for “Closet Storage” brings up loads of dynamic choices you’ll be able to use to store your garments while additionally saving space and removing muddles.

3. Let There Be Light!

 Let There Be Light! of Your Closet Space

While lighting won’t make your closet larger, it will make your closet feel larger, and that is just as important! You’ll be able to promptly find your garments much more quickly because the extra lighting can make navigating your closet slightly easier. If you’re also on a different sleep schedule than your spouse, think about obtaining an infrared bulb. This bulb creates a red light, which is significantly less stimulating. This lack of stimulation means that your mate will be less likely to wake up if you wish to use your closet light, for whatever reason.

4. Create A Design Plan

Create A Design Plan for Closet Space

The best way to save space is to have an idea in mind. Think up a plan of what you feel would be the simplest and most efficient layout for your closet space and implement it. Make certain to measure your closet and contemplate what works best with the space you’ve been given. By fastidiously drawing out a layout and coming up with a storage plan you’ll have a fantastically designed closet space. If such a challenge proves to be a touch discouraging perhaps it’s time to consider contacting an expert designer to give you a hand!

5. Add An Extra Rod In Your Closet

 Add An Extra Rod In Your Closet

One fast and simple means to double your storage is simply to affix an extra rod inside your closet. By adding an extra slightly below your current rod you’ll be able to add additional space and basically double the dimensions of your closet.

As long as you’re somewhat handy with a few common tools, you’ll be able to do this yourself and within a couple of minutes, you can make your closet that much more efficient! With additional closet space, you’ll be able to erase unwanted clutter from your closet.

6. Shop Around For Closet Systems

Shop Around For Closet Systems

We saved the best for last as this can be no small task. If your current closet system simply isn’t cutting it for you, it’s in all probability best to shop around for a higher-end closet system. However, that assumes0 that you’ll have the time and energy to put in it yourself. If DIY isn’t your deal, you’re still in luck. There are many professionals out there who would like to do a custom closet installation in your home. No matter how big or little your space may be, a custom closet system is out there which will fit your needs!


A well-organized closet is simply the start of high-quality interior design in each room in your home. By fastidiously designing your space, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean and peaceful home environment. For more help with your interior design needs, don’t hesitate to contact Greenville More Space Place.

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