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Creating an interior is the most interesting and perhaps the most difficult task. It is necessary to make not only beautiful and cozy but also comfortable and practical. This requires a lot of knowledge. In this article, we will talk about how to choose the color of the floor, how to combine it with other elements – new and existing. This is not easy.

How to Choose the Color of the Floor: the Same in the Whole Apartment, or Different.

Color Of The Floor

In design, as a rule, there is no direct answer to the questions asked. Everyone chooses what he likes best. Specifically, there are two approaches to choosing the floor color. Some people find it right to choose the flooring and color in each room. There is its own logic here, especially if each room in the interior has its own plan. But here’s how to combine everything into a single idea or concept – you have to think. It is difficult in small apartments. It is easier if at least the floor is common.

Another approach may be called the opposite. In the premises of “special” purposes, the floor shall be selected for the “local” situation. Such rooms include a kitchen, maybe, a part of the entrance hall at the door. They can allocate a child’s room for a small child. And remember that with the help of epoxy you may choose any color, just visit For the rest of the area, the flooring is the same. This idea is not bad, because the flooring itself is unifying. But how to choose the color of the floor in this case, because the situation in different rooms is different? More often than not, neutral bright, and unsaturated colors are used, which are just a background.

How to Choose the Color of the Floor: a Common Method

Color Of The Floor

There are two situations when choosing a floor. The first is when the interior is created anew. In this case, the floor, walls, ceiling are taken as a basis, and all other details and components are already selected. The second situation is when some items remain. Then, the selection will have to take them into account. This complicates the task. Nevertheless, there are a few rules that should be followed.

Basic Rules for Design

Color Of The Floor

The first and most important is the rule of three colors. That the interior was not overloaded, the colors should be no more than three. There are combinations of four and five colors, but for a beginner, it is a difficult task. Therefore, it is better to limit yourself to three. This is not so little as it seems. Because black, white, and gray are not included in these three colors. They are called monochrome and go well with all colors. Other colors – chromatic – can be represented by several shades. So there are really a lot of options.

The second meltwater is called the triangle rule. In terms of design, it can be understood as follows: colors should be present in the interior in different volumes. They are divided into three groups: basic, additional, and accent. There are a lot of basic colors – it may be the floor and walls. The ceiling is usually white and it is not taken into account. Additional colors – furniture, textiles. Accent – accessories, additions, and all small details.

The Method for Different Cases

How do these rules apply to the selection of the floor color? Simple. Before choosing the color of the floor, look at the colors you’ve already defined. If there are already three, then there are only two options:

The floor can be monochrome – gray, white, or black.

You can use the color that is already present or a shade of it.

In general, it seems to be easy to choose the color of the floor. The palette is not that big. If you are about to decide on the color and type of coating, try taking samples that many firms provide. The fact is that the same coating, surrounded by different objects, looks different. So it is better to take samples home – applying them to the existing details of the interior, it will be easier to determine.

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