Consider Custom Vinyl Fencing For Your Home

When you are looking for a new home, you might have a list of criteria you need to look at like:

  • Size of the kitchen
  • The countertops
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Carpet or Wooden Floors

Not many homeowners really consider custom vinyl fencing or any fencing at all.

But this is something we believe homeowners and property owners should also consider when buying a home.

Custom Vinyl Fencing

For example, a good fence will not only improve the appeal of your home but it could also offer you a return of investment of around 65%. The return of investment depends on the type of fence you install in your home but having it is always better than not.

However, you do not have to worry if you purchased a home and it does not have any fence installed. 

You can still consider getting a white vinyl fence, aluminum fence, custom vinyl fencing, or more!

You have options. 

Fun fact: The US fence industry brings in about $51 billion in revenue. 

This goes to show that people have really come to understand the benefits of having a fence for their home or property. 

In this article, we want to give you tips on things you should consider before installing a fence: 

Fency Custom Vinyl

Why Do You Need a Fence?

Having a fence for your home is always a good idea! But knowing exactly why will help you choose the best style of fence that will benefit you.

There are different styles of fences for different purposes.

Let’s say you want to install a fence around your pool, you might want to consider a custom vinyl fence – pool fence, or ALUMAX aluminum fence.

Or let’s say you want to surround your property with a fence that totally blocks your property away from the outside, then a custom vinyl privacy fence might be the best type for you. Or if you want a fence that has a perfect balance between privacy and airflow, you’d better have a custom vinyl semi-privacy fence instead. 

There are a lot of fence types you can consider. You can either talk to a Fence Experts or Get to know more about various different fence style.

What about Fence Maintenance?

The first thing that comes into mind about most homeowners when thinking of installing a fence is the American Dream wooden picket fence. However, wood fences require A LOT more maintenance than other fences. Wood fences can potentially warp or mold. 

We want to offer our clients fences that are best in quality that is good for their pockets. We suggest buying a custom vinyl fence instead.  

Duramax white vinyl fences need 0 to little maintenance. Maintaining and cleaning your white vinyl fence needs not much effort as you can even clean vinyl fences using household products.

maintanance of Custom Vinyl Fencing

How Much Does a Fence Cost?

There are different types of fences like wood, wrought and iron, aluminum, custom vinyl fencing, etc you can choose from. It is very important that when you look for a fence for sale, you do not only weigh the cost of each linear foot. Also, consider the cost of its maintenance and the material’s durability.

Some fence materials may be cheaper than others but the durability and its maintenance would require you to spend more making the whole total cheaper than its upfront linear feet price.

Our best advice, go for a custom vinyl fencing company like Duramax. White vinyl fence resembles traditional wood and is five times stronger than wood. In addition, it is low-maintenance and resistant to paint, where stains or graffiti can easily be wiped off with soap and water. Check out more different fence types here: 

Do your Research – Talk to an Expert

If you came across this article, I’m pretty sure you are doing your research looking for a custom vinyl fence for sale online. That’s a good thing! Better to be safe than jumping right in and regret your decision because you weren’t properly informed about different fence types, styles, regulations, and rules. There are a lot of things you should familiarize yourself with. 

You don’t have to worry too much about it though. 

There are Fence Experts out there that are ready to help you. You may contact 844-966-1029 to help you make sure you pick the right custom vinyl fencing for you! Don’t hesitate to talk to an expert.  

Talk to an Expert for Custom Vinyl Fencing

Think Outside the Box:
You can always put greenery around your fences like shrubs, bushes, and trees. These can also make a great barrier to your yard.  However, this goes back to point number one: Why do you need a fence? Bushes will not keep your dog in.

Do Not DIY your Fence:
There is a lot more that you need to consider when building a fence than what meets the eye. 

Yes, you may save money by building a fence yourself but it can cause headaches that simply are not worth it. Let the experts do what they do best. Talk to a fence expert.

Work with fence companies that offer easy to install custom vinyl fences like Duramax. Duramax offers EZ Set Posts for Do-It-Yourself installations for your custom vinyl fence.

Acknowledge Neighbors
It is best that you also take into consideration your neighbors especially if you live in close quarters. For example, building an 8ft fence might block your neighbor’s view, but they probably would be fine with another fence type. Talk to your neighbors and see if they would be okay with it before settling on a fence option.

Consider the Climate

Each fence material reacts differently depending on the climate of your area. Some fence types like wood may warp, shrink, or develop mold in heavy climate conditions. Metal fences may rust more easily than other fence types too.  

What you need is a fence that is durable to your climate.

Duramax custom vinyl fencing – white vinyl fences will not fail you.  

Duramax Experts Advise:

Consider Custom Vinyl Fencing For Your Home 

Duramax has been in business for more than 25 years, providing the highest quality vinyl materials at a very competitive price in the market. They could definitely assure you that their expertise would not fail you and your home. 

Here’s why you should consider Duramax custom vinyl fencing for your home:

  • Duramax have different fence types and styles for your home
  • Duramax Fences offer 0 to little maintenance 
  • Duramax Fences may be a little bit higher up front than your wood or wrought iron fence options but you will definitely save money on our products with all your maintenance costs. And you will not need any replacing after years unlike any other fence types
  • Duramax have experts to guide you
  • Duramax offers easy to install fences
  • Duramax has the Highest-Rated UV Stability and Weatherability fences in the market
  • Duramax fences are manufactured in the USA


When looking for a custom vinyl fence for sale, choose a fence material that will not only provide a good curb appeal to your home or property but would also save you money and headache. With Duramax, you will get durable, low maintenance, the best value, and made in the USA custom vinyl fencing products direct from a manufacturer. 

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