Minecraft Fan? Here Are the 12 Ideas to Design Your Minecraft Houses

It’s scary to spend the night alone in the woods. Spending the night without a shelter and a bed—in Minecraft. Minecraft comes with various mobs that are out to get you when you have no place to stay at night. Sure, you may just dig a hole somewhere and stay there until the sun rises, but where’s the fun in that? Create your own cozy and creative Minecraft house. And if your creative juices seem to be running low, don’t worry; here are 12 ideas to design your Minecraft houses for you. 

What Is Minecraft? 

Design Your Minecraft Houses

Minecraft is a sandbox, construction video game, which lets players interact with fully modifiable 3D environments made of blocks and entities. You can play this video game in two different modes: 

  • Survival Mode: you will need to collect food and materials for shelter and weapons in order to protect yourself from the mobs of the game; and 
  • Creative Mode: you will be given unlimited access to all the game’s materials to let you create whatever you desire. 

Moreover, Markus Persson, a Swedish programmer, created this game in 2009. Mojang Studios developed this game and released it in November 2011. Ever since its release, Minecraft has sold over 70 million copies. But what makes this game so popular despite its primitive-like graphics? 

The secret to Minecraft’s appeal is that there are no rules or boundaries. It is the ultimate game that lets every player let their imaginations run wild. This game allowed its players—especially children—to explore this endless world while enhancing their creativity through crafting and building something unique. 

12 Design Ideas for Your Minecraft House 

Design Ideas for Your Minecraft House 

Minecraft offers an infinite world that has different biomes and endless possibilities. In fact, this game can let you create the dream house design you desire! However, the number of things and materials you can use in this game can be overwhelming, as well. Where will you start? What blocks should you use? More importantly, how should you design your house? 

If you’re lacking ideas, you can take inspiration from other Minecraft builders. Here are 12 design ideas for your very own Minecraft house. 

1. Treehouse 


Are you tired of having zombies and creepers knock on your door at night? Why not create your house up in a tree? Let’s see how creepers try to blow up your house now. 

You can build your new home on top or midway in a tall tree. In fact, if you can’t see a tree you would like to have your house in, you can make your own! Moreover, treehouses offer a great view of the local area. You can sit in your house and enjoy the view of the setting sun each day, as well as the view of burning mobs when the sun starts to rise. 

2. Wooden House 

Wooden House 

If you want to create a good house in Survival Mode, a wooden house is your best option. This is because wood and stone are easily available in Minecraft. All that you need is a few tricks and good designs to make them look good. 

For instance, instead of crafting the traditional “box-shaped” starter house, why not try making your house in a different shape? You can also try using stairs and slabs to add variety to your house design! 

3. Underwater House 

Underwater House 

Crafting a house underwater is very difficult in Survival Mode. For this, you will need a conduit, water-breathing potions, and stacks of sponges to drain water from your builds. Nevertheless, a house underwater would be amazing, especially when you spawn in a coral reef biome. You can enjoy a cozy stay in your house while watching fish and dolphins swim around your area! 

4. Floating House at the Sea 

Floating House at the Sea 

If an underwater base isn’t an option for you, then why not build a house above water? Depending on your design, you can make your home look very cozy. You can also put your house in the middle of the sea and reach land by riding a boat. 

5. Medieval House 

Have you ever accidentally set your wooden house on fire? To avoid doing that, you can build a medieval house made of stone. This is also a perfect house design for an evil lair. 

6. Underground House 

This house design takes “living in the basement” quite literally. An underground base is a recent trend in Minecraft. To form this base, you only need to hollow out an area from the ground and build the walls, floors, stairs, etc. Afterward, use glass as a roof to let sunlight in. You can also make a secret doorway somewhere away from your home. This can make sure that no mobs break through your door, even in hard mode. 

7. Modern House 

Modern House 

If you want your house to look classy, you may want to make a modern house. Instead of stone, you can use concrete, and you may put up large glass windows or walls! You may also put a balcony, a pool, and a completely landscaped garden. 

8. Beach House 

If you spawn near the coast, you may want to craft a beach house to match the aesthetic. You can make one made of quartz blocks or concrete, glass, and trap doors as a design. 

9. Japanese-Styled House 

Japanese-Styled House 

What’s the perfect home if you want a pond and garden? A Japanese home is the one for you! You can craft one using acacia logs, cobblestone, wood, and sandstone. Not only that, but you can even make cherry blossom trees using pink wool!

10. Ice Castle 

Who said that Elsa is the only one who can make an ice castle? You can, too! 

Minecraft now comes with an ice biome. If you want, you can build a homemade out of ice here! Although you won’t have as many neighbors in this place, don’t worry; there are tons of polar bears that you can be friends with. 

11. Mountain House 

Mountain House 

There are no rules indicating that you can only build on flat ground. If you spawned in a mountain biome, you can also create a nice home sticking out of the mountain walls! 

12. Floating House 

In Minecraft, the sky’s the limit. In fact, you can build your house in the sky, as well! Just make sure that you have a way to go up and down without falling to your death. Also, watch out for phantoms at night!

You Can Build a Whole City If You Want To! 

Why settle for a single house when you can build a whole city? If you feel like there are a lot of things that you want to build, then, build them all! Combine them into a city or community that has hospitals, restaurants, malls, or other shops. 

You can also invite your friends over to your server so that all of you can play together. Also, you may create your own little shop or business with your friends as your customers. 

Minecraft isn’t the only place where you can create your own shop. 

You read it right! If you have a business in mind that you want to establish, you can go ahead and make your own small shop. But no, you’re no longer mining and stacking blocks on your screen. Instead, you can make this in real life! 

Ultimate Small Shop is a comprehensive guide for novice carpenters, which explains the different methods to help carpenters build a workshop. It teaches what tools to use, how to maintain them for years, and a lot more! Not only that, but this guide also teaches you how to craft your own shop on a budget. If you want to know more about this, here’s an Ultimate Small Shop Review. 


Whether you’re just starting to play or have been playing for years, these Minecraft hose ideas are an ideal point to start for your next build. Also, nothing beats the satisfaction of finishing a creative build. So, get on that PlayStation, PC, Switch, or mobile phone and start crafting your new Minecraft house now!

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